Chapter 158

Chapter 158 – Is The Dragon King’s Dignity A Scrap Of Paper?

We entered secretly during the audience. Ragnil was prostrating (dogeza) himself as usual and didn’t seem to notice me and Meru. However, Meru’s mother Meral who’s currently elegantly sprawled out and grandmother Megil turned their eye sight towards us.

Even though they’ve put their sights on us, they didn’t say a word as if giving us their permission so Meru jumped over my head and went towards her grandmother. After seeing that sight unfold, I slowly approached Ragnil.


As I gave a light greeting, Ragnil flipped up into attention then he nervously raised his head.

[……What the, it’s just you…..No, Wait. This is!!]

[Who gave you permission to raise your head and speak?]

Ragnil closes his mouth once more at Grandmother Megil’s coercive voice. He breaks into a cold sweat as he puts down his head into the floor. Things won’t get anywhere at this rate and I probably won’t be able to introduce Sarona and the others too. So as if saying let’s get this over quickly, I look at Megil and let out a cough.

[It’s been a long time huh, Wazu]

[Yes, it has. It’s good to see you in great health. By the way, how long would this still continue?]

[That idiot is begging me for forgiveness and is trying out how far he could maintain that position until I accept his apology]

[……I see…..Since we’d be getting in the way I guess we better go home, huh]

As I said so, Ragnil turns his sight towards me as if to appeal with teary eyes. Don’t look at me with those eyes. This is your family’s problem, right? Or perhaps I should say, aren’t you the Dragon King? I’m not feeling even one shred of dignity from you. Is that alright with you? Aren’t you the most supreme being of this mountain above the clouds? Haa…”


I, who had to endure the sight of this Ragnil, did not want to have my several wives recognized at the door of this audience hall. However, the butler ran his mouth off.

[Ahahaha!! To have up to seven wives, you might not look like it, but you’re the man!!]

[Ah, no. One of them is my sister]

[Wazu is quite popular, huh. You’re not neglecting Meru, are you?]

Mother Meral looks at me and laughs as she gently strokes Meru’s head.

[Kyuii!! Kyuikyuii!!]

(TLN: Must be some kind of onomatopoeia. Did this Meru get turned into a bird or something? – Nevermind, I understood once I finished the chapter.)

[Ara, you’ve been sleeping together every day, huh. Furthermore, you’re getting embraced]

(TLN: Getting embraced doubles as sex. I haven’t read the story so I don’t know if it qualifies)

Meru-san, can we please pass on that subject?

[I see…..Then we’ll have Wazu take responsibility for Meru too. Since there won’t be problems once Meru remembers the Human Transformation Magic, after all…..]

Should we also wait a bit for Megil? Ragnil is glaring at me though while shedding tears of blood. Eh? Should we just ignore this? Doesn’t the father’s opinion hold a big weight? Although he’s clearly objecting to this.

[Well…..Let’s leave that for another time….For the meantime, can Sarona and the others come in? Also, about the reason we came here today……]


The women group members whom I originally guided entered the audience hall. As they did so, the person sitting on the throne called out to them in a majestic voice.

[Fumu, ye honorable ladies are the wives of our good friend Wazu, yes? How admirable are ye to have reached our castle]

That was Ragnil. He’s temporarily calling off his dogeza to sit on the throne as the Dragon King. Well, before sitting on the throne his feet were numb and shaking like crazy so he simply cannot project a majestic image. Beside him were Meral who was holding Meru in her arms and Megil.

[How do you do? I’m very glad to meet you. I’m Meru’s mother – Meral]

[Young’uns. I’m Meru’s grandmother, Megil]

The women group members bowed and introduced themselves at those words.

[I’m Sarona, the wife who wants to be quickly laid hands on]

[I’m Tata, the wife who wants to be greatly embraced]

[I’m Naminissa, the wife who wants to welcome the morning together]

[I’m Narellina, the wife who wants to train even through the night]

[…….I’m Haosui, the wife who wants to be quickly requested]

[I’m Kagane, the wife who wants to already be messed up completely]

[I’m Maorin, the wife who wants to be embraced like a beast]

What the….Did they just indirectly complained to me? Or should I say, is this even the place to say those things? I’m somehow feeling hot gazes towards me. Also, when the hell did Kagane and Mao become my wives? I still haven’t recognized them, right? Is this perhaps a plan to have people around me recognize them as my wives?

[……Hmm….I was given the honor of accompanying Sir Wazu as his humble butler. I am called Freud]

Freuuuuudd~~~! What’s with you!! Are you serious? Isn’t this the time that you’d usually fool around? Why did you do such a normal introduction? No, it’s the right way, yes!! No, it’s not the right way!! What happened for you to smoothly introduce yourself as my butler? Also, you’re making a self-satisfied face! You’re making a face that says “Look at what I just said!”!! I won’t recognize it!! I won’t ever recognize you as my own butler, you hear!!

[I see, you are Wazu’s wives and you are his butler, huh. I remember these names and figures. I heard the story from Wazu so please make yourself at home and feel free to stay at your hearts’ content]

Although Ragnil said that with a majestic expression befitting of a Dragon King, what he’s actually trying to say to me through his eyes was “You have this many wives and you still want to make my oh so adorable Meru your wife? You fucker, I’ll fuck your face up later!!” or something like that.


[Araara, Meru also wants to become one of Wazu’s wives, she said]

At that Meru’s (through Meral) words, Ragnil shows a desperate expression. Oi, your mask, your mask!! Your Dragon King disguise is falling off, you know?! is what I thought.

However, when I tried to look at and confirm everyone’s reactions to Meru’s declaration, everyone was like “Eh? That’s what we thought from the start”.

Eh? Everyone thought that about Meru? Well, I guess that’s that. I too am not thinking about letting go of Meru after such a long time. Plus, I’m self-aware that anyone who would try to hurt Meru would get a huge beating.

After that, we lightly told the details of our journey here, had dinner with everyone, and slept on the room were guided to by Meru-Meral.

Well, after this, I should expect some body-to-body/body language talk with Ragnil, huh…Haa…..

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