Chapter 137

Chapter 137 – Filled With Suspicion

From the post town Zukhra to the capital city Liscave, it was connected by a neatly paved highway, and we headed down the road on foot.

Shall I prepare a horse-drawn carriage from Amason Firm? said Kagane. But I refused because I want us to move unnoticed by the other side as far as possible.

Even though I said on foot, we are running at the same speed as average horse-drawn carriage, so it doesn’t take long.

Since Kagane has the strongest level of humanity status, she was able to follow me without problem. But speaking about a problem, it was a considerably hard speed for the current Tata to follow, but that problem was solved.

Tata was able to run to a certain extent but get tired halfway because she was still in the process of being trained. So now I’m in charge of carrying Narellina. If you are wondering why do I carrying her instead of Tata…..

[ [ [ [ [ It’s not fair for only one person receives a special treatment!! ] ] ] ] ]

Such protest has came from the other members except Tata, so now…..

[Fufufu….. it’s a wonderful time] (Naminissa)

Naminissa is taking a rest while being carried on my back.

“I will carry Tata!!”, it was started after Narellina declared her candidacy. First I thought that this story would end there, but it did not.

[Until we arrived at Liscave, I think it’s a better option if we decide the order to be carried by Onii-chan] (Kagane)

Everyone raised their hands as soon as Kagane said so, and it was decided right there!!

Huh? How about my will? I thought so but….. well, there seems to be no chance of winning against the female camp’s decision like this…..

[Excuse me….. it will be dangerous if you don’t hold me properly…..] (Wazu)

[Fufufu….. I understand!] (Naminissa)

Then Naminissa happily brings her body further closer to mine. It smells good….. wait, too close, she is too close!!

I hope I never said that because now I’m afraid to look around. The female camp is directing the eyes of envy like a beast. I want them to stop because I can feel a danger from it.

Freud and Grave-san seems enjoying themselves, I want them to stop watching me with those happy eyes…..

Meru is sleeping on my head as usual…..

I wonder if I will get used to this kind of thing if I really have a harem in the future…..

It’s embarrassing…..

But I have decided to face everyone and believe in them. I can’t be defeated by this embarrassment feeling. To be honest, I also feel glad to see Naminissa’s happy face. I thought so but…..

[Next is me!] (Sarona)

[No, it’s my turn just as the order we decided before!!] (Tata)

[I will entrust Tata to Haosui so next is my turn!!] (Narellina)

[……….won’t back off] (Haosui)

[Dive on Onii-chan’s chest!!] (Kagane)

……….I am scared of checking everyone.

I wonder if this is something unavoidable when I have a harem….. Yeah, let’s expect from me in the future. Good luck, me!!

I carried the female camp’s members in turn and reached the capital city Liscave at the time I was carrying Kagane. It was really a hard journey to reach this place.

Haosui and Kagane were always looking for a vacant land near our camp ground. When the two found a suitable place, they came to challenge and fought me with full power with the pretext for training.

Sarona, Naminissa, and Narellina seems to be learning cooking from Tata. Three people prepared the same dish for me so the amount wasn’t joking. Though I ate everything somehow.

To be honest, the after meal soup that Tata prepared was the most delicious. However, “we are just starting!!” was written on the face of the other three. I understand you were enthusiastic, but would you please make one portion with three people next time? or so I thought. But well, I will eat what is prepared.

Then as if it was inevitable, all the female members will be surely sleeping by my side when I get up in the morning. Regarding this matter, I gave up in the midst of repeating camping outside.

Even though we go to sleep in separated places, how could this happen when I get up…..? The world is full of mysteries…..

There is a long line at the entrance gate of capital city Liscave. Most of them are merchants who have full loads on their big carriages. On top of that, the content of their loads seems to be only ore at glance. If all those loads is ore, I wonder how much ore is being transported to this capital…..

[……….Onii-chan, the amount of this ore is somewhat abnormal] (Kagane)

[……….Does Kagane also think so?] (Wazu)

[Our company has not been putting any emphasis into ore trading so far, so I didn’t notice it until now. If it’s has been repeated many times, not just once or twice….. there must be something going on…..] (Kagane)

[Yeah, but there is something else I’m interested in….. I wonder where the money to buy this ore is from…..] (Wazu)

[You are right. It’s likely they have already exploited their people….. even so, it was not enough so they kidnapped the beastmen to force them work as slaves…..] (Kagane)

[I thought so too…..] (Wazu)

[Funu~u, unforgivable…..] (Kagane)

[Yeah….. Hmm? Was the way of your speaking always like this?] (Wazu)

[I told Onii-chan that I was a reincarnated person before, so there is nothing to hide anymore….. Or do you prefer me as polite as I used to be?] (Kagane)

[No, whichever is fine because the fact that you are my little sister won’t change] (Kagane)

[I want you to say “my woman” there] (Kagane)

[……….I will remain silent] (Wazu)

[Buu~ Buu~] (Kagane)

[Yeah, Yeah, I knew that you siblings are getting along, the front is vacant!] (Narellina)

We move forward in hurry after being told by Narellina.

[So, how long do you intend to carry Kagane like that?] (Sarona)

Sarona said so as she staring at us. Oh right, we almost arrived at our destination. I tried lowering Kagane but she doesn’t leave and keep sticking to me. The other members further turns their eyes towards such behavior.

[Kagane……….] (Sarona)

[Well, it can’t be helped. Since it’s a harem, I can’t monopolize Onii-chan forever] (Kagane)

Kagane said so before separating herself from me. Then after waiting fo a while, we finally was able to reach the gate.

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