Chapter 152

Chapter 152 – The Relationship With Maorin

Maorin-san separated her lips from mine….. In an instant, she was taken away by the women group members.

[……….well] (Wazu)

I lost to their momentum and could simply stand and watch from the sideline. I meant, I was surprised and solidified on the spot because of Maorin-san who kissed me out of the blue….. What was that? I didn’t remember doing anything to make her likes me.

I exhaled a breath and chased after them while scratching my head.

The woman group members are in a room in the castle. They are surrounding Maorin-san as if blocking her escape route. Her father – Deizu, is also present inside that room. He is watching the situation with the arms folded.

Hey, aren’t you going to help her? Thinking that, I walk towards Deizu.

[Though is wrong coming from me but are you just going to watch?] (Wazu)

[It’s my daughter’s problem, son-in-law] (Deizu)


[…..son-in-law, is that me?] (Wazu)

[Who else is there?] (Deizu)

I look around the room in a roundabout way. Yeah, I’m the only one.

[Please take care of my daughter!] (Deizu)

So said, Deizu lowered his head deeply.

[No, wait, why are you consented already? I mean, as her father, are you okay with me? I have other wives there, you see?] (Wazu)

[No problem. Besides, the son-in-law’s wives are all strong, my daughter will be delighted too] (Deizu)

Deizu says so and turns a thumb-up to me with a satisfied-looking face. I let out a sigh and turn my eyes towards the women group members, it seems they are in the middle of discussion.

[I still can’t forgive it….. I even haven’t done it yet] (Sarona)

[Unforgivable….. I haven’t done it yet] (Tata)

[I firmly objected….. I haven’t done it yet] (Naminissa)

[Now, now, her feeling seems to be serious…..] (Narellina)

[……….we are Danna-sama’s tolerant brides] (Haosui)

[It’s animal ears!! The animal ears! ! Fuo~!! I want to touch and stroke those fluffy animal ears!! There is no problem with her personality. Isn’t it fine to let her join Onii-chan’s Brides Alliance?] (Kagane)

[This feeling is true!! Please let me be a part of  Wazu-dono’s Brides Alliance!!]

……….they seemed to have been divided into two opposed group for some strange reason. The group which I have exchanged kiss with and the group which I haven’t….. I mean, Kagane is my sister so I don’t count her in…..

Or rather, as I kept listening to the conversation of Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, the three women whom I haven’t exchanged kiss with, just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that Maorin-san was abruptly kiss me before…… Because their face like that of Shura, I’m honestly scared…..

Still, I wonder whether I should or shouldn’t intervene…..

Glancing at the direction of Deizu, he points his thumb towards the women group as if telling “Go on, son-in-law!”.

I let out a long breath before walk towards their direction. They are finally noticing my presence as I get closer, and come to surround me this time

[What are you going to do?] (Sarona)

[Will you welcome her as your wife?] (Tata)

[In the end, it’s for Wazu-sama to decide…..] (Naminissa)

[I don’t mind in particular] (Narellina)

[……….depends on Danna-sama] (Haosui)

[Onii-chan, it’s animal ears! The animal ears!] (Kagane)

[This feeling is real. Please accept me into the harem…..] (Maorin)

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ Please decide!! ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

Yeah, I knew it…..

[Umm…. f-for now, Sarona, Tata, and Naminissa, your face are scary so please stop…..] (Wazu)

[ [ [ But…..!! ] ] ]

Ah, this time they make the face that seems about to cry!! Okay, I get it!! I get it !!

[I really love everyone…. I mean…. I will certainly do “it” with you later…. Because of that, could you please show me your usual smile] (Wazu)

I wonder if my words have made them feel secured, not just the three people, all the members were smiling at me. Yup, they are all cute. But I won’t kiss Kagane, okay? Maorin-san is also out of the question, okay?

[Then, about Maorin-san….. umm….. Can I have some time? I’ve told everyone before, I would properly answer their feeling after I sorted out the problem on my end…. I will also think about Maorin-san’s feeling in the meantime….. Well, her father has given his consent, though…..] (Wazu)

I took a glance at Deizu. He nodded in silent with the arms folded. One of his secretly raised a thumb-up pose.

[That’s fine. My previous action was to let you know my feeling first. I also think what’s matter is the future. If you can make time to get know about me, that’s enough. I thought about being rejected, so I was honestly feel relieved…..] (Maorin)

Maorin-san is answering while letting out a breath of relief. Deizu calls out to her daughter.

[Maorin, give birth to a strong child!!] (Deizu)

[Yes, Papa!!] (Maorin)

Too far!! You are thinking too far!! Our relationship haven’t reached that far. Did she just saying about acting together for the time being to know each other? So, why did you suddenly talking about a child? You are scaring me!! I’m afraid with your train of thought!!

Inspired by the remark of Deizu, all members placed their hands on their bellies and lost in delusion. I haven’t done anything!! There is no life in there!!

[…..a-anyway, is everyone fine with that? In order to know each other, I guess Maorin-san will act together with us from now on!?] (Wazu)

Have they come back to their sense? When I ask to confirm it, everyone turns their eyes at me and nods simultaneously.

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ Understood!! ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

Yup, they are in the same page as me for the time being, at least….. sigh…..

Maorin-san nicknamed herself as “Mao” after that. She asked me to call her so and I agreed it. For my name, she asked to let her call me “Otto-dono”.

I thought that was too early but Deizu was already call me with son-in-law, so it was too late for raising objection…… I gave up…..



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