Chapter 132

Chapter 132 – Idle Talk : Kagane 1

My name is Kagane. But that’s my name in this world. I have another name that I have never told anyone.

“Jinguuji Kanae”

That was my name from the time I was living on earth.

I died on earth at age 17 years old. It was a sunny day in summer. I was on the way back from school that day. I surely have confirmed the green light before crossed the crossing road, but a truck that ran at a tremendous speed suddenly appeared and hit me, then I died.

I saw an unfamiliar ceiling as I woke up. I tried to get up at once but my body didn’t listen to what I wanted, and just a crying sound that came out when I tried to speak.

What does this mean? As I thought that, a man and a woman figures entered my field of vision then spoke to me. It was obviously not a Japanese language but I was able to understand it for some reason. That moment, I understood what had happened to me.

“A different world reincarnation”

I finally realized that I was a baby now. In other words, a man and a woman in front of me were my parents.

I feel glad with my present situation. Let me be honest here, I’m an Otaku. I love anime, games, and web novels. Of course BL stuffs are the standard equipments.

I like anime with love comedy and fantasy genres. The mobile games doesn’t suit me, I mainly played RPG game on the stationary machines. My parents and my little sister from the earth also loved games so there was no particular trouble. I like to read the story about people who reincarnated or teleported to the different world in web novels.

Because their influence, I investigated various useful knowledge like how to make things, etc. Before going to bed, I always imagined myself going to the different world while *gufufufu* laughed alone inside my bedroom.

That delusion has turned into a reality. If this body could move as I wanted, I would jump around in joy.

However, there was a little regret regarding my reincarnation. I parted with my parents, my little sister, and my Otaku friends who were on a good term with me on earth.

This was a common story in web novels so perhaps what happened to me was nothing original, but I hope they could live happily without me over there. I didn’t want to imagine my family and my friends saddened by my death.

It was hard to keep my consciousness inside this body because I soon became sleepy…..

Several months have passed since I realized that I have been reincarnated, when my visibility and consciousness became clear, there was a boy next to my parents.

I couldn’t talk yet but I could understand their language, and my parents taught me that he was my big brother. Onii-chan huh….. I hope we could get along as good as with my little sister on earth….. or so I thought at that time.

The time passed, I got to be able stood and walked on my own feet, words also properly came out when I tried to speak. The words I uttered weren’t Japanese. I was sure heard words that weren’t Japanese, but I was able to speak fluently as if using Japanese language itself nevertheless.

My parents made an amazed expression when I suddenly talked to them, when I looked at their figures who were greatly pleased as if just found a treasure, I thought that I had done something that too premature…..

The result was their love for me became overheated since then.

They believed that I was a genius child. I was taught various things in this world that I thought it was too early for the child of my age. It was “magic” that has grasped my heart the most among those knowledge I have been taught.

I mean, this is magic, you know? I’m sure everyone want to try it out, right? My excitement reached the peak in one go.

I listened particularly well the knowledge about magic and investigated it.

The magic of this world was not particularly difficult to make. MP existed in this world just like an RPG game. The magic consumes the numerical value of MP and activated.

There are total 7 attributes existed in magic, “Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Light, Darkness”. However, this just a basic attribute, there seems to be some unique magic that only certain people could use.

The people with aptitude to use 3 different attributes at least, are greatly demanded everywhere in this world.

Next, the magic is activated by an incantation. The higher amount of MP poured into incantation will increase the power of your magic. You can also trigger various events by combining incantations.

People will be able to cast a strong magic if have the aptitude. Though it’s possible to cast a magic outside your aptitude, the power will be dropped greatly and it consumes a lot MP in comparison with a magic that you have its aptitude. It’s nothing but a disadvantage to cast a magic without aptitude.

It seems there is no fixed sentence in particular for incantation. You put the events you want to trigger into the sentence so that it is easier to imagine, that’s basically incantation all about.

However, for the people of this world, the more complex and stronger the events they want to create; they will need to use a long sentence  (incantation). I thought that it has nothing to do with me.

This is where the power of an Otaku from japan comes to the stage. Because I was familiar with the cultures of Otaku, I understood that it was possible to cause a complicated event for me who was trained with the delusions every day.

When I absorbed all the magical knowledge in this world like a sponge, my parents became more delighted and put greater expectation than before.

Around the age of five, my parents suggested me to take the entrance examination of Kingdom’s National Academy.

There was no precedent for entering school at the age of 5. Just because my parents were pleading so much, the teachers couldn’t do anything and finally gave up.

I answered all the questions correctly and broke through the entrance test spectacularly. I also used a crystal ball to check my magic aptitude and the result was “all attributes”. The teacher permitted my admission or to be precise, they raised their open arms.

From that time, I was riding a very good wave. Inside this little body was an adult to begin with, I enrolled to the national academy in unprecedented age, I have magic aptitude for all attributes, and my parents really loved me.

What was lacking from all of this? I also understood that my face was in the good side for the people in this world. I couldn’t help but laughed *uhahahaha*.

Around one month has passed since I enrolled to the academy, when I was looking at how close a relationship between sisters who were also students here, I suddenly remembered that I have a big brother too.

It was easy to find my parents inside the house but I didn’t see my big brother in particular. We almost never talked so I completely forgot about his existence.

I thought it was a bit tricky at this time….. There was only me inside my parents’ heads. They knew that I was far excellent child compared to my big brother, afraid of jealousy from my big brother, they kept him away from me. That was the kind of behavior I read from such parents.

However, he is my brother nevertheless, rather than stalling for time and found out that he hate me later, I thought of going and ask him directly as soon as possible.

In the middle of the night when my parents were sleeping, I went to see my brother Wazu.

[……………so, it’s reasonable if you come to hate me now!!] (Kagane)

[Wha…..!? No, I have never thought about such things in particular….. Kagane is a child with rich imagination, indeed…..] (Wazu)

Different from my imagination, I couldn’t any negative feelings from my brother’s expression. Instead, there was a pure and deep affection directing towards his family members.

Our parents were only concerned about me and neglecting my brother as

the result….. I thought that it can’t be helped if he bore a grudge

against me or even would hit me because I was the cause of that…..

That moment, my heart goes *badump* towards such a big brother…..

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