Chapter 140

Chapter 140 – Guilty Conscience

[Hachoooo!!] (Wazu)

On the way towards the castle of this country, I suddenly sneezed and shuddered for no reason.

[Did you catch a cold, Wazu-sama?] (Naminissa)

Naminissa asked about my condition worriedly

[No, I just suddenly felt a chill on my back for some reason…..] (Wazu)

[Now we are on the way to take down the castle so you must not get sick. Let us all stick to Wazu-sama closely to keep his body warm!!] (Naminissa)

[ [ [ [ [ Let’s do so ] ] ] ] ]

[No, it’s fine, it’s fine!!] (Wazu)

I raised my voice and showed my refusal by hand gestures. I wouldn’t do such an embarrassment act on the street with a lot of people. No, it doesn’t mean is all right if there are no people around…..

More importantly, we are going to attack the castle very soon but I don’t sense a tension from everyone…..

[Because Onii-chan is here!!] (Kagane)

[Eh…..? What…..?] (Wazu)

[Huh? Am I wrong? Because Onii-chan’s had a face which looks like “why is everyone so relaxed as usual…..” so I tried to answer the question?] (Kagane)

How could she tell!? Did I show it on my face? No, perhaps Kagane was reading my mind!! But that’s…..

[Onii-chan, I couldn’t read mind!!] (Kagane)

……….she read it!! Kagane was absolutely reading my mind!! What is this? Scary…..

Kagane frowned when I was staring at her with suspicion.

[I really couldn’t read your mind!! I’m your little sister, I’m not? I was staying by your side since the time I was born until the time Onii-chan gone, no? I could understand your expressions to some extent] (Kagane)

I wonder if it’s true…..

[It’s really true!! Well, I should say that this technique was possible because the solid bond between siblings and the power of our love!!!] (Kagane)

Kagane said so while puffing her chest as if proud about it. The other members looked at such Kagane enviously. From what I could guess, the other members are still unable to judge my expressions.

Well, I don’t need to worry if it was just Kagane. I took a deep breath but then I suddenly thought…..

(I wonder what would happen if everyone could read my mind…..?)

I’m a little scared…..

[Don’t worry, Onii-chan!! Because everyone basically will be always positive towards Onii-chan!!] (Kagane)

I’m telling you, please don’t read my mind!!!!!

We are moving through the city aiming for the castle while having such interactions. Not just the beastmen, there was a sight of soldiers causing harm to the residents of this city as well.

Our purpose is to attack the ring leader of this situation inside the castle so we need to hurry. However, I picked up some stones while walking and threw them towards the soldiers in far distance.

They will be fine because I was holding back to the extent that the stone won’t take their lives. There will be one or two broken bones, though. I hope that Grave-san’s group would do something about this soon.

I’m advancing while doing such things. Noticing my movements, Haosui imitated me and threw the stones, while Kagane murmured something and invokes her magic. Keep it up!!

I stopped once we arrived to the place where the castle gate can be seen.

[We are going to enter the castle from now, so what to do?] (Wazu)

[What do you mean?] (Sarona)

Sarona asked me the meaning of my question.

[Do we search for the ringleader while sneaking around just as we did up to now, or do we broke in using brute force if you couldn’t take it anymore?] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ Let’s wreck up the castle!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Yup. I thought so too. I was also quite angry about the situation in the city that I saw on the way here.

[The last but not least, if I head straight over the place where the king would be in a blast…… I’m worried the king would run away when he noticed the commotion…..] (Wazu)

[Is there a problem if the king escaped?] (Kagane)

[Eh?] (Wazu)

[I mean, even if the king escaped, it’s still possible to save the beastmen who were kidnapped and the inhabitants of this country, we will also know the purpose of a large amount of ore were gathered, isn’t it fine if we just deal with him afterward?] (Kagane)

[You are right…..] (Wazu)

[The problem is when you’re trying to solve everything at once but failed in the end. First we need to finish our main objective coming to this country. I think it would be good if we could move only by thinking about saving the beastmen and the inhabitants of this country. Well, even if it’s finished with that alone, isn’t it good enough result? I think that there is no need for thinking too much about this and that, to make things more difficult at this stage] (Kagane)

[That’s true. Then, shall we attack the castle now?] (Wazu)

The other members nodding together with me at Kagane’s words.

[Well then, let’s get moving but…..] (Wazu)

Saying that, I look at everyone condition once more. I don’t need any weapons in particular, Sarona has a small sword, Narellina has a long swords, and Kagane has a cane ornamented with a jewel. Meanwhile, Tata, Naminissa, and Haosui doesn’t carry anything.

[Tata, Naminissa, and Haosui are barehanded, will you be all right?] (Wazu)

[I have barrier magic, Tata also has been taught that magic by me, so there is no problem] (Naminissa)

[Can Tata use magic?] (Wazu)

[Yes. According to Naminissa’s story, it seems I have the aptitude for barrier magic, so she taught me before. Though I’m not at Naminissa’s level, I think I could protect myself at least] (Tata)

[I see, Tata was also getting stronger] (Wazu)

I see, Tata could use magic huh….. I couldn’t use magic unless in godhood state….. how enviable….. and the last person is Haousui…..

I turned my eyes at Haosui and she gave me the answer in response to my line of sight.

[My weapon was broken in the fight against Danna-sama….. So now I fight barehanded, but there is no problem…..] (Haosui)

Having said that, Haosui shows her clenched fist at me.

I’m really sorry!!!

Come to think of it, I did destroying her sword….. I keep it in my mind to find a weapon for Haosui next time.

Well, I think there won’t be problem with her status and all. But I want to give her new weapon as soon as possible….. because I have a little sense of guilt towards her…..

[All right, let’s go…..] (Wazu)

Just to be safe, Narellina handed a dagger to Tata.

Thus we’re advancing towards the castle. There is a large gate closed but it has nothing to do with me. There is no soldier in front of the gate, if you think about their quality, I guess the soldiers went off somewhere leaving their job…..

I held my fist in front of the gate, made a large swing, and strike the gate with my fist.


Great deal of dust cloud risen, the gate door flew backwards, pierced the outer wall of castle.

[Cheat….. It was a cheat…..] (Kagane)

I ignored such a murmur from behind and rushed into the castle through the gate that had lost half of its door.

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