Chapter 147

Chapter 147 – Clean Up 2

The result, there was no opposition against Grave-san becoming the king of this country. First of all, there were no one who were called aristocrats of this country, who should be the first candidate of opposition group. It seemed that self-proclaimed the king of the world deemed aristocrats as an obstacle and eliminated them.

Well, it was convenient for us.

Then, it was up to the people living in this country, but there was no objection coming from the citizens either. Grave-san was welcomed with open hand instead.

Rescuing the beastmen who were in this city as well as liberating the citizens who were oppressed, Grave-san’s effort seems has paid off. The people readily accepted Grave-san as the new king.

Now we are making preparations to free the other cities from the remaining stupid soldiers.

There is quite hair-raising momentum from the people who has been suffering so much. Well, those stupid soldiers has their own share of work. They fled for their life when knew that the self-proclaimed king of world had fallen.

There seems to be some decent people among them. The national soldier is being reorganized newly, centering on those decent people.

Since the soldiers who ran away could possibly become bandits after a while, Grave-san….. I mean King Grave, commanded the new formed national soldiers to put attention on that matter.

However, a problem occurred only to me here. “The incarnation of white and black (lol)”, “The divine messenger (lol)”, “The world’s star of hope (lol)”, so on. The residents and beastmen were calling me with those name while laughing, each time they saw me.

I asked what is this all about,

[This is a trial from my new master!! Wazu-sama the divine messenger, the world’s star of hope, the incarnation of black and white!! Let’s overcome this challenge to prove that I’m worthy to serve as his butler!!] (Freud)

……….it was caused by Freud who spouting those words loudly while fighting the soldiers.

I went to give Freud a good punch in anger but it was avoided as ever. The battle lasted until the female camp members stopped me. I will definitely hit you someday.

After the emotional reunion between father and daughter, I proposed to King Grave and Deizu to form an alliance with the country of beastman. King Grave was very enthusiastic about this proposal. Apparently, the relationship between the two seems to be good because of acting together while saving the city.

That is not the only reason to form the alliance. Because this country was started again as new country from zero, there would be many who look down when doing commerce. But what if there was a backer to secure that new country? Would you still need to worry if you have a backer behind you?

Well, in short “If you carelessly sell a fight to this country, that means you’ll also turn the country of beastmen into enemies!!”

That’s the feeling it gave me, I received such an impression when listening to stories from Deizu. Even for King Grave there were beastmen in his wives, so it would have been an honest proposition. King Grave and Deizu have also discussed things concerning the alliance since then and now they are returning to the beastmen country to return the beastmen who had been kidnap to their families. Naturally the journey, were also accompanied by Deizu daughter and subordinate Gido-san, and the bodies of the dead beastmen from the basement of the pitfall trap was also taken along. If only I arrived earlier there’s a chance that I could save another beastmen, but I couldn’t do it.

Nevertheless I was grateful to Deizu that we could save a lot of beastmen.

About the self-proclaimed king of the world and his lackeys? The treatment of the two people was death sentences as a result of the discussions between King Grave, Deizu and the inhabitants. Well, they’ve been oppressing the inhabitants and the beastmen that much. It can be said that they deserved it.

What I found out in the process, first the lackeys? The two of them were apparently an A rank adventurer, that change occupation to become an assassin. I don’t know how and where the self-proclaimed king of the world met, It seems that the masked man mainly move as an assassin, and the woman seemed to have repeated various inhumane experiments called the magic research. Apparently she seemed to know how to manufacture the ancient weapon Golem, and have purchased ore from everywhere to manufacture a large amount of Golem in order to wage war with it as a vanguard.

This information was provided by the Adventurers Guild, it seems they originally have problematic behavior and the guild were searching the whereabouts of the two in order to dispose them. I was thankful that the guild were able to dispose the two people with this incident, and promised to cooperate with King Grave who is also an S rank adventurer.

There was nothing special to mention about the self-stated king of the world. Originally the royal family of this country, was fascinated by the power of Golem, and tried to conquer the world. And the thing about Narellina, when I asked Narellina about it—

[…… hmm~… He said that he saw me at the Royal Conference, but honestly I don’t remember it at all ]

—she said. After all he was a foolish king who was fascinated by the power of Golem and ran out control.. To be honest, I still can’t forgive him to what he did to Narellina. Just by remembering it makes me angry. He is already died and I don’t want to remember him as well, so let’s stop.

However, there was an appropriate word for this occasion that I learned from Kagene. I’ll say it at the end…..

[Serves you right!]

I still remain in this country. As expected I can’t just say 「Yes, Goodbye​」 and push it all to King Grave. I told them that I would cooperate as much as possible. So I… to be precisely I and the female camp are helping in rebuilding the city.

The repair and the uprooting of the house which had become tattered are taken care of, we were in charge of cultivating the new vegetable field from the withered one, I mainly plant seeds of vegetable and fruits together with Sorona and Haosui, the thing about national affairs were handle by Naminissa, Narellina assisted King Grave, Tata together with the Housewives we’re in charge of the washing of cloths and meal distribution every day, Kagane contacted her company to help in procuring supplies and providing an overall support through the use of magic.

Sorona requested me to train them whenever we have spare time. It appears that they couldn’t fought well against the Golems thus they begged me. Even if you say so, I only have “Fighting” skill I can’t teach them anything, i only use a pair of hands. I wonder if this is really training.

However, It’s true that there’s nothing to do, if you are worried about what to do 「why not try it in “god(hood)” mode?」 Kagane suggested,  “godhood” to train with Sorona and the others. It’s fine already, recently… It feels better, I wonder if I’m still human….. Sigh I give up. Like that I confronted them with “godhood”—

Well, it’s a wonderful thing, to understand where you are lacking and find out how you can get stronger.

In “godhood” mode I thoroughly trained Sorona and the others.

As the days went by, while the wives of King Grave from all over the world came to this country, I continued to train Sorona and the others for almost 3 months while helping in rebuilding the city.

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