Chapter 129

Chapter 129 – These Two People Again

We first aimed at Zukhra, a post town in the north of the southern country’s capital, Lisscave. But right now, we are lurking inside the woods in the vicinity of Zukhra town to discuss something.

(TL : リスケーブ = Lisscave?)

According to the information that Deizu had obtained, the fact that he is a beastmen, he most likely will be caught if we enter the town as is. There were cases where a beastman trapped inside the town and suffered a great damage.

Until we succeeded rescuing the kidnapped beastmen from the capital of southern country, it’s better for our existence not to come to light as much as possible, we are discussing about it now.

The result of our discussion, we decided to take the most reliable method that is to put a fake slavery collar which hasn’t magically imbued on him.

I asked whether he feels an aversion feeling or not. I have no time to care about such feelings because I prioritize saving the kidnapped beastmen now, said Deizu. I decided to go with this method because of that.

It seems I’m supposed to be his master. Well, Deizu said it was fine so I have nothing to say in this regard. But Freud had a slavery collar for some reason, why do you have such a thing…..?

The moment when we tried to proceed toward Zukhra after finishing our discussion…..

[Please wait!!] (Purple)

[Wait a moment!!] (Blonde)

Two cries that came from behind stopped our movements. Looking back to where the voices were heard, there are two people which seems I had meet somewhere before.

[Please give us your money quietly!!] (Purple)

That being said, she’s turning her knife towards us…..

[Hmm…..? Have me meet somewhere before] (Wazu)

[Wh-Why is no reaction….. Huh? You are from that time!!] (Purple)

[Oh, it’s you again!!] (Blonde)

The two of them pointed their fingers at me. Hmm? I have meet them somewhere before as I thought, but where did we meet? Blonde hair and purple hair….. blonde hair….. purple hair…..


[You two are the people who were doing bandit test from that time!!] (Wazu)

[You are the person from my first time!!] (Purple)


The air froze to the purple haired woman’s remark. The female camp turns their attention to me all at once, everyone is smiling but their eyes aren’t.

Aah, I may die today….. no, no, no, it’s wrong. I have to explain this misunderstanding properly.

[Indeed, we cannot put Wazu-sama in the corner] (Freud)

[You should take a responsibility!!] (Grave)

Grave-san and Freud are making fun of me. Their grinning faces irritating me. Please stop speaking like putting oil on fire. Okay, let me punch you once after this over.

[Oh dear, to look away from us, do you perhaps feeling guilty about something?] (Naminissa)

A hand entering my field of vision and grasp the tree behind me, that’s Naminissa’s hand. I am in the situation where I’m sandwiched between tree and her right now. Eh? What is this?

[What is this all about!?] (Sarona)

[We need to T.A.L.K!!] (Tata)

[*stareee*….. Let’s hear it out!!] (Narellina)

[Chastisement…..] (Haosui)

S-Scary!! I trembled a little because the pressure emitted from the female camp was too intense….. I need to solve this misunderstanding at once.

[No, wa-wait!! It’s not like that!! It’s all misunderstanding!! We don’t have that kind of relationship!! I was his first opponent of her bandit act!! Please don’t say something misleading!! I mean, please explain it properly!!] (Wazu)

[Eh? Eh? Eh? Huh? Did I make a mistake or something?] (Purple)

[Idiot!! You didn’t speak it well!!] (Blonde)

Then the blonde haired woman carefully explains the situation to solve the misunderstanding. I’m freed from the predicament and was able to take a breath at last. I’m saved…..

[So, why are you in such a place? Are you still in the middle of the test?] (Wazu)

I rebuilt my position and asked the purple haired and blonde haired women in front of me.

[Yes!! I am still far away from my dream] (Purple)

[That’s right, we are in the middle of  her 4th-rank bandit field test now] (Blonde)

[I see….. You haven’t give up] (Wazu)

Huh? 4th-rank? 4th-rank is it? Hmm, I’m sure at that time it was…..

[4th? Not 5th? Are you serious? Oh come on, you are lying to me, aren’t you?] (Wazu)

[I won’t do something despicable such as lying!!] (Purple)

The purple haired woman asserts so, then what about this bandit acts?

[This is true. The passing condition was to earn the prescribed amount of money, for the 5th-rank was to earn minimal 1 copper coin and this girl had achieved more than needed. Now she is a genuine 5th-rank bandit because of that] (Blonde)

[Ehehehe~] (Purple)

The purple haired woman puffed out her chest to the blonde haired woman’s explanation.

[In other words, she had successfully earned that money herself? I don’t believe it] (Wazu)

[It’s true!!] (Purple)

[That’s a fact. Though she kept failing after meeting you at that time, but one day we met an old couple that said “You look troubled. Eat something delicious with this!!” and gave her two silver coins….. I gave that to the association….. and she passed….. right?] (Blonde)

Weren’t they just like a grandma and a grandpa who giving their beloved grandchild some pocket money!?

I mean, for me it has nothing to do with bandit act. No, I understand without need the explanation. The point is she earned that silver coins, right? But the blonde haired is supposed to be some kind of her instructor or observer, isn’t she? I mean, is that okay?

[Even I have a quota!! Besides, that pig bastard kept nagging me noisily each time because my subordinate still unable to pass the 5th-rank bandit tests!! I will make him pay for this someday…..] (Blonde)

The blonde haired woman cried so. It seems she remembered something unpleasant. Please do your best and live strongly. I think that the purple haired woman will be in trouble if her observer is not the blonde haired woman.

[For now, congratulation!!] (Wazu)

[Thank you!! Then the money?] (Purple)

[Oh that’s impossible. I won’t hand over money to the bandit] (Wazu)

She become dispirited and almost cried, right after I declined flatly.

[U~uu……….] (Purple)

[Hmm….. shall we go?] (Blonde)

The purple haired woman is being dragged away by the blonde haired woman. What was it again? That’s right, she wanted to become the greatest female bandit in the world. Well, that’s impossible.

We pull ourselves together and walk toward the post-town Zukhra.

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