Chapter 143

Chapter 143 – Another Story 9 : Don’t Forsake Me

Narellina’s POV

Wazu was falling down in front of me. I rushed to him but I couldn’t make in time, the floor has closed.

Since Meru is popping out along with a “Please take care of Meru” voice from Wazu in the brink of hole closed, I catch her gently as if embracing her. Meru is anxiously looking at the floor that once was a hole where Wazu had fallen.

[Hahaha~ such a splendid falling, how funny~!]


[Fufufu….. well, they were able to come this far for a bunch of foolish people. Let’s finish the rest!]

We are burning in anger after hearing the statements of those three. But of course, we are never considering that Wazu is over with such a trap. However, insulting our future husband is not something we could forgive, we setup the weapon in hands respectively.

[Oh? Still motivated? But, you know, I guess you wouldn’t stand a chance against the future king of the world and the two of us]

The woman says so and then channeling magical power to a cane in her hand, several magic circles are formed on the floor.

[……….summoning magic?] (Kagane)

[Answer the calling according to the covenant!]

Not long after the woman spoke and Kagane murmured so, a number of golems made of stone appeared from magic circles. From their appearance and numbers, perhaps those large amount of ore has been used to make this.

Did he make a lot of people going through all that in order to make such things…..? It’s not the deeds of a person who claimed himself to be a king….. The anger is piling up inside me. My hand is getting stronger holding the sword naturaly…..

[Well, here they come! Please entertain us to the utmost!]

The golems are coming to us along with those words. I thought that their movements would be dull because their bodies are made of stone, but they came to hit me with quick movement as if the weight of stone doesn’t exist inside those bodies.

We scattered on the place and started to fight individually. But before that, I left Meru-chan with Tata. I dodge the golem’s fist and swing my sword, on the verge of slashing, that woman calls out again.

[Ah, I forgot to say this. I gave those children a sturdy body similar to Orichalcum with special magic. Be careful because magic is also less effective against them]

Those words reached my ears but it was too late. The moment my sword hit the Golem’s body, it crumbled down to pieces. Darn!

Looking at the surrounding, Sarona’s small sword is also broken while the magic that Kagane casts doesn’t seem to be getting a good result as well.

Even Haosui, the strongest among us that’s fighting barehanded, she was only able to leave a fist mark on golem’s body. We all are stunned because of the unexpected golem’s strength.

[Hehehe, how’s that? How? How is the true strength of our soldiers? We will use this golem army to conquer the world~!!]

[You talked too much!]

[Isn’t it fine? They are going to die anyway. Oh! Speaking of which, since there are several hundred golems at the place where the guy from before fell, he will surely in a desperate situation down there. Or rather, I bet he’s already dead because falling from such height. I wonder if his body has been flattened by the golems right now?]

The woman interrupts the words of the masked man who’s explaining the situation that is put on us now.

Everyone denies the woman’s words in unison.

[ [ [ [ [ [ It’s impossible for him to die because of such a thing!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

That’s all we could say with confidence. However, it doesn’t mean that our current situation has improved. Our weapons are broken.

Although we could punch and kick them just as Haosui does, it has a little meaning for the golems. Kagane’s magic is our last hope. After Naminissa and Tata finished putting the magic barrier, I ask Kagane if she could spare me some time.

[Kagane, could you manage something with your magic?] (Narellina)

[Un….. there is some magic which should be able to deal with them, but it has a bad usability and excessive power….. This kind of place is worst, this magic would be affected the castle and the surroundings if I use it here, unrelated people might fall victim because of that….. sorry….. I was focusing myself in searching of Onii-chan so I neglected the training…..] (Kagane)

[There is no need to apologize. Kagane is not wrong. We couldn’t just sacrifice the people whose unrelated…..] (Narellina)

[Right!] (Kagane)

Haosui came to this place while I and Kagane were pondering the right answer.

[……….impossible with our current equipment. It’s better if we endure it until Danna-sama comes back] (Haosui)

That’s certainly a better option. If it’s Wazu, he surely will be able to do something about the golems….. however, it doesn’t feel right….. as his future wives, I wonder if we should just wait to be saved by him…..

[……….that feeling is important. But to connect the future while having the feeling, is more important] (Haosui)

I wonder if that regret was showing on my face. Haosui said so after looking at my face.

If I look carefully, Haosui too….. no, everyone has the same frustrated expression because we could do nothing but waiting to be saved by Wazu.

Does everyone feel the same…..? Then, let’s connect the feelings of the present to the future just as Haosui’s words. Let’s all be stronger together. We looked at each other’s face, nodded once, and switched from attacking the golems to defending ourselves.

Naminissa and Tata are moving around their magic barrier to disturb the golem’s movements.

I wonder if the woman has noticed our change of intention, she has a strange expression on her face.

[Those are the faces of people who just found some kind of hope….. Does the guy who fell down earlier has something to do with this? I will check him…..]

Because those words piqued my interest, I was late for noticing the man who approached me.

[You are Narellina as I thought! I wanted to make you to be mine since I saw you at the royal family conference]

The moment when I turned around to the back where that voice was heard…..

I got caught….. and then that self-proclaimed king of the world forced his lips on mine.

My reaction is delayed because of the momentary surprised. The moment I understand what’s happening to me, I bite off that man’s lips.

When he separates himself from me because of the pain, Naminissa casts the barrier magic and slams it against his body.

Naminissa holds me tenderly while the woman rushes to that self-proclaimed king of the world.

[Are you okay, Ane-sama?] (Naminissa)

Naminissa asks me with a heartbreaking look.

[……….don’t worry, I consider that as if I’ve just been bitten by a dog] (Narellina)

[Forcing Ane-sama on her first kiss!! I absolutely won’t forgive that guy!!] (Naminissa)

Naminissa is directing his rage towards that self-proclaimed king of the world. Though I said those words, but my body was honest….. tears started flowing naturally.

I wanted to give all my first time to Wazu….. and yet….. and yet…..

[Hahaha, what are you crying about? Was it really your first kiss? Then, you must be feel honored to be able offering your first kiss to the king of the world!]

The woman raised her laughter and said so to me. I feel a strong anger towards the woman who’s mocking me, but it turns into despair in an instant because of her next words.

[Oh right, I’ve confirmed the guy who fell down with my magic, he really was alive surprisingly! But then he saw it, the moment when you and the king of the world K.I.S.S.E.D!]

I didn’t want to believe those words…..

I’ve asked of what happened between Wazu and the woman called Aria. The earlier event has brought back those memories.

I’ve also heard from Naminissa about the incident when Wazu was almost to meet Aria again.

Given that, perhaps…..

Wazu will disappear from us because of this…..

No, I don’t want it…..

I hate it…..

We finally were able to meet him again after went through a long journey…..

I thought that I could be one of his wives in the future…..

Such a dream was gradually fall apart inside me…..

[Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~] (Narellina)

I had burst into tears while raising a loud voice without me realizing it.

I don’t want it! I don’t want it…..!

I don’t want everything to end like this…..!

I want a chance to explain it…..!

I want you to believe in our feelings…..!

Please don’t disappear from us…..!

I want you to accept such me as your wife…..!

I want to stay by your side…..!

I want to be together with you forever…..!

I want to be with you…..!

I love you…..!

I love Wazu very much…..!

So please don’t forsake me…..!

Please stay by our side forever…..!

Please don’t disappear……………!!


I suddenly hear an explosion sound from near the entrance of the room. I shift my crying face towards that direction. That’s the place where the pitfall was.

Standing there is Wazu with snow-white hair and furious face…..

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