Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – Let’s Depart!!

It’s a good idea to make the equipments by myself but there is one problem. I can just sew something simple for my clothes because I don’t care with its appearance in particular. However, I care when it comes to their equipments. I don’t want to hand over something that won’t look good on them. But before that, I don’t even have tools to make weapon nor understand its manufacture process. I’m in trouble.

Therefore, I ask Grave-san to introduce me a blacksmith in the city and head to his place. The blacksmith I’m introduced to is an uncouth dwarf. He let me take a look the state of his forge. Because I shouldn’t make thing carelessly according to my DEX status, I told him my gratitude and left the place after finishing confirming the flow of smithery from the beginning to the end with simply watching.

Yup. I can make it. I don’t know whether it’s the influence of my status or what, but now I know what I should do for some reason. Because the rank of the monsters that live in that mountain is too high, an ordinary hammer and kiln will be rendered useless. I can’t make decent things unless I also substitute the materials with the materials from monsters around here. It seems there is no choice but to procure the tools from the mountain as well.

My preparation is over with this. In the first place, all of my belongings are stored inside Meru’s space-time magic so there is no problem. We will leave this country as soon as everyone is ready. I won’t forget this country. I return to the castle while watching the scenery.

A few days later, as our preparation is in place we will head to the kingdom via the mountain. The other baggage is stored inside Meru’s space-time magic as well, so it’s light.

Grave-san and his wives, Marao, Deizu, King Gio, and the people from Kagane’s commercial firm are surrounding us. Everyone exchanges words in their own way for this temporary farewell. Grave-san and I also exchange some parting words.

[Goodbye!! Let’s meet again!! Come to this country anytime!!] (Grave)

[Yeah. Take care of your health, Grave-san!! I will definitely come to visit when your wives gave birth!!] (Wazu)

I shake hands with Grave-san. The other members are also finished with their goodbye. We’ll leave this country while being sent off by everyone.

It takes about 3 weeks to go straight from this country to the foot of the mountain by a horse-drawn carriage, but we will probably get there in a little over a week.

I intend to match their speed from the beginning but the speed of the now-forged women group members is much faster than before. Their endurance has also increased so we should arrive earlier than advancing by a horse-drawn carriage. Tata’s physical ability also improved considerably, she has a good speed game with Mao who just entered our group.

[Everyone is stronger than me!! I’m fired up!!] …..said Mao in high spirit.

There was also proposal from everyone that couldn’t be refused. I have to carry them in turn while running during this journey. I don’t mind it, though.

The mysterious thing was freud matched our speed with his unchanging cool face. I’d like to say, “what on earth are you?”. Because I know he will answer with “because I’m a butler” , so I leave him alone.

Of course we slept outside. However, I found everyone gathered and sleeping around me when I woke up in the morning for some reason. We would take a bath when we found a river flowing nearby, but I was troubled because each time they resorted force in order to bring me to take a bath together with them. Well, I ran away at a speed that no one could perceive.

Such thing repeated as we advanced. On the third day, we took out the food from Meru’s space-time magic because it was about the time for lunch. But then, duo bandits appeared in from of us who were eating lunch.


[It’s not your lucky day to meet us in such a place]

Two people with messy hair and unkempt beard, they wore dirty light equipments with sword hanging on their waist. While one bandit looks like skinny and thin, the other one looks like chubby and fat. I keep eating…..

[……….heck!! Stop eating like nothing happened!!]

[Bandits!! We are BANDITS!!]

*munch*….. *munch*….. well, I don’t need you to teach me that because I can tell that much from your appearance. Does Mao intend to fight them? Because she tried to stand up with eyes shining, I stopped her with my hand before slowly stood up to confront them myself. The other members are still eating normally.

[*gulp*….. well, do you need something from us?] (Wazu)

[No, no, no. You should already know what we need, right?]

[Of course, “this thing”!!]

The chubby bandit connected his thumb and index finger to make a circle, and then showed it to me.

[Is that donut?] (Wazu)

Donut is some kind of dessert that exists in Kagane’s former world, Earth(?). It has been reproduced and was put on sale at Kagane’s shops. The one which became popular explosively, was it?

[Oh right, that sweet and tasty thing]

[But if you touch it directly, oil will stick to your fingers!! He will get angry if I try to touch something with that finger]

[ [ …..wait, that’s wrong!! ] ]

Oh, they play along well. These two bandits.

[Then, is that rubber band?] (Wazu)

This is also from Kagane’s former world.

[Oh yeah, if you stretch it like this and turn at people…..]

[“Stop it”. You will always get that kind of reaction]

[ [ …..wait, that’s wrong!! ] ]

[Then, a chakram] (Wazu)

[Oh, that thing. I wonder how do you even throw it]

[I mean, it was not the size for something you throw]

[ [ …..wait, that’s wrong. No matter how you think about it….. we want money!! ] ]

The bandits are breathing heavily. Yup, I knew it. Well then, let’s do some exercise after meal.

[Of course I knew it. However, there is no money to hand over to the bandits] (Wazu)

The bandits put their hands on the handle of the sword hanging on their waist with while smiling a vulgar smile.

[Well, I see…..  Then, I’ll kill you and get the money!!]

The skinny bandit draws his sword.




The blade of the unsheathed sword was made of bamboo.

[Whaaat!? Why is my sword became a bamboo sword?]

[Well yeah. You lost a bet before and pawned the sword!]

[T-That’s right~~~!!]

That said, the skinny bandit threw the bamboo sword he has to the ground.

[Geez, it can’t be helped. I’ll roll up the money from this guy]

The chubby bandit draws his sword.




There was no blade on the sword that he drawn.

[Eeeeeeh!! What is this?]

[…..didn’t you tell me that the shopkeeper there took it for the food you ate before?]

[T-That’s right~~~!!]

The chubby bandit threw his sword (handle only) to the ground.

Yup…. what are these guys coming for? Did they come to make us laugh? I mean, the other members seemed to have finished eating and were doing clean up. Umm, can we go now?

I’m thinking about having the bandits to take their leave. I take one step forward and the bandits take one step back in response. I take another one step forward and the bandits take another one step back. What’s going on here!?

[Oh, that’s right!! I have a promise to play card game with friends today!!]

[Me too. I was invited to drink with my friends!!]

[ [ Bye!! ] ]

The bandits raised their right hand and ran away from this place.

I wonder what that was….. I let out a sigh and went to help with the cleaning up.

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