Chapter 156

Chapter 156 – The Power Hierarchy of Monsters

Several days have passed as we proceed through the forest. Currently, I’m running while carrying Mao in my arms and Tata on my back. After meeting Purple Haired Bandit and Blond Haired Bandit, somehow it was decided among the members that I should carrry 2 people at the same time as we were going.

Well, there’s no problem. I won’t get tired even if it’s two people at the same time. Light, it’s light!! I thought so at first but now I’m in a big trouble.

For those who were being held in my arms, at most, I could only smell their fragrance that tickled my nasal cavity. But for those who were being carried on my back, because both my hands were occupied, they were clinging onto me tightly…..

That’s right, I could feel a sensation of two soft things being pressed against my back. To be honest, I was desperate to keep my reason in check. It seemed that Kagane was sensitive to that, when I was carrying her in my arms…..

[Onii-chan, I think I can feel something hard hitting my bottom?] (Kagane)

I was told by Kagane who seemed to be enjoying herself. I whistled (although only air came out) while turning my face away from her’s.

[Isn’t it just your imagination?] (Wazu)

I got depressed when I noticed that this behavior seemed to have answered whatever question in Kagane’s head. Then, everyone who guessed my thoughts based on my actions, pushed their chests even further when it was their turn to be carried on my back, to see my reaction.

Please give me a rest…..

While keeping such thoughts to myself, we started to climb the Mountain at last. The weather in the Mountain was jumbled around from the lower part until the middle part, which was hidden under the clouds. Because of that, Tata, Naminissa, and Kagane were protecting the group with their barrier magic as we advanced forward.

The task to cast barrier magic would be done in a two-shift system, day and night. Tata and Naminissa were in charge during daytime while Kagane with her INT value that broke through the limits, showed her technique of keeping the barrier up even when she was asleep, during the night.

I thought of activating deification in case of emergency, but it seemed that my worries were needless for the three who had trained and gotten stronger. We were able to advance forward without problems.

Scorching sunlight, frigid storm, and great downpour. There was quite a spectacle outside the barrier, but everything was prevented from reaching us so it was quite comfortable inside the barrier magic.

However, although the weather was irrelevant to us, we couldn’t ignore the monsters that were coming to attack us. But all of them were knocked down by Kagane’s magic.

How’s that? My little sister is amazing, isn’t she? I wanted to brag a little but because there was no opponent I could brag to, I diverted the thought into patting Kagane’s head instead.

Watching that, Haosui puffed up her cheeks and then created a vacuum wave using her hand-chop to cut down the monsters from the surroundings.

How’s that? My bride is amazing, isn’t? I patted Haosui’s head.

The other members started to throw a stone towards the monster and crushed its head accurately, or created a magic barrier at the top of the monster’s head and smashed it. Because everyone had turned into ferocious hunters chasing after the monsters, once everyone calmed down, I ended up patting them alternately.

Every one of them had gotten stronger…..

I’d like to use the monster materials later so I put them inside Meru’s Space-Time magic. I wouldn’t let them be wasted.

And one day, as we progressed further, on the other side of barrier was a fine, ordinary weather, so clear that I could see far away.

There, I found them again. The Monster Cat and Monster Fish from that time. However, there was another monster besides those two.

A reptile that evolved into a bipedal creature, a dinosaur-like monster with violent appearance, was chasing Cat Monster around.

Cat Monster was desperately running away from Dinosaur Monster, but Fish Monster was simply watching the spectacle from the shade of a tree in the woods.

When I stopped to observe the situation, the other members followed suit and then gathered around me. Mao, who was being carried on my back, asked me,

[Otto-dono, is there something the matter with those monsters?] (Mao)

[Hmm? Oh, actually…..] (Wazu)

I explained about how I had encountered Cat Monster and Fish Monster a long time ago, and our relationship. Everyone had a “…” expression on their face.

It’s fine….. I never expected them to understand it.

However, Freud put his hand on my shoulder and nodded to show his understanding.

Oh, I don’t feel happy in the slightest, even if you are the only one who understands me here, but I will thank you in my mind. In the end, we decided to take a break in this place while watching the situation together.

The legs of the Monster Cat who was being chased, were caught on something and tripped magnificently. Without missing this chance, Monster Dinosaur opened its mouth wide and tried to bite Monster Cat.

However, as if waiting for that moment, Monster Fish came out of the shade and jumped up into the sky, spun its body in mid-air, and then glided down with an amazing momentum. Its leg? Its fin? …..kicked Monster Dinosaur.

The giant body of Monster Dinosaur fell to the ground along with a thud-ing sound. Monster Dinosaur seemed to have passed out because of the attack.

Monster Cat turned its eyes which seemed to say “I believe in you!!”, towards Monster Fish.

Monster Fish landed brilliantly and received Monster Cat’s gaze calmly.

Eh? What the heck is this? I thought so upon seeing this situation.

Monster Fish pulled Monster Cat up by the scruff of its neck, using its mouth, to help it stand, before going together to Monster Dinosaur who was still unconscious. The Monster Fish’s hand? Fin? slapped Monster Dinosaur’s cheeks again and again.

Monster Dinosaur woke up because of the pain. Perhaps realizing its current situation, Monster Dinosaur immediately fixed its posture to try and launch an attack again, but instead received a sideways strike from Monster Fish’s hand. Or fin?

Monster Fish seemed like it was holding back, because Monster Dinosaur still retained its consciousness this time. Monster Dinosaur touched its beaten cheeks with its small and short hands while looking at Monster Fish.

Monster Fish released a crying voice that was most likely its way to communicate. Monster Dinosaur lowered its head to Monster Fish after hearing that. Then, led by Monster Fish, the three monsters disappeared into the nearby woods…..

I, who saw everything, thought — I wonder if there is a meaning behind what Fish Monster did….. I mean, why didn’t Monster Fish fight Monster Dinosaur head-on from the start? I wonder if this means they’ve become friends….. While I was thinking about such a thing, I noticed something crucial…..

Who gives a damn about it!?

I think that it really was a waste of time. The other members were resting while leisurely talking to each other. I called out to them and began to advance toward our destination once again.

Well, if I ever encounter them again, questions and answers are unnecessary, just get on with it. Or rather, do your best, Monster Cat.

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