Chapter 128

Chapter 128 – Child’s Feeling That Parents Didn’t Understand

I’m heading to the southern country with Meru, Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narellina, Haosui, Freud, Grave-san, and Deizu, there are nine people and one dragon in total.

King Gio proposed to prepare a horse-drawn carriage for us. I’m not going to go as a messenger, so I refused declaring that we will go as ordinary travelers so that it attract less attention.

First I thought how about going by foot. I know Sarona has a good stamina, and while Naminissa and Narellina are former princesses, I know from the battle in Mabondo kingdom that they are well-trained. There is no problem in particular with Haosui’s condition, and since I have been travelling with Freud and Grave-san up to now, I don’t see any problem with the two either.

Deizu got weaker from his former self but there seems to be no problem in particular. I’m worried about Tata, but it seems she had received training to some extent during the journey, the person herself said there was no problem. Well, if she gets tired, I tell her that I will just carry her on my back.

[ [ [ [ [Me too!! Me too!!] ] ] ] ]

The female camp raised their hands and said so. You girls are strong enough! Never mind, it doesn’t matter, we better to hurry. We started our journey to the southern country in a decent speed.


Suddenly, a man blocking our advance. I lowered my speed until completely stopped in front of him. I confirmed everyone behind me and then turn back to face the man before me.

He seems be older than me but he still looks young. Fearless look with blue hair like a blue sky, he wore a light equipment to ease his movement. The man pointing his long sword towards us.

[Bandit…..?] (Wazu)

[That’s right. Leave your money here if you all still want to live!!] (Bandit)

That’s the usual dialogue. Oh well, there is no problem with one or two bandits. I can defeat him easily like the usual. It’s not a big deal….. but the problem is…..

[Hey, is that your acquaintance who is hiding behind the tree and watching here…..?] (Wazu)

[Eh?] (Bandit)

Following my words, the man with blue hair turns back to confirm the person who’s hiding.

That person who was hiding is an aunt with a good build, and now, she is waving her hands to the young man. I got the feeling that their eyes are similar.

[M-Mom!! What are you doing here!?] (Bandit)

He cried out. Huh? Mom? Is she your mother?

[Because I was worried….. You who holed yourself inside your room for 10 years, suddenly went out home at the other day….. although it’s bandit, this is your first battle after getting a job, right? I was worried that you will get hurt…..] (Mom)

I think you should be worried about the fact that he has become a bandit.

[I’ll be fine!! Because I got the passing mark in communication test and sword test!! It’s embarrassing, so leave already!!] (Bandit)

You won’t be fine, where is that confidence comes from?

[Fool!! Mom came here because she was worried about you!!] (Dad)

New person came out. It’s a pretty huge old man. From the flow of the talk, he must be…..

[Dad!!] (Bandit)


[Dad too, what are you doing here?] (Bandit)

[Dad was also worried about you!!] (Mom)

[Mom, you promised me wouldn’t tell him!!] (Dad)

You too, Dad!? Wait, is this parent-child meeting time?

[I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me anymore, so just go home!! It’s sad for me to do this kind of work in front of my parents!!] (Bandit)

He cried out with a rough voice in attempt to make her parents leave the place. But…..

[Idiot!! Your father and mother are worried whether you will get injured!! This is parental love, do you get it?] (Uncle)

[Uncle!!] (Bandit)

[That’s right!! Besides, you who never step out of your house for years, finally went outside and got a job at that….. Your mother and father would like to engrave the majestic figure of their son in his first work!!] (Sister)

[Older sister from the next door!!] (bandit)

[That’s right -ja!! You got a job at last -ja, so it can’t be helped if we are worried and happy at the same time -ja. I was also come here to see it myself -ja!!] (Grandpa)

[Grandpa!!] (Bandit)

[When thing gets hard, you can return home anytime!!] (Grandma)

[Grandma!!] (Bandit)

[ [ [ [ [ [ Fure~e!!! Fure~e!! ] ] ] ] ] ] (TL : The bandit’s name ,I guess?)

Cheering has started without any disorder.

[ [ [ [ [ [ Go for it!!! Go for it!!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

[I beg you all, please just go home already!!] (Bandit)

The blue-haired man cries so and turns back to face us. His face comes into our views, it turned beet red while his body trembled.

I know your feeling. It’s really embarrassing, right? You decided to get out after ten years become a shut-in and got a job, though it’s bandit job. Then, when you are going to do your first bandit act, your parents and relatives who know it come here to watch….. Yup, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

However, we could not waste anymore time here….. the spirit of the blue-haired man also seems about to hit the limit soon…..

[Well….. we can’t lose readily either….. should we start?] (Wazu)

[……………] (Bandit)

I took the stance to beat him while he also set up his long sword towards me.

[Good luck~!!] (Mom)

[Yeah!! You can do it!!] (Dad)

[Don’t get hurt!!] (Uncle)

[Fight on!!] (Sister)

[I believe in you!!] (Grandpa)

[Run away when thing get dangerous~!!] (Grandma)

Words of support came flying from behind the blue-haired man….. so complicated….. The blue-haired man’s face turned further red…..

[Umm….. should we stop….. as expected….. it’s a little….. ] (Wazu)

[I had enough….. I will deal with them somehow…..] (Bandit)

[Please do that…..] (Wazu)

The blue-haired man stabs his swords to the ground and walks towards his supporters.

[What’s wrong?] (Mom)

[You won’t fight?] (Dad)

[Do you need something?] (Uncle)

[Why did you come here?] (Sister)

[What’s happen -ja?] (Grandpa)

[Are you injured somewhere?] (Grandma)

[YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME~~~!!!!!] (Bandit)

The blue-haired man cried out and fled. His parents and the other are chase after him after making a complicated face. That’s probably impossible for a while…..

We also leave the place because there is no reason for us to stay here any longer.

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