Chapter 99

Chapter 99 – Commemoration Talk : The Parallel World?

My name is Wazu, a second year student in “Sono Nochi” private high school. Currently, I’m running in a hurry from the student dormitory.

[Ouch!!] (Wazu)

       I bumped into a telephone pole. I got careless and overslept. I thought it was fine to sleep a little longer because I lived in dormitory nearby. But because of that, I had no time to eat breakfast.

Keyla-san who is working in dinning hall, made delicious food….

It’s a shame that I couldn’t eat his cooking this morning.

       I noticed that I was going to be late as soon as I opened my eyes. Therefore, I wore my blazer in a hurry and left the dormitory at once.

I should make it in time if I run.

I’m in a good condition since I moved my body quite a lot recently.

Not long ago, the school track team even invited me to join their club because of my running speed.

However, I don’t want to join a club whatsoever.

I don’t want my time to hang out with friends after school reduced.

       I kept running and managed to arrive at school before the chime rang. I passed through the school gate where the members of disciplinary committee were waiting.

Today, it seems the members of discipline committee are conducting a surprise inspection at the school gate.

I’m going to be late at this rate, so let’s try to pass them without attracting their attention.

[Wazu-san, wait a moment!] (Sarona)

       Saron-san the chief of disciplinary committee called out to me. I reluctantly stopped my feet on the spot while floating a wry smile towards her.

[I’m sorry, Sarona-san. I’m going to be late for the class, so can you let me off this time?] (Wazu)

[You can’t!] (Sarona)

       Sarona-san approached me. She raised her hands slowly and grabbed my loose necktie.

Her hair smells good….

[Please make yourself look neat!] (Sarona)

[Ye-Yeah….. Doing this early in the morning, it seems like a routine of newlywed couple] (Wazu)

       I murmured the second half part but it seemed Sarona-san heard it. Her face turned red, and she put more power on her hands which were used to tighten my necktie. I got strangled.

[It’s painful~] (Wazu)

[S-Sorry, you may go now!] (Sarona)

[O-Okay!] (Wazu)

       I was a little surprised since she suddenly strangled me.

I walked slowly to the school building while checking my neck. Looking backwards, I felt that our eyes met each other, but then she immediately averted her eyes from me.

Umm, did I get hated because said such a strange things?

       I entered the school building. I noticed my finger was bleeding a little when I was going to put on the indoor shoes.

It seems that I cut my fingertips somewhere without noticing it.

This might be happened at the time when I bumped into a telephone pole.

       I headed to the infirmary to get a band-aid.

I’m really going to be late at this rate…..

No, treatment of injuries is a good enough reason for that.

       When I entered the infirmary, the school nurse Tata-san was sitting on a chair gracefully.

[Hmm? What’s wrong, Wazu-san? You are going to be late. Or maybe, do you really want to see me no matter what?] (Tata)

[Please don’t make fun of me. I seemed to have cut my fingers somewhere, so I came here to get a band-aid] (Wazu)

[Oh, that’s bad!! Even if it’s just small injuries, bacteria can enter from there. Come this way, I will disinfect it properly!!] (Tata)

       I sat down face-to-face following Tata-san’s instruction. Her hands gently hold my hand while tending my wound. The temperature of my face slightly rose because of that.

[It’s just a small scratch. It will be healed before long~] (Tata)

[Thank you. But holding hands in this position, it looks like I’m about to make a love confession] (Tata)

       I told a joke to hide my embarrassment. However, Tata-san’s face turned red for some reason.

Hmm? What’s going on!?

       Tata-san frantically dumped disinfectant more than needed to my wound. The sudden pain blew away my train of thought.

[It’s sting…!!!] (Wazu)

[Oh, sorry!! Geez…. because Wazu-kun suddenly talked about love confession…. I got a little happy….] (Tata)

       I couldn’t hear the second half part because the pain.

       I left the school infirmary after I got a band-aid, and headed towards the class room. However, when closing the door of infirmary, I saw the appearance of Tata-san mumbling something with her face turned red.

       I arrived to the class room and immediately headed to my seat. It was the second seat from the back, near the window. Orlando my best friend who sat behind me, spoke to me right after I took a seat.

[Yoo~! Wazu. You are late again today. What happened? Overslept?] (Orlando)

[Orlando, don’t ask a question that you’ve already known the answer!!] (Wazu)

Orlando is clearly a handsome guy, there are many girls who like him. No just in this school, his handsome face is also well-known to the girls from other school. His character is also good.

Good grief, a handsome man with a good personalities, just how perfect he can be!? For good or bad, I got stuck with this kind of guy.

Well, we have some kind of story in the past but setting that aside, I hope he can quickly get a girlfriend or two. But for some reason, he put the top priority to hang out with me.

His excuse is : [I’m not interested with that stuff now. It’s fun to hang out with Wazu. Moreover, love is something that suddenly falls anytime, doesn’t it?] (Orlando)

Yup. When I heard his words, I thought he should apologize to all men all over the world who aren’t popular like him. Well, I forgive him because he is my best friend……

       Then, when I and Orlando were talking about random stuffs, a guy who sat in front of me finally came.

[Good morning Wazu-kun] (Freud)

[Hmm…. isn’t it a bit unreasonable?] (Wazu)

       It was Freud.

[Is that so? I think that I’m pretty well-dressed though?] (Freud)

[No, I feel that you are nothing but out of place. We are certainly not of the same age] (Wazu)

[What are you two talking about since a while ago?] (Orlando)

[ [That’s what I want to know] ] (Wazu/Freud)

He is a suspicious guy as usual. There is no way to grasp his line of thought at all.

       Regan-san our homeroom teacher came in when we were in the middle of talking.

Yup! Today it’s also a splendid bald head. His head’s reflecting the light.

It seems that he’s targeting Keyla-san who works in the cafetaria.

Let’s pray that he won’t success.


       The lunch break time. Orlando had appointment to eat lunch with some girls.

       Orlando himself wasn’t very enthusiastic, but it seemed a large number of girls were going to raise a riot if he kept on refusing them. Because of that, I headed to the cafeteria alone.

Like usual, Freud always disappears somewhere when it’s lunchtime.

       Sitting in empty seat, I put my set meals on the table. Before long, another two portions of set meals were placed in front of me abruptly.

     I looked at the other side of table, there were the famous twin of double student council president, Naminissa and Narellina with smiling faces.

[You are here as expected] (Naminissa)

[How about you accept our invitation this time?] (Narellina)

[Invitation to join student council again?] (Wazu)

These sisters always invite me to join student council every time we meet, and even keep the vice president position open just for me. Still, I keep refusing because I don’t feel like to join the student council.

[I have said it many times, but I don’t have any intention to join student council.] (Wazu)

[Don’t be like that. If you join student council, you can eat like this with us everyday, how about it?] (Narellina)

[We have been eating together everyday, aren’t we?] (Wazu)

[Th-That might be true…..then, I will also put “Aan~!” service as bonus] (Naminissa)

[It’s also has been done as well, isn’t it?] (Wazu)

That’s right. This two people always appear at lunch break time to eat together with me. They also always forcibly feed me food when no one is watching. I do not know their intention, but someone will be misunderstanding if they see that.

[That’s right, but….. ugh, this is tough] (Naminissa)

[However, please be careful. People will think that we are going out or something if we keep doing this everyday] (Wazu)

[ [ Eeh? ] ]

       As soon as I said so, the face of two girls in front of me turned red. They mumbled something like –[Indeed….. it’s not bad…..]– or –[It’s an established fact…..]– as if lost in their own world.

I don’t understand them at all.

Well, these two people have excellent grades so they must be thinking about something difficult that I don’t understand.

       While thinking about such a thing, I shifted my gaze towards the clock that was hung inside cafeteria. I noticed that the lunch break time was almost over.

       I eat the remaining food in front of me in a rush. I stood up and called out the two who were still lost in their thought.

[Excuse me. I have to change the clothes for physical education class next, so I’m going ahead!] (Wazu)

[ [ Eh? What!? Waiiit!!] ]

       I quickly left the cafeteria.


      The school over. I was waiting alone for Orlando and Freud in front of shoes locker, since we had a promise to go hang out. Currently, the two were being called by Regan-sensei. It seemed there were things that he would like to ask the two regarding school event matters.

       While I was spacing out, there was a voice called me out from behind.

[Wazu-senpai…..] (Haosui)

       In response to that voice I turned around behind. There was Haosui an underclassmen who was also a member of track club, came approaching me.

From her clothes, it seems she’s on the way to her club activities.

[Yoo~ Haosui. You’re always working hard in club activities every day. Do you like running so much?] (Wazu)

[I like it….. It feels good to run forward. So, when will Wazu-senpai join the track club?] (Haosui)

[Sorry, but I don’t have intention to join.] (Wazu)

[That’s regretable. Wazu-senpai is good at running after all.] (Haosui)

I won a short distance game against Haosui once before and we often talked after that. She also enthusiastically invited me to join the track club. Well, I don’t feel like entering though.

[Don’t you have to go practicing? The competition is close, isn’t it?] (Wazu)

[……….Yeah, but I don’t have enough motivation~] (Haosui)

[Then if you win, you can ask me anything as a reward. But of course it’s in the range of what I can do.] (Wazu)

[Understood….. You better be prepared] (Haosui)

[Be prepared?] (Wazu)

       Haosui looked so happy for some reason after I said that. She then headed for her club activities with a beaming face.

Be prepared? What should I prepare?

       Because Orlando and Freud arrived when I was lost in thought, I put that matter aside for the time being and went out to play with them.

This is the ordinary time that I spend every day.

I don’t have a girlfriend yet.

Aah~ I want a girlfriend…..



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