Chapter 136

Chapter 136 – Excuse Me, I’d Like to Change My Clothes

The meeting was temporarily disbanded because of our next destination has been decided for the time being. We were allowed to stay in the inn because of  Kagane’s generosity, under the name of Amason Firm. After I eat all the meals prepared by the people from Amason Firm…..

[Onii-chan is amazing!! Onii-chan is amazing!!] (Kagane)

Kagane shot a barrage of those words while kept sticking to me. She apparently has came to terms with herself.

When I asked about how were our parents doing now, she answered it with ambiguous words, “They are healthy”. I wonder if something had happened….. I couldn’t help but thought so.

Kagane kept sticking to me when we arrived at the room addressed to me, until the other members dragged her away from me. I felt the danger to my body so I honestly was saved.

I wonder if something went wrong because I told her about myself all honestly…..

She said that she is my little sister but also isn’t my little sister at the same time….. I don’t understand well. However, I will seriously give it some thought just as she asked. I think that it’s rude to Kagane if I give her half-hearted answers…..

I lock the door, get on the bed, and hugging Meru. I fell asleep as I thinking about what to do with kagane…..

Hmm…..? I feel something on my cheek…..

The feeling of something soft keep hitting it since a while ago…..

*smooch*….. *smooch*…..

[Fufufu….. Onii-chan’s cute sleeping face GET!!] (Kagane)


I feel something wrong and woke up at once. Since there is a presence of person from the side, I slowly turned my face towards that direction.

[Good morning, Onii-chan!! Your super duper cute little sister has came to wake you up!!] (Kagane)

There is Kagane with a happy face sleeping next to me…..

[Huh? No reaction? Onii-chaaan?] (Kagane)

[Whoaaaah!! What are you doing? I mean, what are you doing here? I locked the door!!] (Kagane)

[Lock? Do you mean this thing? Oh please, this inn has been rented by my company, remember? I can easily get the master key of this room. Hmm? This is the key to realizing our love so it’s better to call it “Love Key”…..] (Kagane)

I jumped up. I look at Kagane who showing me the key, with a surprise expression. I mean, I’m really surprised. Can’t I have a time for rest? Please let me sleep in peace!!

I was surprised at the appearance of Kagane and retreated a few steps back, but something caught on my foot, make me fall over the bed. I thought that I had hit Meru.

I found the figure of sleeping person when I confirm it, she is Tata who dressed in a thin clothing with a lot exposure.

[Nnn~….. Oh? Good morning, Wazu-san!] (Tata)

[Good….. morning…..] (Wazu)

Tata greeted with bewitching smile, my consciousness wasn’t clear so I returned the greeting like normal.

Looking at the surrounding carefully, there are the other four figures of a person on the bed. I mean, the other members of female camp are here as well.

When I was wondering of what happened with the previous commotion as I rubbed my eyes, I found myself under everyone’s greetings and smiles.

[ [ [ [ Good morning!! ] ] ] ]

[Good….. morning…..] (Wazu)

We stare at each other silently after that…..

[Why is everyone in this room?] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ Because we are your harem members!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

It’s still uncertain, remember? I take in one deep breath.

[I want to change clothes now, so please everyone go back to your rooms!] (Wazu)

I get off the bed to change my clothes. I decided to not think about it too deeply….. recently, a lot of suprising things happened so that my mind couldn’t get a rest….. *sigh*…..

There is only one clothes made of monster materials so I won’t change it, but I feel unpleasant if I don’t change my underwear as expected.

I took off all the clothes I currently wearing, next I put my hand on my underwear but stopped…..

[ …………… ] (Wazu)

I feel a sense of uneasiness inside the room where there is only the sound I made as I changing my clothes. I slowly turned my eyes towards the bed…..

There are the female camp directing a heat gazes at me from the bed…..

[KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!] (Wazu)

[So we have been found out…..] (Sarona)

[Too bad…..] (Tata)

[Even though it just a little more…..] (Naminissa)

[That was close…..] (Narellina)

[…………..failed!] (Haosui)

[Why are you screaming like a maiden, Onii-chan!? It should be the scenes where you sweep your underwear with vigor!] (Kagane)

[How can you look here nonchalantly!?] (Wazu)

This is wrong!! It’s usually the opposite, isn’t? Why am I the one who’s screaming while you all just watching calmly?

[Excuse me….. I’d like to change my clothes so I want you all to go out…..] (Wazu)

[Fumu….. You have a well-trained body!] (Sarona)

[I want to jump into that chest!] (Tata)

[*gulp*……….!] (Naminissa)

[Such a good body!] (Narellina)

[……….I want to be hug!] (Haosui)

[Come on, Onii-chan!! Come to embrace us together!! Beast!! Embrace us together like a beast!!] (Kagane)

[I won’t do it!! I won’t become a beast!! Please don’t test me more than this!!] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ Buuu~! Buuu~! ] ] ] ] ] ]

[Even if you are pouting, I won’t do anything now!!] (Wazu)

Well, I admit that was cute though…..

[*cough*….. Oh well, let’s all step back obediently for time being. Wazu-sama had said “now” a while ago….. so he will surely satisfy us later….. right?] (Naminissa)

Naminissa gave me a smile that doesn’t accept “no” as an answer. I send a glance to make sure whether everyone else has the same expressions or not.

Umm…. this is….. I got the feeling….. I have been trapped, haven’t I?

[……….I will consider it positively] (Wazu)

[Well, let’s be satisfied with that for the time being. Since we have seen Wazu-sama’s bashful face, shall we return to our room?] (Naminissa)

Everyone nodded to Naminissa’s words, each of them waved their hands at me before went out of the room while winking…..

I wanted you to go out at once if you knew I was embarrassed…..

I’ll put something in front of the locked door next time….. something heavy that can’t be moved easily…..

Any other incident? There is, but the preparation finished smoothly after that. When Kagane finished telling various things to the staffs of Amason Firm about their future actions, we departed to the capital of this country, Lisscave.

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