Chapter 139

Chapter 139 – Another Story 8 : This Is A Trial From Wazu-sama

Freud’s POV

Our group entered the back alley while Wazu-sama and his wives went to the castle where the ringleader of the present situation would be.

The fact that soldiers were acting excessively rough and the carriages of merchants who were visiting this country also heading for the castle, this country, or to be more accurate the king of this country itself who likely has the initiative.

Good grief….. The king who neglects his people would always appear at any time and any era….. I would be very much obliged if they get destroyed but….. they just wouldn’t stop to show up….. just like the existence of G…..

(TL : G refers to Gokiburi or Cockroach)

Well, let’s have Wazu-sama demonstrate his power by all means….. Oops, I lost in thought. Now, the thing I need to do is rescuing the kidnapped beastmen and the oppressed citizen.

[So Freud, could you really remove the slavery collar?] (Grave)

[Let’s see….. because it has quite some time, I’d like to try remove one for confirmation if possible…..] (Freud)

I answered to Grave-san’s question while looking around….. Fumu, it seems we made a mistake about a route choosing because there is not even single beastman in the vicinity. I was in trouble huh…..

[Thanks….. for everything…..] (Deizu)

[Don’t mind it, Deizu. Moreover, everything just started from now] (Grave)

[Yes, I will do anything to save my people, I leave the instructions to you so please command me as you see fit…..] (Deizu)

[Are you sure…..? Not just the beastmen, I will also ask you moving to save the inhabitants of this city?] (Grave)

[It’s fine. Considering the event we saw inside the taverns from before, there is no bad feelings between beastmen and inhabitants of this city….. they seemed working hard together to live in this city instead…..] (Deizu)

[I’m in the same opinion as you. Then, I will take a position as temporary party leader from here. My member are just two men while the other side is….. harem huh…..] (Grave)

[Why are you envious? If I’m not wrong, you have three wives in our country, right?] (Deizu)

[That’s wrong, Deizu-sama. Grave-sama wasn’t envious. Grave-sama just remembered his wives, he has 196 wives around the world after all] (Freud)

[196~!!] (Deizu)

When I taught Deizu-sama about Grave-sama’s wives, he had a startled expression on his face.

[Hahahaha….. I once thought of collecting them together in one place somewhere, but everyone has their own life so it doesn’t work quite well…..] (Grave)

[How should I say, it seems there is a human who have more fortitude than beastmen…..] (Deizu)

[All right, we have a place to be….. so what should we do now, Grave-sama? I think that we first need to find a beastman somewhere so I can try to remove the slavery collar?] (Freud)

[That’s right, I would like to confirm it once with this eye if possible. However, I wonder if we can find someone around. If it was possible, I’d like to gather the beastmen and residents of this city who want to side with us, in one place…..] (Grave)

Said that much, Grave-sama started thinking to determine our future actions. Hmm….. if we can put together people who can’t fight in one place, that would be quite helpful for us.

Furthermore, as for me who is usually said to be suspicious by Wazu-sama, this is a good chance to prove I’m not a suspicious person but a perfect butler. This was something given to me, a trial from Wazu-sama to test whether I was a butler who’s worth it to serve him or not!!


[Hachoooo!!] (Wazu)

[Did you catch a cold, Wazu-sama?] (Naminissa)

[No, I just suddenly felt a chill on my back for some reason…..] (Wazu)

[Now we are on the way to take down the castle so you must not get sick. Let’s all stick to Wazu-sama closely to keep his body warm!!] (Naminissa)

[ [ [ [ [ Let’s do so ] ] ] ] ]

[No, I’m fine!! I’m really fine!!] (Wazu)


Oh? I feel like someone is sneezing somewhere now….. it must be just my imagination.

Well, now that I understand that this was a trial that Wazu-sama gave to me, I shall do it seriously. Deizu-sama was nodding his nose when I was secretly got enthusiastic.

[Is there something wrong?] (Freud)

[No, it just my nose caught a familiar smell from somewhere…..] (Deizu)

A beastman appeared from one corner of the alley after Deizu-sama said so. It looks like he has been tortured. The clothes he wore tattered, every parts of his body swollen out, and a slavery collar was also fitted on his neck.

His swollen face got stunned when that beastman turned his lifeless eyes towards here. No, he was amazed upon seeing Deizu’s figure to be precise.

[De-Deizu-sama……….] (Gido)

[This smell and this voice….. it can’t be….. are you Gido!?] (Deizu)

[Do you know each other?] (Grave)

[He is my subordinate who was kidnapped….. I see….. so you are alive….. I’m glad….. I’m glad….. ] (Deizu)

Deizu-sama answering Grave-sama’s question while shedding tears. The two of them immersed themselves in happiness because of each other’s safety, but when Gido-sama saw a fake slavery collar on Deizu-sama’s neck, his face turned despair in an instant.

[No way….. even Deizu-sama too….. have you been caught?] (Gido)

[No, this is different. this is fake!] (Deizu)

Saying that, Deizu-sama take off his fake slavery collar that I prepared.

[We came to help those who were kidnapped] (Deizu)

When Deizu-sama told him that we came to help, a large grain of tears broke down from his eyes. Looking at the sight, Grave-sama approaches to me.

[Freud, this is a good chance. Could you please remove his slavery collar?] (Grave)

He is right. This is a good chance to confirm whether I’m still able undo the slavery collar or not. I nod at Grave-sama and approaching Gido-sama. He is still crying and doesn’t seem to notice my approach. I’m taking off the slavery collar on his neck.

Hmm….. It’s has been a long time since I did it….. I’m sure this part…..

right there…..

like this…..

over there…..

oh right, it’s like this…..

*click!* *click!* *click!*

The slavery collar came off from Gido-sama’s neck and fell on the ground. Fwuh….. it goes well. It was good thing to have acquired various skills.

[Thank you….. Thank you so much…..] (Deizu)

Gido seems hasn’t realized that his slavery came off so it was Deizu who said words of gratitude to me instead. It feels pleasant to do good things as I thought.

[You really could take it off….. Before thinking that you are indeed amazing, I wonder why I do feel something fishy from you…..] (Grave)

I didn’t hear anything……….!!

Gido-sama who finally realized that his slavery collar had came off, thanked me and decided to join our group.

I heard the situation of this country from Gido-sama. The ringleader of this situation is the king of this country and the nobles under him just as I thought. There is also no doubt that the soldiers of this country are involved, it’s just….. the reason this country needed so much ore was still in the dark. But let’s leave that matter to Wazu-sama and his wives.

According to the story I heard from Gido-sama, there seems to be a place where the kidnapped beastmen are gathered together, so we decided to head there first.

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