Chapter 157

Chapter 157 – I Wonder If Had Come When I Shouldn’t Come?

We climbed the mountain while maintaining the barrier. Monsters kept attacking even when the weather was bad but they were all exterminated with Kagane’s magic, even if they reached us they couldn’t break the barrier so I can say that we have a good offense.

While all that is happening I wasn’t able to do anything. No, they have become really strong. The women group members… their strong cooperation with each other was for me.

I left the monsters in the mountain to Sarona, while I train Mao thoroughly. Originally her physical ability was high even in their thrive that has high physical prowess.

We kept climbing until we reached the part above the clouds. From here, it won’t be long till we reached Ragnil’s castle.

The weather was calm, but it was still cold so we couldn’t help it. If we’ve climbed up this high, then we don’t need to worry about monsters. In the mountain area that was above the clouds, there are some monsters that resides in this part of the mountain and it is somewhat rare for the monster’s below to climb up, and above there is an existence that I’m quite familiar with.

Even if we we get attacked, everyone knows the conclusion of the story so there was no problem. Originally I don’t have any problem even at this height, the women group members are also within the barrier, even if superior beings appears, it will be fine as I’m here.

Still, we are trying to get accustomed to this place, we have to sometimes turn off the barrier to move forward. In that situation, it’s the first time for the women group members to witness the scenery from above the clouds.

As I have already seen this view lots of times while being desperate to survive so I wasn’t moved by the view that much. Rather, the painful memories here were about to be revived…

Currently, in everyone’s sight was a huge castle that appears only on stories and paintings. It was a gigantic sized castle that was obviously not manmade and looks like a dungeon, but in reality it was a sacred place that the Dragon King’s family had resides for generation to generation and Ragnil was proud of it.

[I see, so will the Dragon King of the legends come out?]

[It will probably a haughty dragon]

[So we are currently in a place were it is only heard of in stories]

[Dragon King huh… Surely it will be a excellent king]

[…It’s my first time meeting an adult dragon… I can’t wait]

[It’s here, it’s here! as expected of the other world, I have come to such a place!!]

[I wonder how strong he is?… I want to try how far can I go]

The women group members are excited, their expectation of meeting Dragon King Ragnil was getting bigger, but because me and Meru know what kind of a person Ragnil really was, I’m praying that they wouldn’t be so disappointed of their expectation.

I caught sight of Freud’s expression while I was praying in my heart. What’s with that expression? he was looking at the castle as if he saw something nostalgic.

[…Freud, have you been in this castle before?]

[By no means, I’m just a butler… is what I would like to say… Well shall I just tell you that it was several times in my old days]

After saying such things, Freud returned with his usual butler smile.  It was as if he was saying that he was not going to say any more of it.

Or rather, this guy is getting more mysterious every passing day. Perhaps this butler’s smile is a manifestation of the intention of not talking about the topic even if we tries to talk it off him. I just returned a “Is that so” reply.

Well I will talk with this guy when I want to have a talk, but even if I ask him about it, assuming I hear it from Freud himself, I understand that it’s kinda scary.

We canceled the set up a barrier in advance as there will be no problem coming in the Dragon King’s castle. The women group members were dumbfounded by the sheer enormousness but I had came here many times before so I’ve opened the castle gate without thinking.

[Hurry, let’s go~!!]

I was rudely entering but the women group members were closely behind me while being cautious of the surroundings.  You don’t have to keep watch for anything though……

Ragnil’s group are good dragons you know? There won’t be any traps what so ever. There’s a separate house full of traps for the superior beings though. While I was walking in front of the women group members, the garden is over there, and on that side is the dining area, and we advanced while guiding them through the castle.

Now then, Where’s Ragnil and the others? As we go looking for their presence, I felt the place where three presence are all together. Seems like everyone was in the place similar to a king’s audience chamber.

Hm? Three? Is Meru’s grandmother, Megil still here? While I was thinking about it, we arrived at a huge gate that has luxurious jewelry in it and entered during the audience.

Yup, there are three presence inside. The door that was always open was closed, are they talking about something? I don’t want to disturb them so I gently opened the door and confirmed what’s happening inside.

Dragon King Ragnil was kneeling on the ground……

I gently shut the door.

[What happened? Why are you closing the door? Is there no one inside?]

Sarona asked me from behind, but to be honest, there was so much in my mind to process.

No, no, no, no, isn’t it over yet? Hey, isn’t it over? What is it? looks like it’s Dragon King = Kneeling, isn’t it? I mean, Dragon King Ragnil? That’s an impression of kneeling on the ground? And it’s the Dragon King? Hey, wait a minute, if we enter righ now Sarona and the others will see you right? Is that ok to you? As expected, I wan’t to avoid it being fellow guys. What should I do?

Even though I was thinking while sweating, I wasn’t able to find any answer so I again opened the door to peak inside.

……Yup, he’s still kneeling on the ground……

I gently shut the door again. I gently exhale then turned to the women group members

[……It seems like they are talking something urgent, I’ll go inside for a moment to check…… Both me and Meru……]

When I said that, everyone nodded and began to be cautious of the surrounding.

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