Chapter 150

Chapter 150 – You Thought This Was Going To Happen?

Now I’m standing in a place like arena in a camp built for the soldiers, at the place like a courtyard of a castle.

We made this place, too, right?

We carried building materials together with King Grave, assembled it, and sometimes reinforced it with Kagane’s magic.

It has rough structure without any excessive decoration, a proud place specialized in practicality.

And in front of me, there is my opponent who’s flexing her body, the daughter of Deizu, Maorin-san.

I remembered her as Deizu’s daughter-san at first before finally remembered her name properly after I was introduced to her again. I didn’t give the answer immediately like a battle junkie, after hearing the story that her daughter wanted to fight me form Deizu.

Well, there was reconstruction of the city and training with Sarona and the others, so I was reasonably busy. However, it turned out that the preparation has been completed all together. Well, no problem…..

Naturally the building looks like an arena, we also prepared seats for the spectator, somehow Sarona and the others are there,

King Grave and his wives, King Gio, Marao, Deizu, the new soldiers of this country, the beastmen that came together with King Gio were talking happily to each other while watching the situation here.

I knew that Sarona and the others were together with Maorin-san. I also could understand King Gio and his group for being here. But why do the Soldiers, the Beastmen, King Grave and his wives even here.

I mean, are you going to watch some freak show?

When I glared at King Grave with scornful eyes, He was sipping in cold sweat while talking with his wives. I’m sure you’re aware of my gaze… Let’s talk about it in detail later.

Well, I guess he would like the soldiers to take a little breather…..

However, the most mysterious thing is this shady butler Freud, who stands just around the middle between me and Maorin-san, as if it’s natural to even stand there.

What are you?

Looking at him, he really looks like a shady person, he smiles at me with his usual shady smile of his.

No, I understand that he is standing there is for the sake of refereeing this match.

But, why is it you? That’s what I don’t understand….Sigh….that’s enough.

If I meddle too deeply into Freud, it would just turn up into something unnecessary, let’s just leave him alone….

When I glanced toward Sarona and the others, everyone smiled and waved their hands in response.

That made my heart warm, a voice of support came flying from Kagane.

[Onii-chan~!! Don’t do your best!!] (Kagane)

……It’s usually the opposite, right? No, I understand what you want to say.

Because it wouldn’t be a match if I do my best? But I think that cheering is wrong, for your Onii-chan……

After killing some time, Maorin-san’s preparation finally ended, and turned her warrior eyes towards me.

Freud who confirmed our figure raised a voice that audioable to everyone in this arena.

[Well then, everyone, since the preparations for both of them are over, we will start the match!! First of all, the warrior of the beastmen Maorin!! In the opposite side, the hero who saved this country and the country of beastmen, my lord whom I served as a butler, Wazu-sama!!] (Freud)

[Waaaaa!!] (Audience)

As cheers rose from everywhere, there was a part that I could not let it pass.

Wait a minute, isn’t your master Naminissa!! Then why did I become your Lord!! I was also saying this before!! I will not admit it!! I’m going to bury this guy to the outer moat after this!!

But before I could retort, the speech proceeded.

[Well, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of fight it will be!! Well then, let’s begin!!] (Freud)

Did you planned this!! Freud!!

While my attention is still directed to Freud, Maorin thrust towards me.

Maorin-san had a dagger in both hands that slightly differ in length, she seems to fight with the so-called “Twin dagger”.

When I thought that she was heading towards me with a forward-bent posture that lowered both hands to the rear while carrying daggers, suddenly her speed increased by a level and she appeared before me, while her face sticking out front.

[Here I go] (Maorin)

At the same time she uttered that word Maorin-san greatly rotated her body, the blade of the dagger were aimed at my throat and strikes accurately.

I noticed it.

That? The dagger…… is that a real dagger? Hasn’t the blade part been dulled? Hmm? Isn’t this supposed to be a match or a sparring? You said that, didn’t you? Why did this become like an ordinary life struggle? Well I guess it was not a real slash even though it was a slash……

(TLN: Wazu’s trying to say is that it was literally a slash but not a slash with killing intent)

I avoided the approaching dagger by moving my upper body slightly backwards.

While I was trying to return my original stance, Maorin-san’s assault didn’t stop, soon the other dagger came aiming at me. Its trajectory were accurately aimed at my crumbling posture. While I was in the midst of turning my body, I saw it coming. I move my upper body further back to avoid the dagger. There, the waist….. as the dagger passes just right in front of me, I immediately re-arrange my stance and wrap my arms towards Maorin-san waist, and throw her up high.

For the time being, I could take a breath, Fu~u….I exhaled and turned my eyes towards Maorin-san.

Maorin-san was still in the sky, but she already prepared herself and landed beautifully while spinning around. She turned her face towards me, that expressed delight while smiling.

She headed straight towards me in high spirit. I wonder what makes you so happy……

I was attacked again in the same forward-bent posture, at a distance which her dagger could reach, her movement and speed this time suddenly jumped to a level which was not possible for an ordinary person.

When I thought that I need to make a turn to dodge it, a heel came dropping at me.

I stopped it with one hand, Maorin-san’s posture crumbled, but she took the chance to make another kick that aimed towards my chin, her other foot came flying upward towards me.

Although I avoided it by tilting my head, Maorin-san rotated her body a little, and something strange cleanly hit my face magnificently.


What on earth? Something like this……It’s fluffy though……there’s something like a core inside……when I grabbed and pull at it, it feels a little pleasant……Ah, this is a tail.

While I was thinking about that, a kick came to me once more, I prevented that kick with my arm.

Maorin-san jumped using my arm as a footing, to take a distance from me.

As usual she didn’t even took her eyes off of me, the look that she gave me, was one of triumphant look, she has this extremely delight look on her face. It seems like a lot of fun……

Is it a good thing enjoying this? I guess, I need to end this. Besides I have a lot of work in the reconstruction of the city.

I exhaled a deep breath, I look at Maorin-san with a serious expression.

[……then……it will be decided soon] (Wazu)

When I threw those words, Maorin-san face tighten and swallowed her breath with a “gulping” sound.

Although there’s nothing special to what I’m about to do.

It just a novice ordinary punch, the only thing is that the speed of it is so fast that everyone in this place can’t perceive it.

There’s no need to hit her.

I stopped my punch just before her.

To Maorin-san, it would be like a fist suddenly appeared in front of her.

However, Maorin-san would likely be blown away by the wind pressure generated by my punch owing the fact that it started at a very high speed.

I immediately grabbed Maorin-san with my free hand to stop her from being blown away.

When the wind subside and my grip were released, Maorin-san fell into the ground.

[I never thought the difference of our power will this big……](Maorin)

The look of Maorin-san who said those thing got blown away, and change into a refreshing look

[Waaaaa!!] (Audience)

Suddenly loud cheers can be heard, behind us Freud loudly declared my victory. And words of praise were given to me.

What are you really doing…..I wonder if I can beat him now? Should I try to challenge Freud who was careless enough, let’s drop it.

I turned around to Maorin-san and offered my hand out.

Just in case, I made a practice drill inside my mind, I should voice it out.

[You did well, I think you can still get stronger] (Wazu)

When Maorin-san grabbed the hand I held out, she pulled me a little.


And just like that I was kissed by Maorin-san……

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