Chapter 134

Chapter 134 – Does The Relationship With Kagane Take One Step Forward? Yeah, It Does!!

[……….that how is it, so please marry me, Onii-chan!!] (Kagane)

Kagane, my little sister who sitting on my lap finished her story and smiles from ear to ear. Just now, Kagane taught me about herself…..

Huh? reincarnation…..? all attribute magic…..? There are too much information to be processed, everyone else also has the same stunned expression as me.

No, not everyone. The female camp are nodding about something. Eh? Do you will just accept her explanation?

[Wa-Wait………. eh? marry you….. are you serious…..?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I’m serious. I really love Onii-chan from the bottom of my heart. I want you to understand it, so first let’s get married!!] (Kagane)

[ [ [ [ [ Please wait a moment!!! ] ] ] ] ]

The female camp rose up from their seats and gathered around me.

[I sympathized with the contents of story a short while ago] (Sarona)

[Even if it’s Wazu-san’s little sister, when talking about marriage, we won’t just accept it readily] (Tata)

[We aren’t doubting the feeling of Kagane-sama, but we are Wazu-sama’s future wives] (Naminissa)

[It’s also necessary to ask our permission] (Narellina)

[……….unauthorized] (Haosui)

Said so, the female camp’s attention gathered on Kagane….. Umm, is it better for me to step outside? Or rather, I’d like to run from this place but it was impossible unless Kagane get off from my lap…..

Kagane received their words, laughing dauntlessly, get off from my lap, arranging her appearance while make a serious face, and looking around the female camp before slowly raising her right hand up.

[I Kagane swear in front of Onii-chan’s future wives who are here that I will only love him for the rest of my life. If there is a person who tries to hurt our future husband, I shall protect him. I pledge here that I will beat up that person until regretting for having done such a thing with all my might!!] (Kagane)

[ [ [ [ [ Accepted!! Welcome to the harem!!!!! ] ] ] ] ]


[ [ [ [ [ Of course, the final decision is made by Wazu-(san, sama, danna-sama)!! ] ] ] ] ]

[Please, Onii-chan!!] (Kagane)

Everyone’s attentions are gathered on me this time. Huh? I decide? Well, I guess so…..

[Your little sister Kagane is serious] (Sarona)

[I don’t think there is any falsehood] (Tata)

[We want to accept and believe in her feelings] (Naminissa)

[But we leave what to do with her to Wazu] (Narellina)

[……….Danna-sama, the time for decision] (Haosui)

The female camp said unanimously that they would accept Kagane. I love Kagane as well but it was love from big brother for his little sister….. To love her as the opposite sex, there is no other choice but to say that is impossible.

However, looking at Kagane’s serious expression which also full of affection and expectation make me hesitating to say it out….. Now, what should I do…..

Kagane caught on my expression that was seriously troubled.

[I knew Onii-chan would be confused if I suddenly said so….. You love me as a family member, right…..? Therefore, would you give me a chance?] (Kagane)

[Chance?] (Wazu)

[You said it a short while ago, the female camp here will officially become the harem camp after the problem with that bitc—, with Aria-san is solved, isn’t it?] (Kagane)

[Well, yeah….. that was my intention, so?] (Wazu)

[Then, will you give me the answer at that time too? Right now, it was impossible to tell Onii-chan to look at me as a woman, right?] (Kagane)

[Th-That’s true…..] (Wazu)

[So, can you give it some thought until then? It won’t be so long after all…..] (Kagane)

[ …………… ] (Wazu)

[If the result is that you can only see me as your little sister, at that time, I will also just see you as my big brother and act properly as your little sister….. how’s that….. is that not good…..?] (Kagane)

[That would be quite convenient for me…..] (Wazu)

[It’s because I love Onii-chan, that’s all!!] (Kagane)

Kagane said so while looking at me. It’s certainly the eyes that full of affection. While looking back at her and after thinking for a while, I give her answer.

[I understand….. if Kagane says so, I will think about it properly until then, is that enough?] (Wazu)

[Yes, thank you!! Please be prepared because I will absolutely make Onii-chan fall in love with me!! I will make you head over heels to the extent won’t let any other men to go near me!!] (Kagane)

Kagane says so while smiling the whole face. It’s a secret that her face makes me slightly excited.

Kagane is talking with everyone in a good terms. It’s a little embarrassing when I heard that the content of their talk was mostly about me, but I can bear with it somehow.

We need to discuss about the future now. I called Freud, Grave-san, and Deizu into the room. the four of us are going to decide about our future plan. First I explained the thing about Kagane.

[I see, it’s good that the member of your harem has increased, Wazu boy…..] (Grave)

Excuse me Grave-san, but that’s still uncertain.

[First we will go the capital of this country. Considering the size of this country and the number of the kidnapped beastmen, there is no doubt that aristocrats and the royal family of this country are involved] (Grave)

[I’m also in agreement with Grave-san’s opinion and then congratulation for the new harem member, Wazu-sama] (Freud)

[I’m really sorry and thank you for thinking about my people. I’m also agreeing with the words of Grave-dono. Because they continued to refuse our messengers, I had predicted that the people in the center of this country were involved in this incident since a long time ago. Let’s give priority to hit the center of this country where the source of this problem came. Congratulation, Wazu-dono] (Deizu)

You too, please don’t co-ng-ra-tu-la-te me~~!!!

Well, I also agree with their opinions. I mean, if this country is rotten from the root….. what should I do…..?

[Oh, Onii-chan!!] (Kagane)

Kagane called out when I was worried about what to do.

[Hmm?] (Wazu)

[I will act together with Onii-chan from now on!!] (Kagane)

[……….? No No No, Kagane have the company to take care of, aren’t you?] (Wazu)

[There is no problem!! Everyone is a capable person, there is no problem if I leave the company in their hands for a while!! I have trained people for such situation as well, they should be able to run the company even without me by now….. since I have more important thing to take care right now] (Kagane)

Kagane is stroking her belly as she says so. No, there is no baby inside there!!

[Well, regarding the company, you are the president so I leave it to your decision. However, don’t push yourself] (Wazu)

[I knew it, Onii-chan!! Besides, I’m super strong!! Perhaps, I’m strongest in this world!] (Kagane)

That being said, Kagane gives me her guild card to show me her status.

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