Chapter 144

Chapter 144 – Lots Of Affection

The Godhood has been activated in anger. I look at the ceiling where there was a hole I fell before and nod once.

[……….strangely, I understand what I can do somehow. It’s easy to escape from this place but….. before that] (Wazu)

I check my surrounding. There are hundreds of golems and Deizu’s daughter-san. I didn’t see any problem in particular. I hug Deizu’s daughter-san with one hand.

[You? Wait! What’s the meaning of this!?] (Maorin)

Deizu’s daughter-san was surprised by my sudden behavior. She is violently flapping her limbs to break free from my arm but failed.

[Don’t run wild! I’m just trying to get us out of here] (Wazu)

[I’m fine! Just leave me here! I couldn’t leave the corpses of my compatriots!] (Maorin)

Deizu’s daughter-san answered my words while directing the eyes full of determination at me.

I wonder if I should leave her just as she said….. but Deizu is looking for her….. I also don’t want to leave her in this place alone…..

[And if I leave this place, those stone dolls may do something to the corpses!! I couldn’t allow the conducts which are defiled the dead!! I’d like to return them to their families properly!!] (Maorin)

Houu….. I was interested by those words and acted to eliminate her concerns.

[Crush (Gravity)] (Wazu)

I uttered a word and exercised “Unique Magic : God”. In response to the word, all the golems in this place are being crushed from the top to the bottom., they are becoming plate-like elongated stones and turn silent.

[Perfect Protection (All Barrier)] (Wazu)

The corpses of beastmen are wrapped by a transparent membrane in my next word. When I turned my eyes at Deizu’s daughter-san to confirm whether it was good enough, she has a stunned expression with opened mouth. Hmm? What happened?

[………what on earth did you do?] (Maorin)

[Huh? Hmm….. I crushed the golem using gravity pressure and put a strong barrier so that no one could mess around with the corpses of beastmen. You can leave this place at ease now, right? Decide what to do with the bodies after consultation with Deizu. Until then, their bodies will be protected by the barrier. It’s better if you meet Deizu first] (Wazu)

[Ye-Yeah…..] (Maorin)

She seems to be still in the absentminded state. Let’s leave her be because it’s dragging too long. There is no problem as long as I bring her to meet Deizu.

I threw all the strength of my body into my feet and jumped as hard as possible.

I go up with a tremendous speed. Upon reaching the ceiling that previously was a pitfall hole in a matter of seconds, I raise my fist high.


I came back to the throne room while embracing Deizu’s daughter-san, together with such destruction sound.

I look around the room where smokes are still dancing because of the explosion, to check the situation. There are several similar golems inside the room and three people of that self-proclaimed king of the world group, which I’ll beat up after this.

The three people are looking at me dumbfoundedly. It seems that my appearance here was really unexpected for them.

On the opposite side are Naminissa and Narellina. Behind the two are Sarona, Tata who’s holding Meru, Haosui, and Kagane. I head towards Sarona group first.

The group members are squinting their eyes while looking at me happily. But I’m a little concerned with Kagane who’s so enthusiastic about my appeareance for some reason.

[She is Deizu’s daughter-san that I met down there. Please wait here together with her] (Wazu)

Saying so, I gently pass Deizu’s daughter-san. Sarona nods once and then accepts her. I leave the place after saying “leave the rest to me”.

Of course, I head to the location of Naminissa and Narellina next.

Naminissa has a relieved expression seeing my figure approaching, while Narellina’s crying face looked more crumpled than the image I saw before. My heart aches when looking at her figure.

It’s because I took too long to act…..

It’s not the face that I wanted to see…..

I’ve decided that I will believe in their feelings and move on…..

Even if they betrayed me later….. whatever happens, let it happen….

I don’t want to see they get hurt more than this…..

I will act according to the feelings…..

Well, though it’s still impossible to suddenly look at my little sister Kagane as a woman.

[Narellina…..!] (Wazu)

I call her name, hug her firmly while make her stand on the spot, and then kiss her. I put a lot of affection to make her forget the previous events…..

She frantically broke into tears again when I separated my lips and looked at her face. But this time is the happy tears that’s coming from her happy face.

She has learned my past. I guess she was crying because afraid that I will disappear again because of what happened earlier.

I speak to Narellina with a voice that audible to everyone, to make them feel safe.

[It’s all right….. I won’t disappear….. I will stay with everyone forever!!] (Wazu)

To those words, Narellina was crying even more while Narellina was happily showing a gentle smile. Surely, the other members will have these similar look.

[I don’t want to be separated again….. I love you so much…..] (Narellina)

Narellina bumped her head against my chest and said so in a low voice. I lightly kissed Narellina this time before letting her go to join the other members.

Because Naminissa was looking at the sight enviously, I will do the same thing to Naminissa….. no, to all members later…..

After confirming Narellina and Naminissa have joined with the other members, I slowly take step forward.

Before me, the self-proclaimed king group and the golems are waiting. I’m directing a cold gaze such as the arrogant god towards the group.

[Yo~ You really gone and did it….. Hurting my wives is a heavy sin…. I hope you’re ready for the consequence!] (Wazu)

I’m reaaally in a bad mood now.

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