Chapter 130

Chapter 130 – Sudden Reunion

We are steadily approaching the post town Zukhra. Though it’s not particularly deserted as far as I can see from the outside, I don’t see peddler and the like, enter or leave the town. We walk towards the town gate without thinking too deeply about it.

[Hmm? It’s rare for adventurer came from that side]

The person who seems to be the gatekeeper said so. I see, we came from the direction of beastmen kingdom indeed.

If not the beastmen itself, usually it was the people from this country who just kidnapped beastmen who came from this direction. These people, I wonder if I can beat them all…..

[Oh~ my bad. Just get lost from my sight at once!!]

Grave-san took out his guild card without showing a particular concern to his remark, to confirm his identity.

Though we need to hide our intention coming to this country as much as possible, I had an unpleasant expression because the gatekeeper’s remark from a short while ago…..

This is not good. I can’t make unnecessary commotion. I think that it was really nice to have an adult like Grave-san at such time. Sarona also puts her hands on my shoulder in response to my momentary anger.

[Y-You are an S-rank adventurer!!]

The gatekeeper saluted in surprise because of Grave-san’s rank. No less from S-rank adventurer. There are only few adventurers in the world with that rank. How nice…. I’m envious….. I wonder how long I will be stay as F-rank adventurer…..

[Never mind about that, the people behind are my companions and I can guarantee their backgrounds. I will take a responsibility if they caused problems, so can I come inside soon? I have been walking like crazy and already exhausted. I want to take a break quickly] (Grave)

[Understood. I don’t have a reason to stop them if mister S-rank adventurer said will guarantee their identity. Please go ahead!]

[Okay, let’s go!!] (Grave)

We go inside the town following Grave-san. I will never forget the fact that the gatekeeper blatantly made an unpleasant look when he saw Deizu passed the gate…..

To put it bluntly, the situation inside the post town Zukhra is unpleasant to watch. Beastmen with slavery collar who being forced to work are everywhere. Beaten, kicked, whipped, when they didn’t move properly or even without any real reason. There are those who have face dyed in despair among them.

The only thing I can do towards such scenes is suppressing my anger as hard as I can. I really feel sick of it.

However, the majority of people here have an apologetic expression towards the beastmen who received such treatments.

[You can endure it well…..] (Grave)

Grave-san who walking in the front speaks to me. Looking carefully, Grave-san is making an expression which isn’t strange if he pulls his swords anytime.

[Well, that’s….. because Deizu is enduring it, I can’t lose control of myself and rampaging here, right?] (Wazu)

[That’s right…..] (Grave)

We turn our attentions towards Deizu. Nothing changed in his expressions, but his hands are tightly clenched and blood seems almost flow from that hands.

Deizu also understand. If we go rampaging here and now, and that information spreads until the capital of this country, we wouldn’t know what is going to happen with the kidnapped beastmen over there….. first we have to deal with the source somehow.

[But, why most people here look so apologetic towards the beastmen?] (Wazu)

[Hmm….. this is just my speculation, but can’t you tell the difference between those people?] (Grave)

[What is that?] (Wazu)

[Those who persecute the beastmen are the soldiers of this country while those who look so apologetic are just ordinary citizen. The soldiers are willing to use the beastmen as slave according to the king of this country, but ordinary citizen are highly likely didn’t like it. Well, this is just my speculation I made after seeing the visible situation, I don’t know whether this is correct or not….. but I hope this is really the case] (Grave)

[I agree, I want it to be so] (Wazu)

I hope that the people in this country not all rotten. I walk while observing the state of this town and thinking where to stay tonight.

The street suddenly getting noisy. I’m heading towards the source of commotion in quick pace, while wondering if something happened to the beastmen.

In the center of commotion, I can see a group of people wearing some kind of uniform. What on earth is going on?

I heard an angry voice echoed all around when I was trying to figure out the situation.

[Mugyaaa~!! This is the world’s treasure, to make those fluffy beast ears like this, I will destroy such country~~~!!]

[President, please calm down!! We from “Amason Commercial Firm” came here to request business with this country, right? Please don’t forget it~~~!!]

[No, thanks!! I changed my mind!! I won’t do business with the country that makes those fluffy beast ears like this!! Instead, I will crush this country with my cheat abilities~~!!]

It seems that a store owner of some commercial firm shouting about destroying this country or something, and now she is being held by her employees.

But fluffy beast ears, is she talking about the beastmen? If it’s true, it seems I can get along with that store owner.

When I was thinking about such things, Naminissa had a surprising expression on her face.

[Naminissa, what’s wrong?] (Wazu)

[Nothing………. actually, I told you before about “shampoo”, “hair conditioner”, and “mayonnaise” are the products created by a certain shop, do you remember it?] (Naminissa)

[Hmm, that reminds me….. indeed, you said such things before] (Wazu)

[The name of that shop is Amason Commercial Firm] (Naminissa)

[Eh? In other words….. the people from that company are in front of us right now, moreover with the shop owner?] (Wazu)

When we are busy talking about such a thing, the people from Amason firm entering the big inn behind them that seems to be their lodging place, while turning their eyes on us and laughing *hahahaha*. Perhaps, they don’t want people watching their president making commotion in the public place.

When the employees of Amason firm dragging their president who keep shouting incomprehensible words into the inn, I finally able to see the face of the president in question clearly…..

Eh? She is…..

[Kagane?] (Wazu)

The president of Amason commercial firm reacts to my mutter and look this way.

[Onii-chan…..?] (Kagane)

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