Chapter 13 – Is This Clear? Have Become of My Power

There are 8 main points explained inside the status column. HP (Life Force), MP (Magic), STR (Attack Power), VIT (Defense Force), INT (Magic Attack), MND (Magic Defense), AGL (Agility), and DEX (Dexterity). Besides them are name, race, age, individual-specific skills and learned skills.

First of all, the general knights and most of C-rank adventurers’ average status are:

  • HP: 1500/1500
  • MP: 100/100
  • STR: 180
  • VIT: 120
  • INT: 20
  • MND: 50
  • AGL: 80
  • DEX: 60

However, the status that’s displayed on my guild card are:


  • Name: Wazu
  • Race: Human (80%)
  • HP: Can withstand anything
  • MP: It’s zero!
  • STR: My blow shatters the stars
  • VIT: Breaks even the holy sword
  • INT: Magic can’t be used
  • MND: Magic? That’s insignificant
  • AGL: Perhaps, faster that light….. That can’t be true, right?
  • DEX : Equal or above the greatest artist in history….. I guess?


  • Extreme Cannibalism (Unique)
  • Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid (Unique)
  • Goddess’s Sympathy (Unique)

Sponsored by: Goddess.


The hell “Sponsored by: Goddess”. I guess the things described on my guild card are Goddess-sama’s doing. Then let me tell her something;


(Write them in numbers!!!!!!)


Even with magic system, I still don’t know whether I’m strong or not. No, I would be strong, or maybe I’m ridiculously strong!? I don’t know. It’s difficult to understand.

(Ha~….. Ha~….. let’s calm down!!)

First of all, let’s verify them, one by one. The skill details should be found there….. sigh…..

Let’s see, nothing wrong with my name and age. But the race part, what the hell with Human (80%)? What do you mean? 80% human? Then, what is the rest? That makes me uneasy.

It says my MP is zero, but I’m more concerned with my HP because it says I can withstand anything. How about grand magic or ancient magic? I won’t die even after receiving direct attacks from them? No, such things is impossible, right? I’m afraid to confirm it myself.

My STR value says my blow can shatter the stars? Can I take it literally? In other words, if I hit them seriously, there’s nothing I can’t break? For real?

My VIT value says even the holy sword will break….. is that even possible? I mean, we’re talking about the holy sword, right? The fact that even the holy sword will break, does it mean that there’s no weapons that can harm me? Oh, so that’s the reason I couldn’t cut my fingertips with the knife provided by guild.

My INT value says I can’t use magic. I understand where it comes because my MP value says it’s zero. Then again, if my HP value says I can withstand anything….. is there even any meaning for MND?

My AGL value says I’m faster than light but then denying it. I’m interested now. Maybe I will try it secretly later…..

Isn’t it fine to use a numerical value for DEX status, at least? But why is the sentence? Does it to match the other status? I don’t need such an attention, Goddess-sama…..

Well, I know that I’m quite dexterous….. I mean, even the clothes I’m wearing right now, I made it myself….. sigh….. My head is hurt…..

Let’s take a look at skill description now.


Extreme Cannibalism: You can eat anything and it will taste delicious. Bizarre objects, poisons, monsters, etc. will taste delicious. Your status value will increase when consuming the higher rank objects (maximum).

Is this from the time I lived in the mountain? Because I couldn’t choose what to eat, at that time, I ate anything near me to stay alive. I wonder if this is the after-effects?

Well that makes sense. The cause of my abnormal status, is this because of this skill? But, high ranked objects? Did I eat something like that…..?


Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid: Every abnormal condition will be canceled. One condition is excepted.

I wonder if is this also the influence of that mountain? Because the environment was severe, you could find any abnormality there. Then, an abnormal state which isn’t relate with the environment of that mountain, and will work on me….. only liquor that comes to my mind. It’s still on a tolerable range. Next problem is…..


Goddess’s Sympathy: I don’t know what happened that makes you cry and cry so much….. But it’s all right!! There will surely be a good thing for you!! So please don’t give up!! I grant you with all my blessing that will surely help you!! Do your best on your life!!!


What is this? Is Goddess-sama sympathizing with me? Knowing that makes it more painful instead. Life is so hard….. I wonder if a good things will happen to me….. uuu!!!


Thus I finished confirming my status.

In other words, because I’ve received full sympathy (blessing) from Goddess-sama, I’m no longer a genuine human race. I can’t use magic but I’m incredibly strong. Under the influence of a skill, I can say for sure that I won’t die unless from an old age.


I couldn’t raise complaints anymore. Telling about my status to other people seems will bring me troubles. I can’t show my status carelessly. Not many people is able to be S-rank adventurers, but with this, I think it’s possible for me. It’s just probabilities though.

I became strong rather suddenly so I don’t know what to do anymore.




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  1. Ah, there’s his problem, his INT score is still virtually zero. He’s OP, but still a complete idiot. At least it’s explained.

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