Chapter 138

Chapter 138 – This Country is Rotten

There are five soldiers wearing a heavy armor in front of the gate. One person stands at the center of the gate while the other four stationed at each sides to protect the gate. However, I couldn’t think the sight of them who cheerfully chatting each other as the soldiers who are protecting the gate.

The merchant in front of us passed through the gate and went into the city, so next is our turn.

I and Grave-san take out our guild cards to be shown to the soldier in the center. Just like the time we entered Zukhra town, we are trying to make the other members able to get in with Grave-san as a guarantor. Meanwhile, the other soldiers call out to our female members.

[*whistling*….. a line of such beautiful women. How about drink with us tonight? And if you like it, we could also continue to have fun until morning while we at it?]


Our female members did not conceal their discomfort and expressed their vexation feeling towards their attitude, answered nothing to the soldiers’ words as if to tell “don’t speak to me”.

The soldiers who were ignored raised their voices in discontentment.

[Oi!! Did you hear us!? I’m telling you to accompany us tonight if you would like to enter this town!! We could make you more satisfied compared to that slender man—]

The soldier couldn’t finish his words until the end. The reason is that because the tip of Sarona’s short sword was stopped at a hair’s breadth distance from his throat.

Narellina was also pointing her sword to a soldiers in the same manner while Haosui and Freud stood in front of the other two soldier, blocking their movement.

Freud has his usual pseudo-smile but our female members were looking at the soldiers with cold eyes.

[Talking any further….. I’ll kill you…..] (Sarona)

Sarona just said that much with a cold look on her face. I was also afraid looking at her emitting a bloodthirst all around….. Well, if our female members didn’t make a move, I will beat up those soldiers myself.

Deizu as an adult said nothing while closing his eyes and folding his arms. Though he remained unmoving, his tail kept striking the ground with *peshi-peshi*, so perhaps he was also irritated. I guess he was folding his arms to keep them under control so that they don’t get violent.

The soldiers who couldn’t comprehend the sudden action were unable to move. You better to behave yourselves for your own good.

Next to me, Grave-san scratches his head a bit before calls out a soldier in front of us.

[It’s troubling….. You better don’t lay a hand to my companions…..] (Grave)

The soldier let out a surprised voice after confirming Grave-san’s guild card.

[S-rank….. adventurer-sama…..]

The soldier who checked the guild card, the soldiers who were trying to pick on our female members, expressed a startled expression.

[Yes, I am! Then, we can pass through here, can’t we? You guys had taken a rude attitude previously. Normally, I will go rampage because of that, but this time I will turn a blind eyes. Let’s not question each other. Besides, I will take a responsibility for the identity of my companions, so there is no problem, isn’t there?] (Grave)

[B-But….. there is a beastman in your group, isn’t there? To let a foreign barbarian beast into the city it’s a little…..]

[That beastman is a slave of the guy next to me, he also has a collar on him so I didn’t see any problem to let him enter the city, right?]

Grave-san pointed at me and then showed a fake slavery collar on Deizu’s neck to convince the soldier.

[Understood….. Then if that beastmen does something disadvantageous for this city, the S-rank adventurer-sama will take responsibility, right?]

[That’s what I’m telling you!] (Grave)

[Well, just to be safe, would you make the necessary document?]

That said, the soldier prepared a paper, some ink, and a pen, for Grave-san to write something.

It wouldn’t be seen from Grave-san who is in the middle of writing, but the soldier’s face smirked a little.

Perhaps, they thought we came to this city without knowing the circumstances of beastmen who were kidnapped and enslaved. In case Deizu found out about it and go wild, they would have a good lead to inflict

that responsibility on Grave-san….. But we all knew about this and were so eager to get violent…..

Grave-san simply wrote “Grave an S-rank adventurer will take responsibility”, while knowing everything.

Perhaps, he means taking responsibility for leaving such a country until now, and will definitely finish off this country. I got the feeling that “responsibility” here had such a meaning….. soldier-san, my condolences!

Grave-san drops some blood beside his name and push his thumb on it as a proof. The soldier in front of the gate opened the path as we finally got our permit. Thus we were able to enter the city.

[It seems the situation is worse than I thought…..] (Grave)

[Yeah…..] (Wazu)

The inside of the city is more terrible than I imagined. Many of the building are tattered, the citizen with skinny body and eyes that has lost its light, are scattered here and there. It’s such a situation where you don’t know whether they are still alive or dead.

Only the merchants are entering and leaving from the gate, when the citizen is trying to pass through the gate, the soldiers will pull out their sword, threaten and forcibly dragging them back to the city.

Inside the taverns that we saw as we passing by, the soldiers are laughing happily while drinking alcohol, or shouting out towards the shopkeepers and the employees for every little things they felt unpleasant.

Beastmen with slavery collars are struggling with such store owners and employees. When something doesn’t suit their taste, the soldiers kicked, hit, and abused them, while laughing.

Such sights were able to be seen all over the city. This country can’t be saved anymore. I should finish off this country as soon as possible.

[Deizu….. You do not have to put up with it anymore. We will head straight to the castle to cut off the roots now. You can move as you please from here on. You want to look for your daughter, right?] (Wazu)

[I’m thankful for bringing me up here!!] (Deizu)

[Then, I will assist Deizu-sama too, I leave the castle to Wazu-sama and the other members] (Freud)

[I will also go around with Deizu. It would be better to have more people to save this number, as expected] (Grave)

It seems Freud and Grave-san are going to help Deizu. Certainly, there may be too many people for Deizu to handle alone. If these two people following him, there will be no danger to some extent. However, the problem is…..

[What should we do with the slavery collar later…..?] (Wazu)

[There is no problem with that. I will be able to remove the slavery collar as a matter of fact] (Freud)

[How should I put this….. You are so versatile in everything….. ] (Wazu)

[Because I’m a butler] (Freud)

Freud would be a perfect butler if his shadiness disappears….. well, let’s forget it!

[Then I leave the surrounding city to Freud, Grave-san, and Deizu. I will go straight to the castle with the others from here….. Just in case, be careful! Well, I don’t think I need to worry though] (Wazu)

[Your side that doesn’t need to be worried, doesn’t it?] (Grave)

Grave-san finally smiled, we nod and look at each other before separating.

Grave-san’s group entered the alley and disappeared into the city. After making sure their figure can’t be seen anymore, we left the place and walked towards the castle.

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