Chapter 149

Chapter 149 – The Beastmen Group Came

This country has recovered considerably.

We’ve worked hard, but it was Kagane’s company that helped the most. After all, it was almost catastrophic situation for not having any supplies until three months ago.

However, Kagane issued instructions to her company and consulted with King Grave to procure various supplies for almost no charge.

Will it be alright to give the goods for almost free of charge? I asked Kagane…..

[Well, originally the money I earned are used for the expenses to look for Onii-chan, since it has been achieved, there is no need to earn it anymore ~!! Besides, King Grave made a promise to have a friendly relationship and to patronize my company in the future. So, there is no problem!!] (Kagane)

…..that was her answer.

Anyway, I listened to it and gently stroked Kagane’s head. I’m really proud of my sister.

[I want you to say “I am proud of my wife” there!]

…… please stop reading my mind.

One day, when we were helping the reconstruction of this country, we received a report that a group of beastmen and women appeared outside the city. We headed towards the city gate.

Deizu, Deizu’s daughter-san, Gido-san and several beastmen, King Gio of Beastmen Kingdom and his daughter Marao, have come.

[It’s been a while, King Gio] (Wazu)

[You seem doing well, Savior-dono] (King Gio)

It’s embarrassing to be called by that nickname so I tell him to call me by name.

Haosui and Marao were happily holding hands after being reunited in a long time. I shook hands with Deizu and King Gio and was introduced to the women who were waiting behind.

Huh? Why are you introducing them to me? I thought, but I accepted their introduction nevertheless.

There were nearly 50 women and all of them were wives of King Grave. To be honest, I was surprised. Everyone of them were a beauty and have a wide variety of occupations, from combat jobs such as knights and wizards (sorcerer), there were also merchants, farmers, maids etc.

I have heard it only in story, but I was honestly surprised to see the people in front of me. I couldn’t remember them all at once even though I was introduced.

However, when King Gio heard King Grave and my involvement in re-establishing this country, he said he would teach us, I’m very grateful.

The wives of King Grave and the beastmen will also be guided toward the castle. At that time, Deizu’s daughter-san seemed to be desperately taking some distance towards me. Did I do something?

I listen to the conversation while guiding them towards the castle, apparently in order to properly conclude the talk about alliance, the king himself personally came.

After guiding them towards the castle and letting King Gio meet with King Grave, I tried to leave from the room which is the meeting place, but I was stopped by the both of them for some reason.

[eh~……It’s a discussion between two countries, do you really need me here?] (Wazu)

[Wazu-dono was the hero who save our two countries. There is no one other than Wazu-dono to be the witness of this alliance] (King Gio)

[Wasn’t Wazu who made me into this position? Do you think you’re the only one allowed to be exempted?] (King Grave)

I can’t refuse if you say it like that. Sigh…

I just resign myself and take a seat, the female camp has taken Marao and Deizu’s daughter-san to assist the reconstruction of the city.

The contents of the talk did not cause any problem in particular, it all went smoothly. Well, I don’t think any problem would arise. The talks proceeded as is, they also adjusted the details of the trade, joint training of the soldiers and etc. At the end they both stand up and exchange a firm handshakes.

[You can be a good neighbor] (King Gio)

[That’s right, because there are also beastmen in my wives. I would like to be a husband not ashamed of them] (King Grave)

[Ah, and speaking of which, about 50 of the wives of King Grave have already come to this castle’s parlor] (Wazu)

The moment I said so as I just remembered about them, King Grave’s figure disappeared from this room. Well, I could follow him with my eyes.

Apparently, He seemed to have gone to see his wives. His very quick movement made me remember that King Grave was once an adventurer called “shoot storm”.

When I finished telling the fact that King Grave had gone to see his wives along with a wry smile to King Gio who was surprised to the suddenly absent disappearance of King Grave. Deizu came and spoke to me.

[…… Can I have a minute? Wazu-dono] (Deizu)

[Hmm? What’s wrong?] (Wazu)

What’s with that bitter smile, Deizu? He looked like he was in trouble or something, I asked him if there was any problem.

[Actually… That…… I’d like to ask you something… Oh, come on] (Deizu)

I tilted my head. I wonder what? I have bad feeling about this. Did something really happen? Did a Dragon showed up around here? Or was it a wicked person?

[What do you want to ask? What can I do for you?](Wazu)

[……U~umu……] (Deizu)

Is it something difficult to say?

[Hey, just asked him, tell him properly!] (King Gio)

Whether he knew the circumstances of Deizu who does not speak,  King Gio prompted Deizu to speak while hitting his back

[……All right……」(Deizu)

Deizu turned his face full of determined to me and then lowered his head deeply.

[Wazu-dono, Could you please fight my daughter, Maorin?] (Deizu)

[……Haa?] (Wazu)

Why do I have to fight Deizu’s daughter-san?

[Actually, my daughter told me that she wanted to fight Wazu-dono.……How about it?] (Deizu)

[……Well……As long as there’s no life concerned and just sparring, I don’t mind ……] (Wazu)

[That’s fine…… Thanks……] (Deizu)

Deizu seemed to be relieved that I accepted it. Then, since there was a place built for the purpose of training the soldier, I will fight Deizu’s daughter-san there.

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