Chapter 153

Chapter 153 – You Didn’t Forget, Did You?

I‘ve explained about my status and circumstances to Mao yesterday.

I give a ride Meru on my head as I recall today’s plan….. In the morning is helping out the restoration of the city and in the afternoon is training with the women group members….. All right, let’s go!

I arrange my preparations and head out of the room.

Yeah, manual labor is fun. Training is also fun. I’m walking while enjoying my fulfilling and energetic days here.

There, I saw a figure of King Grave accompanied by his wives just in front of me. He was talking about something with his merchant wife, his maid wife, his adventurer wife, who I met in the beastmen country.

I greet him as I pass through the side of King Grave and wives.

[Good morning, King Grave] (Wazu)

[Oh, good morning!! …..hmm? Wazu boy, didn’t you have to go somewhere else? How long are you going to stay in this country? Well. it doesn’t mean I mind it] (Grave)


I gathered everyone inside a room of the castle in hurry.

This place seems to be a conference room. I with Meru on my head, Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narellina, Haosui, Kagane, Mao, Freud, King Grave and several of his wives, are sitting surrounding a large circular table.

I call out to King Grave.

[Umm, King Grave…..] (Wazu)

[Hold on! It has been bothering me for a while but could you stop calling me “king”? How should I put it, I felt the distance…. Aren’t we friends?] (Grave)

[Right!! I also thought it was a bit stiff. Then, I’ll call you king in the official place, other than that, I will call you Grave-san just as before] (Wazu)

[Please do so!!] (Grave)

Did Grave-san really bothered by it? Grave-san showed me a brilliant smile when I consented.

[So, is it okay for us to leave this country now?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, there is no problem. Well, the time required for recovery will further increase, though. But aren’t you guys had done enough already? The hardest time is already over.and this is the job for the people of this country from now on] (Grave)

Grave-san directs her line of sight to his wives who’re around him.

[Besides, I have my wives that I’m proud of and more is still coming. In addition, there is also supports from the beastmen country so this country is all right now. I will make it into a wonderful country which its name spreads through the world] (Grave)

That being said, he shows a face full of determination to give us peace of mind. I answer it with a smile.

[Understood. Then, as soon as our preparation is complete, we will depart. Is everyone fine with it?] (Wazu)

Everyone smiles and nods when I ask for confirmation.

[Wazu-sama is the center of us. Because we will say it properly when an objection ever arises, please act as you see fit!] (Naminissa)

[Thanks!] (Wazu)

I answered Naminissa’s words with a thanks. It has been transmitted through everyone’s facial expressions that they have the same feeling. I turn a smile to each person to respond to that feeling.

[Well, just hurry solve the problem and properly make these girls your wives to give them peace of mind!] (Grave)

Grave-san throws some teasing words. Because of that remark, everyone starts fidgeting while looking at me full of expectation…..

I bet Grave-san knew it was going to happen when he said that…. sigh…..

[I understand. I haven’t forgotten that matter. I will properly respond to everyone feelings] (Wazu)

Everyone happily joined their hand together when I said so.

[So, after leaving this country, will you head straight to the destination?] (Grave)

[Well, about that….. Actually, there is a place I planning to go before that] (Wazu)

[I see. Then talk about it properly with your own wives, okay?] (Grave)

[Yes, we will depart the day after tomorrow] (Wazu)

[I see….. I feel somewhat lonely after hearing that….. Well, you are welcomed to stay in this country in the future, okay?] (Grave)

[I’ll think about it] (Wazu)

[Yeah, think about it!! Well then, you can use this place to discuss the plan with your wives. I’m leaving] (Grave)

[Thank you] (Wazu)

Graves-san and his wives left the room after that. There will be a lot more things for him to do after this….. I feel gratitude to him from the bottom of my heart. I have to say it properly before I depart later.

Kagane calls out when I’m thinking of such a thing.

[So, Onii-chan, where is the place you planning to go before we head for Isukoa Kingdom?] (Kagane)

The woman group members and Freud who remained in this place, turned their attention at me.

[Oh, I’m thinking of going to the mountain. I plan to go the kingdom via the mountain] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ …..mountain? ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[Yeah, that mountain in the middle of the continent] (Wazu)

Only Freud that nodded with “fumu” while everyone else went silent at my words. Well, of course they are surprised when I suddenly bring out the talk about going to the mountain.

[Why to that mountain?] (Sarona)

[I heard that the mountain in the middle of the continent is not a place where human can live, right?] (Tata)

[What is this mean?] (Naminissa)

[Is there something there?] (Narellina)

[……….hiking?] (Haosui)

[It’s a dangerous place, isn’t it?] (Kagane)

[For training?] (Mao)

Everyone comes back with each different reactions.

[Oh, I’ll properly explain the reason for going there. First, I’d like to bring Meru to visit her parents. They are interesting dragons that live on the top of that mountain] (Wazu)

When I state the first reason, Meru cries joyfully so I pat her head.

However, blood seems to have been drained from everyone’s face. What’s going on? I thought so when Sarona came to ask for confirmation

[I’d like to confirm it….. Meru’s parents are…. The dragons living in the mountain in the middle of the continent, is that right?] (Sarona)

[That’s right] (Wazu)

[Talking about the dragon who lives in the mountain in the middle of the continent….. I heard there was only Ryūō (Dragon King), the king of dragons who only appeared in the legend] (Sarona)

[Huh? Is Ragnil so famous?] (Wazu)

[You are acquainted…..!? Come to think of it, you said about just came down from that mountain when we met for the first time…..] (Sarona)

Yeah, that’s right. The first time I met Sarona, it was certainly when I just came down from that mountain. More importantly, is Ragnil really a legendary dragon?

For me Ragnil was just an ordinary husband who couldn’t even raise his head without his wife and his mother-in-law’s permission.

This time is Narellina’s turn that comes to ask for confirmation, when I’m in the middle of reminiscing Ragnil.

[In other words, Meru is….. a child of legendary dragon king?] (Narellina)

[Yeah. Well, I don’t really understand about that legendary part, but Meru is a child of Ryūō (Dragon King) without a doubt] (Wazu)

The group members look at Meru with somewhat tense expression after I give the confirmation. Meru tilts her head towards their reaction. I tilt my head as well. Is that something to get so nervous about?

……ahh, I shouldn’t use myself as the standards. I’ve met them many times so it was normal for me to think so. However, Meru’s parents were legendary creatures in their eyes.

I explained about Meru’s parents, about Meru, and about the reason she was left under my care. Their tension weakened at once, everyone was relieved when I said that I would protect everyone in case of emergency.

However, Kagane gives a striking remark towards my explanation.

[For a legendary creature….. He sounds like a small fry so much…..] (Kagane)

You are exactly right!

[You said “first”. That means there’s another reason, right?] (Naminissa)

I tell the other reason besides visiting Meru’s parents after Naminissa prompts me to continue the explanation.

I tell them about the clothes I’m currently wearing are made of material from the monsters that live in that mountains. I would like to make new clothes because the current one was damaged. I also tell them that I’d like to prepare new weapon and protective gears for them.

I can just arrange it in this country or the kingdom. However, I thought of preparing arms that match with their current strength and it would be better to hunt the monster in the mountain and make it myself from their materials.

In the previous status, I was warned that I shouldn’t carelessly make things because of my DEX value. There should be no problem because it was for my wives, I thought so.

In the worst case, I can just ask Ragnil to show me his castle’s treasure warehouse. There should be various things inside.

For some reason, smiles blooms from their face when I’m done with the explanation. I ask for the explanation. I hear that they are happy to be able to wear my handmade equipment.

Next, the last question came from Tata.

[I agree with going to the mountains, but how do we head there? I heard that the mountain wasn’t a place for people to enter] (Tata)

[Oh, there will be no problem. I think we can go with the protection of barrier magic from Naminissa, Kagane, and you who have become stronger. I will just activate the godhood and take everyone there when it comes to it] (Wazu)

Everyone seems to be convinced because of that words. So, is it decided?

[Okay, we will leave this country as soon as we get everything in order] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ Yes!! ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

Then we began the preparation to set off again.



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