Chapter 159

Chapter 159 – Is Holding Back Poisonous to the Body?

From the next day, we would do all that each one of us could do. I must first gather the materials needed to make my new clothes and equipment for everyone. Inside Meru’s Space-Time magic storage, there were materials from the monsters we had defeated on the way here, but the problem was the other materials, such as ore, for the equipment base.

It was impossible to make it appear out of thin air, so I was wondering if there were any around here. I asked Ragnil and Megil about it, who were both present in the audience hall.

Speaking of which, Ragnil has been prostrating himself whenever our women members were not around. “Just forgive him already!” I thought, but I remained silent because I didn’t want to stick my nose into his family’s problem.

[I see….. The equipment base, huh….. I could tell at a glance that the strength of Wazu’s wives wasn’t ordinary, so using ordinary ore would be unwise….. However, if it’s the ore from around this area…..] (Megil)

[I thought so too….. I asked because I’ve tried searching several places that seemed to have an ore deposit on the way here, but found nothing… So, how is it…?] (Wazu)

[Wazu, why don’t you just pick something from the treasure vault of the castle? I think there are quite a few decent things resting inside.] (Ragnil)

Said Ragnil, while still prostrating himself.

[I would gladly accept it, but are you sure?] (Wazu)

[No problem. There is no one who would come to this place searching for treasure, and there will be no problem even if the amount of treasures inside the vault decreases a little. Moreover, tools are meant to be used.] (Ragnil)

[I owe you one.] (Wazu)

[Then, please give up on Meru in exchange.] (Ragnil)

[It’s not your place to decide. What matters are Meru’s feelings. I’m adding one more day of Dogeza as a punishment for saying something cheeky.] (Megil)

[Ughh…..] (Ragnil)

Yup, it’s not my fault. Let’s think that Ragnil just self-destructed. I asked about the direction of the treasure vault from Megil afterwards. I received the key and thanked her before leaving the audience hall.




The treasures vault was protected by a gate that was huge enough for even Ragnil to pass. I put the key I had received into a keyhole that was at a reachable distance if I stretched myself a little, and turned it.

Then, a number of magic circles emerged from the gate. The magic circles disassembled one after another as if being canceled.  Finally, a loud click-ing sound told me that the door had just been unlocked. I slowly pushed the door open and went inside.

The treasure vault was a huge space that couldn’t have been imaginable as a single room of this castle. I guess it was expanded with the help of magic. Inside the room, it was filled with dazzling gold and silver, jewels, and arms, which were hard on the eyes.

[Isn’t it too wide…? You’re telling me to search for it in all of this!?] (Wazu)

The treasure spread as far as I could see, to the point that it made me sick. I picked up a nearby sword that was beautifully decorated with jewels.

[I have no idea how it was forged… I don’t know what material it is… I’m wielding it without feeling anything right now, but if this sword is actually cursed or something, it’s going to cause a problem… Hmm…..] (Wazu)

Sigh, there is no helping it… Use deification when you’re in trouble, huh? Well, rather than making something bad that would bring harm to everyone, it would be better to use deification here, even if it means decreasing my human race percentage. Everyone is still more important than my human race percentage.

I activated the Godhood skill. I turned my eyes to check the whole treasure vault in my deified state. Bad things and good things were visible in this state, just as I thought. I could see the presence or the absence of curses.

I didn’t know the materials needed, or how to make them, but with this, it might be possible to make original equipment that suits each individual. I finished selecting the materials needed for production.

Meru came into the treasure vault when I was wondering how I would carry them all out.


Oh, such good timing. Let’s put them inside Meru’s Space-Time magic storage.

I noticed Meru had some kind of paper in her hands. I retrieved the paper as soon as she landed on the top of my head. The message for me was written on that paper.

[Please take care of Meru for the years to come – Meral.]

Hmmm….. You can take “that” meaning from this message, right? Well, if it’s Meru, I would greatly welcome it.

[Let’s get along more from now on.] (Wazu)

I said, while patting Meru’s head.


Meru answered it with a squeal.

I picked up the materials and asked Meru to store it. We left the treasure vault and locked the door behind us. Different from when I opened the door, this time the magic circles were assembled one after another on the gate, and the doors were locked together with a click sound. I removed the key.

I entered a room I borrowed as a workshop, seperate from the room I was assigned. I asked Meru to take out the necessary items from her Space-Time magic storage and started working while still in my deified state.

I guess they would be finished in a flash if I use Attribute Magic : God. But I wanted to feel that I made it with my own hands, if possible, so I spent time and effort in this way.

Well, I could understand what to do thanks to the Godhood skill. However, there was something I realized after working to some extent. I had forgotten the most important thing.

I don’t know everyone’s sizes…..

What should I do….. Correction will be needed if I make them based on eye measurement….. I guess it’s better to measure it directly beforehand, huh…..

I stopped working at once and went to measure everyone’s sizes.

Women would normally dislike this kind of thing, wouldn’t they? However, I was told to touch them more instead. Of course, I did nothing except measure their sizes, but… it was quite a trial for me.

That day, I was mentally exhausted just from doing a simple job. After everyone’s body size had been confirmed, I went to sleep with Meru, inside the room that was assigned to me.

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