Chapter 10 – Idle Talk: Sarona

It was when we confronted the bandits who kidnapped Siena in the forest that I met him.

When I was looking for a chance to rescue Siena from the bandits, from the direction where I shot an arrow, another man appeared. He wore clothes which seemed made of a monster’s fur and leather. He has no sword, or rather he wasn’t carrying a weapon or anything. I wondered what he was doing inside the forest. I felt no hostility so just ignored him.

One of the bandits began to walk towards the man, but in the blink of an eye, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in another place with Siena.

Using this chance, I wiped out the bandits with my magic. “This is the end”, I unconsciously thought so. I thanked the man who saved Sieana. However, he was solidified for some reason when he saw me.

(I wonder why? Is there something on my face?)

“All right, I have decided it~~~!!!!!” (Wazu)

I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

We found out that Siena benefactor’s name was Wazu. He asked about the location of the nearest town, but instead answered him, we brought him to our village.

I walked ahead as a guide. Behind me, Sieana was clinging to Wazu-san, while Yuyuna and Ruruna were also talking with him profusely. They looked having so much fun….

Siena’s mother came running to us from inside the village and hugged Siena.

(It’s good everything is over….)

I was told by Yuyuna and Ruruna that Wazu-san would stay at their place. I was quite envious hearing that. Ruruna invited me to stay overnight but I declined it.

(Someone like me will just spoil the mood….)


— ♦ ♦ ♦ —


I never missed my training since I was a child, and without me realizing it, the people around me had started to lionize me as a genius. I really worked hard to meet their expectation since then.

Finally, I successfully stood in the apex of other elves as the village guardian. But when I looked back, I realized that I was lonely. I didn’t have someone special to me like the other people, and only Yuyuna and Ruruna who were sill treating me as an equal.

It was such a lonely life….

But Wazu-san was different. He often talked with me. We went together to the forest to pick herbs and edible plants. It was nothing special but I felt happy.

2 weeks have passed since Wazu-san come to this village, and something was slowly changing inside me during those time. I felt happy whenever Wazu-san talk to me, and his smile calmed my heart.

However, I felt somewhat pain inside my chest whenever he was talking with another woman. It was really unpleasant feeling.

(Ruruna…. aren’t you a little too close to Wazu-san….?)

Then, on a certain day, there was a sudden call from the village chief. Gazuna challenged me to a duel. In addition, there was conditions for the loser to leave the village.

(Though I don’t like him, he is still a fellow of villager. I shouldn’t underestimate his power either. Then again, I couldn’t see myself losing against him.)

He proposed the duel, so there must be a considerable resolution and decision on his side. I wondered whether I should accept it or not.

(No, I should accept it. I understand that much.)

I still couldn’t make up my mind and my steps were drawing to Wazu-san’s place as if a natural thing. I just wanted to be near him until I could solidify my determination.

On the next day, I confronted Gazuna.

I was astonished by the power of his robe. However, that wouldn’t be enough to defeat me. But a horde of monsters suddenly filled the village. I honestly didn’t know what should I do at that time.

Though they were from the mountain foot, they were still B ranked monster with some A ranked monsters mixed in. They were the monsters that I alone couldn’t win against. My heart was filled with frustration.

I tried to cast magic but no words came out. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it on bandits or monsters, but Gazuna was still my fellow villager. Though I despised him, I still couldn’t direct my magic at him….

Suddenly, Wazu-san appeared in front of me.

(Huh? Wazu-san? How could you be here?)

I sent quick glance toward the space behind Wazu-san. There was a vast number of monster corpses were lying around.

“~I’m rooting on you! Good luck!” (Wazu)

(Huh? What did you just say? You will drive out the monsters? It’s a lie right?)

But for some reason, the monsters were running away from him…..

(Ah, it’s good that Wazu-san is unharmed.)

Gazuna’s magic seemed about to be exhausted but he still didn’t want to give up and intended to prolong the fight.

(I will end it immediately.)

Gazuna swallowed a red ball and his body transformed. His appearance was not that of an elf anymore, he looked like a different creature, something called “devil” that appears in the story.

I focused my eyes at him, but because of the fatigue, my body was a little late to react. I pierced my knife at the last moment but his attack didn’t stop, and my body was blown away toward the barrier.

I somehow still have my consciousness but my body couldn’t move as I wanted. In front of me, Gazuna crushed my favorite knife with his bare hand.

(Damn it….)

When I saw Wazu-san on the other side of barrier, I told him to run away together with everyone. However, such worry was unnecessary.


The barrier was gone. No, it was destroyed…..

(Wazu-san, what on earth are you?)

Wazu-san cornered Gazuna. In the meantime, I slowly stood up and checked my body condition. Then ,such a thing has entered my ears

“………. because you’re hurting someone I like!!” (Wazu)

(. . . . . . Eeeeeeeeeh? Just now, what did Wazu-san say? Someone he likes? He likes me!?)

My face. . . no, my whole body suddenly became hot. My heart was beating so fast, made it somewhat hurt.

(Why didn’t you look at me? Wazu-san…..)

Finally, Wazu-san turned his body and our eyes met each other, but my head suddenly went blank…..

(Wh-What should I do…..)

“….well ….that’s ….about Wazu-san’s words from earlier….” (Sarona)

My whole face was hot….

“I appreciate….. your feeling…..” (Sarona)

I couldn’t see Wazu-san’s face because I was looking downward to hide my embarrassment.

“….. so-sorry….. no, I mean…..” (Sarona)

(Not that! It’s not what I wanted to say! Honestly, what am I doing!?)

“I also……” (Sarona)

I raised my face, but only the figure of Wazu-san that was running with an amazing speed was seen….

(Eh…. Eeeeeeeeeh? Wazu-san you are too fast….. wait for me….. I haven’t finished my confession yet…..)

. . . . . . . . . a confession?

(Oh, I see…. I get it now….. I also like you Wazu-san…..)

I finally realized my feeling and my heart strangely felt so light. I smiled unintentionally.

“ “ Sarona!!” ” (Yuyuna / Ruruna)

I suddenly heard two voices called me.

“He is gone, that guy!” (Yuyuna)

“The hero who saved the village and Sarona…. Eh? Sarona? don’t tell me you!?” (Ruruna)

Ruruna looked at my expression and seemed noticed my feeling.

(Was my face that easy to read? Ughhh….)

I covered my cheeks in hurry. I didn’t understand myself.

“Really? you….. to him…..” (Ruruna)

“There is no such a thing” (Sarona)

I denied Ruruna’s words but I have decided it inside my heart that I would chase Wazu-san to convey my feeling. Even if at that time, there is someone else beside him, I won’t lose!!

First of all, I’ll resign from Morito. It’s going to take time but I will find you for sure. Be prepared Wazu-san!!

“For the time being there is something else to do, right?” (Yuyuna)

My head was full of Wazu-san. I looked at the direction which Yuyuna pointed at, there was Gazuna.

“Eh? just leave him alone! I have my future to consider, or rather, just let the village chief handle him. Honestly, right now I don’t care whether he is alive or dead…. see you!!” (Sarona)

I turned my heel left Yuyuna and Ruruna were showing an astonished face.




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