Chapter 127

Chapter 127 – Depart To The Southern Country

This is rather sudden but, Meru feels good to be hugged. Because she is still young, her scales have a good degree of hardness. I am squeezing her body a little.

Since her body temperature doesn’t change so much, I can sleep comfortably while embracing her. I often use her as a hugging pillow because of that…..

But today is a little different.

I was sleeping while hugging Meru like usual when I noticed her weight suddenly disappeared from my arms.

I’m fumbling to look for Meru while half asleep. My hands that are looking for something to be hugged, caught something very soft.

Hmm? What is this? Meru is different from usual….. well, never mind….. because it feels good, I hug her somewhat strongly.

Hmm…..? It’s really different from usual….. Meru has more hardness than this…..

Because I don’t feel like getting up yet, I checking her body using my hands with closed eyes. I move my hands a little and found something round(?), I squeeze it. I released my hands as soon as possible after ascertaining the feel…..


I felt that I just heard something above my head….. I guess it was just my imagination.

But, I wonder which part of Meru’s body that has this softness….. *squeeze*….. was there soft part on her body in the first place….. * squeeze *…..


Hmm? I thought it was just my imagination, but I could hear a voice from above my head after all….. *squeeze*….. Eh? Meru could speak….. *squeeze*….. it was like a woman’s voice….. *squeeze-squeeze*….. Meru really feels good to be hugged….. *squeeze-squeeze-squeeze-squeeze*

[N~nn….. A~nn….. U~nn….. Wa-Wazu-san….. intense…..]

I opened my eyes immediately because I heard those words. Light clothing spreading inside my sight….. Hmm? What does this mean? I slowly raised my face to where the voice was heard.

There is Sarona with flushed cheeks facing here…..


I slowly lowered my line of sight to avoid eye contacts…..

My arms are linked around her waist while my hands are squeezing her butt…..


I organize the information inside my head.

Umm….. in other words….. I thought it was Meru but in fact, I have been hugging Sarona….. and squeezing her butt since a while ago….. right…..?

[Waaa~a~a~a~a~a~a!!!!!] (Wazu)

I jumped from the bed, sit on the floor, lowered my head, and apologize to Sarona.

[I’m sorry! I am sorry! Please forgive me! Please forgive me!] (Wazu)

[Huh? Why are you apologizing? Instead, I would like us to continue what we were doing] (Sarona)

[What?] (Wazu)

Umm….. what are you talking about, Sarona…..

[Those words, it sounds like you just wanted to be hugged] (Wazu)

[Anytime, if Wazu-san wants it] (Sarona)

Sarona looks at me with a serious expression. Oh, I got it!

[This is….. a dream…..] (Wazu)

[This is  a reality!] (Sarona)

Sarona said that it was a reality. No, it can’t be happening. This is absolutely a dream. I mean, I was squeezing her butt but she didn’t get angry and said she wanted more instead.

However, it strangely feels realistic….. the atmosphere….. the feel of air…..

Eh? This….. are you serious?

[Umm….. a-are you serious?] (Wazu)

[Of course I’m serious. I love you, I said that the other day. I want us to be tied, I really think so] (Sarona)

Sarona comes a little closer to me and puts her hands atop mine.

[Please believe…..] (Sarona)

[Sarona…..] (Wazu)

She closes her eyes and her face slowly approaching me.

However, her advance was stopped by the hand holding her shoulder from the back. The owners of that hand is Naminissa, and around her, there are Tata, Narellina, and Haosui.

[Sarona….. stealing a march is not good!] (Naminissa)

[I’m sorry with stealing a march. I just responded because Wazu-san asked me] (Sarona)

[Really?] (Tata)

Tata is asking me with a smile but I wonder why her smile gives a chill on my back…..

[Eh? No, that….. I was sleeping….. when I noticed….. Sarona was….. that…..] (Wazu)

When I said so, Sarona was smiling happily while touching her butt. It seems everyone could guess of what happened. They get closer at me in an instant…..

[Wazu-san, please embrace me tightly as well!!] (Tata)

[Wazu-sama, please whisper the words of love to my ears, gently!!] (Naminissa)

[Wazu, my breast are big, it feels good to touch!!] (Narelline)

[Danna-sama….. please pat my head]!! (Haosui)

Everyone told me their request all at once. Well, if it’s just as far as petting, I often do that to Meru, I guess there is no problem…..

No, it’s wrong!! What’s with the situation!?

[Wazu-san, for me….. I want to continue what we did a short while ago…..] (Sarona)

Sarona also joined and told me her request.

Wait, hmm…..? Huh?

[Come to think of it, what are you doing here? Everyone surely should be sleeping in another room…..] (Wazu)

Indeed, there were only me and Meru in this room when I went to bed….. when I say so, everyone averting their eyes from me unwillingly. Oi, why don’t you look at me?

[Well, that….. it seems everyone was thinking the same thing…..] (Sarona)

[Even though we have conveyed our feeling….. we got separated room…..] (Tata)

[I suddenly wanted to consult with everyone…..] (Naminissa)

[Then we decided to come and see the situation…..] (Narellina)

[It was a great opportunity to sleep together…..] (Haosui)

In other words, everyone sneaked into my room in the middle of night and after confirming I was sleeping, everyone slept together with me without permission?

[ [ [ [ [ Your cute sleeping face was a feast!!! ] ] ] ] ]

Said that, everyone went out of my room to prepare for departure.

When I was amazed at their high level ability to act, Meru finished her morning walk and came back to the room.

I will make sure to lock the door for the next time.

We finished our preparation and depart to the southern country while being seen off by King Gio and Marao.

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