Chapter 126

Chapter 126 – Did I Do Something Deserves So Much Gratitude?

We lined up between the big door and the end of audience hall. Upon entering, a magnificent applause rings together with a loud fanfare. There are around 100 beastmen inside the audience hall, which sends their line of sights to us while clapping their hands. We proceed forward with Marao and the beastmen in armor who called us in before, as the guides.

But, why is everyone walking behind me? It makes me look like the leader of this group. What should I do? Everyone may have forgotten, but I’m an F-rank adventurer, you know? I’m the lowest-tier adventurer, right? Why is an S-rank adventurer like Grave-san walking behind someone like me? Come over here!! Why is everyone acting as if it was something natural?

Umm, can I join? I tried lowering my pace so I can join them but they were also lowering their pace to match mine.

Freud and Grave-san are watching me while holding their laughter. They are really having “good” personalities, aren’t they?

Because Marao who was walking in front of us stopped, we also stopped at the place. Marao takes steps aside, beyond the opened field of vision, there, is a staircase leading to the throne where the king Gio and Deizu are waiting with their respective beautiful wife next to them. The four are coming down here…..

King Gio stopped several steps in front of me and kneels down. Following him, all beastmen inside the hall get on their knees one after another.

Huh? No, wait? Eh? I tried to speak something but words were coming from the other party before I could.

[For stopping the violence act of my people, for not take away anyone’s life, including the life of my brother Deizu, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart] (Gio)

[I couldn’t hold back my anger and had done something that almost caused the extinction of my tribe. Thank you very much for everything] (Deizu)

King Gio and Deizu are sending thankful words, but it’s not time for this.

[S-Stop!! For now, please stand up because I have received your thanks!!] (Wazu)

The beastmen in this place stood up when I said so….. Huh? I got the feeling that they were following my command, but I wonder if it was just my imagination…..

[I got the feeling that the beastmen here moved by my voice….. It’s just my imagination, right?] (Wazu)

I tried to confirm it with everyone behind me but the answer came from king Gio in front of me instead.

[The beastmen tribes like us have a strong tendency to respect the mighty person. Wazu-dono had shown overwhelming strength in the previous battle, also compassion for not killing anyone there. All the beastmen in this country are admiring Wazu-dono now] (Gio)

Hmm….. I didn’t kill him because I wanted to know his reason he was so angry….. but it doesn’t mean I want to kill him….. Well, never mind. If he thinks so, then there is no problem.

[Well, the bad one is the people from the southern country…..] (Wazu)

The time I said so, their expression changed as if just chewed a bitter bug. King Gio, Deizu, and the other beastmen in this place seem trying to suppress their anger. For now, it seems true that Deizu had returned to his original condition.

[With this, I have confirmed everyone’s safety with my eyes. I’m thinking of leaving this kingdom soon towards my next destination] (Wazu)

[Is that so….. that makes me feel lonely….] (Gio)

[Well, since my destination is in the south, I was thinking of rescuing the kidnapped beastmen while at it….. but it just if I can do something about it…..] (Wazu)

To my words, not only king Gio himself, but his wife and Deizu’s wife, are also shedding tears.

[If that’s possible, it would really be a great help….. To tell the truth, I have issued protests to the southern country but never received answer until now….. Because of that, the hardliner faction decided to move independently and almost caused a war. I heard the country is already full of conflict and have no choice but to rely on other countries to keep the status quo…..] (Gio)

[I see….. then, would you please wait a while longer? First we will go and see the situation and if it’s possible, we will rescue them] (Wazu)

[If its words from Wazu-dono, I think those who grew impatient can also wait for a little longer but….. are you really sure?] (Deizu)

[Yeah, everyone seems motivated as well] (Wazu)

I turn my face to everyone behind and they nod for affirmation in return.

[I have no doubt for Wazu-dono….. but, why are you going so far for us?] (Gio)

[Hmm? There is no special reason….. I just wanted to save them, that’s all] (Wazu)

That’s really all I thought. I look at king Gio with serious expression in order to convey it. After a brief intersection of each other’s line of sight, king Gio lets out his breath.

[I see, you honestly just wanted to save our brethren….. such a respectable persona….. as expected from Goddess-sama’s servant…..] (Gio)

Hmm? I heard somewhat disturbing words just now…..

[Umm….. what did you just say?] (Wazu)

[Eh? I said you are…..] (Gio)

[No, after that!] (Wazu)

[….. as expected of Goddess-sama’s servant?] (Gio)

What is this Goddess-sama’s servant supposed to mean!? I don’t remember became such a thing!! Being told something like that, I can imagine Goddess-sama looking at me nervously!


Inside the guild card :

[Hmm? I feel like I missed some important words!!] (Goddess)

[Yeah! Yeah! I won’t get fooled by something like that] (Earth Goddess)

[That’s right!! Now, the contents of square where you stopped are “Food crisis halves believers”] (War Goddess)

[Half the believers, quickly!!] (Sea Goddess)

[I’m not lying!!!] (Goddess)


I feel I just avoided a crisis for some reason. Let’s keep that words in mind for the time being, maybe I will understand the meaning someday.

Deizu spoke to me when I was thinking about such a thing while nodding.

[Could you include me to the journey?] (Deizu)

[Hmm? Sure, no problem] (Wazu)

Looking at our number, I don’t see anything will change by adding one or two more people into the group.

I guess he is worried with his daughter and couldn’t just wait and do nothing. I don’t particularly think Deizu as an enemy because that red ball was the cause of problem after all. This is the same case like with Haosui, he is just a victim.

Besides, there is a high chance the beastmen who we are going to help will be cautious if some unknown human trying to help them. If there is someone from the same country as them, I think we can carry things smoothly.

Wait, I decided it without permission but is this all right? I confirmed with everyone but they just said to do as I like. Since when I’m the leader? or so I thought. I confirmed with king Gio and he also said that he don’t mind it.

It became a luxurious dinner with the people of the castle after that. It seems luxurious meals have been delivered to the people in the city as well.

Since Marao need to study as much as possible to become the queen in the future, it’s regrettable but she has to stay in the kingdom and parted with Haosui and us.

I heard from king Gio that Baro-san who betrayed us at that time, is currently imprisoned inside dungeon by his own wish.

Well, I don’t know his feeling at that time but because no one was hurt, I asked to give him a less punishment as much as possible.

There are some other people who will part with us here.

It seems this place was the hometown of Tata’s cat-eared friend. Because she said would like to help rebuild the city which has been in a mess because of war preparation, she bid farewell here.

In addition, Yuyuna and Ruruna also said have fulfilled their purpose and would like to lend their hands to the people here. We made a promise to meet again.

Because Deizu need to make some preparation, we stay another night in the castle and will head to the southern country tomorrow.

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