Chapter 160

Chapter 160 – The Third Assassin?

The next morning. My consciousness was slowly roused by some kind of presence near me. That wasn’t Meru’s. Or rather, I couldn’t feel her presence around, which could mean that she went out for her morning stroll or went out to see her mother.

Did everyone sneak in again? Yesterday I forgot to lock the door because I was mentally exhausted, and I didn’t put anything to block the entrance either. Well, it can’t be helped…..

I slowly opened my eyes.

“Hello, last night was so intense…..”

“……….” (Wazu)

There was a woman lying next to me said something. She has bright red hair like blazing fire, sharp eyes, and strong-looking face. She was a beautiful woman without fail. Her chest was unfortunately flat but it could be seen just by looking that her slender body has been trained properly. Her abdominal muscles were also beautifully defined. How do I know it, you ask? Because she only wore a little coat that covered her shoulder and undergarments.

“Well, I just wanted to say it once….. Hmm? Are you awake? You can see me, right? Hello?”



I stood up and took a battle position at once.

“Who are you!? Why are you sleeping in my bed!?” (Wazu)

“Hmm? Come to think of it, this is the first time we meet. I’m the War Goddess.” (War Goddess)

War Goddess….. War Goddess….. War Goddess? You meant that War Goddess!!!!!????

Not this again!!!!!

After I screamed in the back of my mind, I felt the power left me and sat down on the spot weakly. The woman in front of me also sat down to face me accordingly. I confirmed it again just to make sure…..

“Just to be sure….. You are really that War Goddess, right?” (Wazu)

“Hmm? Alright, will you believe me if I show you this?” (War Goddess)

Then, the woman in front of me was releasing a divine aura.

Yeah, I knew it….. She is the real one….. If possible, I want it to be just a dream…..

“That’s enough….. I believe in you…..” (Wazu)

“Is that so?” (War Goddess)

War Goddess erased her divine aura and smiled to me. I answered her smile with a smile.

“….. So, what are you doing here, War Goddess? Or rather, how did you get here?” (Wazu)

“Oh, that’s a simple story. Because of my nature as a goddess who governs over war, I could accumulate power more easily than the other goddesses. I had accumulated enough power to manifest and I really wanted to meet you too….. In addition, I came to see the situation of the world.” (War Goddess)

“Sigh…..” (Wazu)

Huh…..? I wonder what this is? Putting aside the part about wanting to meet me, she was talking like a respectable goddess. Hmm? You are Goddess-sama’s friend, right? One of her kinds, right? Right!?

“Umm….. is that all?” (Wazu)

“Is there anything else?” (War Goddess)

[No, no, no….. You are right.] (Wazu)

What is this….. Even when the two of us have a normal conversation…… There is something that’s still bothering me…..

“Now that we have met, are you going to see the world situation after this?” (Wazu)

[Yeah. Well, I have nothing else to do….. Even if I manifest, I can’t fight.] (War Goddess)

“You can’t fight? Even though you’re a goddess of war?” (Wazu)

When I asked, War Goddess had a bitter smile on her face.

“I’m indeed a goddess who governs over war, but there are actually various restrictions for me to be able to fight. I can’t freely use my power.” (War Goddess)

“…..Hmm? Have you written about wanting to fight with me before?” (Wazu)

“…..Th-that was just a heat of moment thing.” (War Goddess)

“Then, can I pretend it never happened?” (Wazu)

“No, it’s not like that…..” (War Goddess)

“…..huh?” (Wazu)

“If Wazu is fully divinized and becomes the same level existence as us, we can fight without problems.” (War Goddess)

Yup. I don’t want to go to that direction….. Becoming the same kind of existence as the goddess is a bit….. But now I know….. Once I’m fully deified, I’ll be the same existence as goddesses….. sigh…..

“Well, whatever happens, let it happens…..” (Wazu)

“Yeah, I will wait till then!! I really look forward to that day!!” (War  Goddess)

War Goddess said so with a really happy smile.

Aah~ if she make such a happy face, I will be unable to keep my human race percentage from decreasing.

“Ugh…..” (Wazu)

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Do you want to lie down? Oh, I’m being such a bother. I’m sorry. I will leave now.” (War Goddess)

I got it now! There’s something I understand from our conversation thus far, she is way too normal! This is an ordinary conversation! No, it’s rude to call her normal, she is a good person….. wrong, she is a good goddess!! I thought that all goddesses were like Goddess and Earth Goddess, so I was wrong.

“Well then, take care!!” (War Goddess)

Having said so, War Goddess raised one of her hands and tried to leave the room.

“Oh! No, I meant…..” (Wazu)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (War Goddess)

Huh? Why did I stop War Goddess? Did she get upset because I was so surprised by this ordinary conversation? I never thought that War Goddess would make remarks concerning my physical condition, I never thought I could have such a normal conversation, I meant…..

While I was thinking about such a thing, War Goddess was patiently waiting for my answer.

What should I do? What should I say? I couldn’t put my feeling into words.

Oh, that’s it!!

“You couldn’t fight, right?” (Wazu)

“Yeah, there are various restrictions.” (War Goddess)

“Is it also impossible to teach me how to fight?” (Wazu)

“Let’s see…. I can’t show you how to fight but I can give an instruction or two.” (War Goddess)

“I know that I’m asking too much, but could you please teach everyone how to fight?” (Wazu)

“Hmm…. Sure, we have the same feeling about Wazu. I also thought about talking and trying to get along with them. It’s a good oppurtunity. However, because the time is limited, I think that I can only teach one or two people. Sorry I can’t teach all of them.” (War Goddess)


What’s with her? She is normal!! She is really normal!! She gave an ordinary response!! She has no fault or eccentric behaviors!! I’m sorry!! I’m sorry for thinking that you’re the same as Goddess and Earth Goddess!! I’m sorry I was so vigilant at first!! Please come again at any time!! Or rather, there is no problem staying forever!! If my power is necessary to manifest I will give it anytime!!

“Then, first of all, I will go to take a look at their conditions. I don’t know what to teach without actually seeing it.” (War Goddess)

Saying so, War Goddess went out of the room while waving her hand. I responded with the same gesture as hers.

So there is also such a good goddess out there. I was spacing out for a moment before I went to the work room to continue making the equipment.

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