Chapter 161

Chapter 161 – Well, It’s a Prelude

I was surprised at the enormity of the Dragon King’s castle at first, but once I got used to it, it was no different from any other human castle. There were many places, like a vast plain, so I wasn’t troubled when searching for a training place. The air was a bit stuffy, though. When I said so, Kagane who heard that said—

“On top of the mountain….. No, we are above the clouds. I wonder if the air is thin here. But it’s another world so I don’t know if it’s relevant….” (Kagane)

I listened carefully to her explanation and interpreted it to my own understanding.

There was energy called oxygen that our bodies needed to function inside  the air. The thing about the air thinning implied that this air only contained a little of the aforementioned energy. The short breaths we were taking was one of the signs of thin air.

But I should say that Kagane is really a knowledgeable girl. It is still really hard to believe that she came from another world, but I can honestly praise her abundant amount of knowledge.

We proceeded through the castle with Wazu-san’s guide. We met and were introduced to the dragon king, Ragnil-sama. I trembled slightly due to his overwhelming presence.

He indeed looked overwhelmingly strong. However, the strange thing was, he still seemed to fall short in terms of strength, from our partner, Wazu-san.

Afterwards, we introduced ourselves to each other. While listening to the detailed explanation of the castle from Meru’s mother —Meral-sama, we were guided to our room.

When I turned my line of sight to Meral-sama who was guiding us, I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful pure white figure.

Will Meru also grow into a beautiful dragon like her mother in the future? Even now, Wazu-san dotes on Meru a lot. I wonder if she will get more attention in the future. I also have to grow more attractive in order to attract more attention from Wazu-san…..

It was a large room because all of us wanted to stay in the same place. However, there were not enough beds so we brought them from another room. We combined the beds into a single huge bed. Because we from the Brides Alliance are good friends.

Wazu-san was in a different room, but I hope the day when we can openly sleep together will come faster….. But seriously, why are there human-sized beds here? Even though this place is the castle of a dragon king….. I asked Meral-sama.

“Oh, it’s a story from a few generations ago. There was a dragon king who had a good relationship with humans, and the situation of this mountain was also different at that time, so humans often visited this place. Those beds are the remnants of that era. Of course, the beds have been properly taken care of, so please use it without worrying.” (Meral)

Certainly, the beds we gathered were all beautiful and clean.

“Well then, please make yourself at home.” (Meral)

Meral-sama left us with those parting words. We sat down in a circle on the bed after bowing to her.

I wonder if she will return to where Ragnil-sama is.

“Okay, Wazu will need time to make our equipment, so let’s not disturb him. What shall we do during our stay?” (Narellina)

Narellina asked while looking around at us.

“How about self-training?” (Sarona)

“You are right. Everyone has something they want to improve.” (Narellina)

“I don’t have any problems with that.” (Naminissa)

“……….there are various things that each of us want to do.” (Haosui)

“Bride training!!” (Kagane)

“I also have to review the area which Otto-dono pointed out.” (Maorin)

Everyone seemed to have something on their mind. It was decided that everyone would act separately until our equipment was completed.


In the old Western-style building located higher than the clouds of a huge mountain standing in the middle of the continent, the people that were called superior existences had gathered.

“It seems that several guests have appeared in the castle of the Dragon King.”

“Hou….. it would be great if there is a female elf among them.”

“Is there a beastman?”

There were three people sitting around a round table in that building. When the lord of the manor spoke such words, the remaining two people inquired to make sure.

The man closed his eyes as if he was exploring something. He opened his eyes and looked at the other two people who asked him.

“I see…. I just confirmed it with Magic Sensing, it seems that both elf and beastman are there.”

“That’s great.”

“I hope that the beastman has the strength we desire…..”

Those who heard the lord answer expressed their joy with a fearless smile.

“It’s been a long time since we had this many guests….. It would be cruel to leave them to the dragon king alone…..”

The man who said that also smiled happily.

“I think we can have a little fun with them, how about that?”

“Sounds good to me. I don’t think it’s nice of the Dragon King to monopolize them.”

“The guests who came from the world below for the first time in a while, I think we also have the right to enjoy them.”

Three people looked at each other’s face in unexpected harmony while grinning.

“It’s time to test my magic to its full potential.”

“It’s time to sublimate my thoughts.”

“Guhahaha!! If there is a strong being, I want to have a death match!!”

” ” “My blood is boiling!!” ” “

The three people stood up, left the building, and flew towards the Dragon King’s castle with magic.

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