Chapter 141

Chapter 141 – Most People Got Caught

We’re entering the castle courtyard through a vacant gate that I had blown off. Just like what I could see from the outside, the interior doesn’t seem that wide.

Big, medium, and small three-story cylindrical buildings are fortifying the surroundings, there is also a tower higher than the central part.

Then, from the tower and the central building, soldiers that brought the beastmen with them are appearing one after another.

[Oi, what is this? Just when I thought we finally got a battle after a long time, it was just a small group of a brat and women!]

[But the women are at a level we rarely see. Well, let’s make them into our playthings for later]

[Oh, that’s a nice idea. You animals! Get moving and kill the brat!]

While saying such a thing, the soldiers are getting the beastmen, who are wearing slavery collars, to fight us.

Though the beastmen seem reluctant, they couldn’t resist the influence of their slavery collars. They are picking up swords, spears, and other weapons, before coming toward us.

[I think everyone already understand but….. don’t injure the beastmen!!] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ Got it !!!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Everyone started to run to the battlefield after replying to me.

Should I say, as expected of them? Sarona, Narellina, and Haosui are running around the battlefield while making the beastmen instantaneously faint with a single attack.

On the other side, Tata and Narellina are making use of their barrier magic, restraining the beastmen’s movements to assist the assault team.

I guess I was doing the same thing during the fight against the soldiers at the beastmen kingdom the other time. However, I was still surprised since their movements were so natural.

Looking at the scene of Sarona, Narellina, and Haosui fighting, I guess there would be no problem. But for Tata to be able to come this far, she has indeed been working hard.

Just when I was paying a bit of attention to Tata…..

[Excuse me….. please don’t stare at me so hard….. I’m happy but it’s also embarrassing, I can’t concentrate in the fight like this…..] (Tata)

Did she notice my gaze? Tata seems to be embarrassed, her face is red. Oops, please excuse me! I shifted my line of sight from Tata but then…..

The movements of the other members intensify. The acrobatic movements are added in places. Perhaps, they are doing such moves to attract my attention, but please, concentrate on the battle a little more!

At that moment, I suddenly realized that the figure of Kagane was nowhere to be seen. When I turned my eyes around, I found that Kagane was still by my side.

[……….won’t you go, Kagane?] (Wazu)

[……….I got left behind somehow] (Kagane)

[I knew it….. I feel something like that too] (Wazu)

[Everyone wants to show their good side to Onii-chan after all] (Kagane)

[To be honest, I’m happy with their feelings, but….. when will be my turn?] (Wazu)

[Oh well, there must be a turn after this!] (Kagane)

……….after this, huh? I wonder?

While I’m thinking about such a thing, Kagane moves in front of me and then an enormous amount of magical power covering her body. The moment I focus my attention on her, Kagane start chanting a magic.

[Meteor (Shooting Stars)] (Kagane)

Kagane raises a cane she’s holding to the heaven, a gold-colored ball of light shining out from the tip of the cane, bursts into asteroid fragments on the air, and falling at high speed toward the heads of those soldiers watching from behind the beastmen.

[ [ Gyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! ] ]

All the soldiers fell on the spot with one blow of this magical attack. The other members also finished incapacitating all the beastmen around that time.

Did Kagane activate such magic with a single word? Is that the “cheat” she was talking about? More importantly, eh? How about my turn?

[Umm….. What did Kagane just do?] (Wazu)

[How is that, Onii-chan? I’m amazing, right?] (Kagane)

Kagane turns around, saying *ehhen* and puffing her chest.

No, wait, how about my turn? Huh? That? I mean, the other female members were properly suppressing the beastman slaves, weren’t they? But I’m here….. useless, aren’t I?

When I was still dumbstruck, the girls had returned to my side before I realized it. Their eyes are shining, as if waiting for something, they are focusing their line of sight at me.

Umm….. I wonder if they are waiting for me to say something…..

[……….it was amazing!] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ That’s not it!!! ] ] ] ] ] ]


[Then, it was cool?] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ That’s wrong!!! ] ] ] ] ]

Is it wrong?

[It was lovely?] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ Other than that!!! ] ] ] ] ]

Other than that, what is it…?

[……….it made me fall for you?]

[ [ [ [ [ [ Yeaah!!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

None of them could hide their pleased face caused by my words. Every one of them is wriggling their body left and right, trying to hide their embarrassment.

No, that’s….. You forced me to say it, didn’t you? Well, it wasn’t a lie altogether, everyone was so amazing and lovely.

We are entering the castle after that. It looks like the soldiers that came out and that we took down, were all the soldiers inside this castle. There is no one disturbing our advance. I didn’t see any maid either. Well, no one would normally think to serve in such a country.

We are proceeding steadily toward our destination while searching for the presence of people.

Finally, on the top floor, we probably reached the room where the king of this country would be. I can certainly feel the presence of peoples beyond the majestic door in front of me. We nodded and opened the door vigorously.

In the room on the other side of the door, a number of pillars stood firmly with overall structure of one that would be appropriate for the king. Spreading on the floor is a high-class carpet leading to the throne.

On that throne, there is a young man sitting while looking at us. His long blonde hair covering his ears, slit eyes and a well-shaped nose that gives out a fearless countenance. He wore a red cloaks over his white-based aristocratic clothes.

On each side of the throne, there are 2 people, a man and a woman, who are standing to protect the young man sitting on the throne.

I couldn’t see the man’s face because of the white mask covering his face. He wore a full-black costume while shouldering a large sword as tall as his body, while a long sword hangs on his waist.

The woman has long and unkempt green hairs down to her waist. A round monocle is worn on one of her eyes and her petite stature is dressed in a white coat. She’s also holding a cane taller than herself.

(TL : “a round half-eye glasses” = a monocle? You know, the thing that Miko-sama from No Game No Life wore)

The man on the throne has a triumphant smile on his face. I don’t know about the masked man but the woman shows a pleasant smile to us.

[Are you the king of this country who is responsible for the kidnapping incident?] (Wazu)

The man sitting on the throne answers my question without changing his expression.

[I usually wouldn’t waste my words for mere commoners, but just this time, I will answer your question as a reward for reaching this place. I’m free to use the foolish people for my own selfishness. It’s because I’m the king of this world!!]

King of the world? Are you an idiot?

[Foolish people should act like foolish people. They should be grateful for being crushed by me]

This guy is really an idiot to the core. Enough, let’s kick his ass and end it!

I move one step further into the room.

The floor where I was standing came off and I fell into the hole formed by it.


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