Chapter 19 – So This is A-rank Adventurer

While a large audience watching and Baldy standing between us, we faced each other in the center of the training field. The Black Flame guys were smiling an unpleasant smile at me. Then, the red-haired guy moved one step forward.

“Hey, don’t tell me you are really going to do it? I heard your just an F-rank adventurer. It’s better to stop now, rather than getting hurt, being a coward is more preferable right?”

Red-haired guy spoke these words while looking down on me. What are you saying? I’m here because I want to do it. If you don’t understand that, you must be an idiot.

“Everything had been confirmed with you before. Because the audience is waiting, just hurry and prepare yourself already.” (Wazu)

We continued to move apart following the instructions. Baldy alternately looked at us and raised his big hand—

“Both sides please remember that killing is prohibited!! Begin!!!” (Regan)

Baldy moved to the rear after saying that. Following that, I returned my line of sight to the front. The green-haired guy approached me while poising his spear.

“Carefully and plenty, I will carve the fear of Black Flame onto your body, to educate that haughty attitude of yours.”

“Enough of that, if you have room to talk why don’t you just quickly attack me.”

When I avoided the spear, next the red-haired guy came to cut me with his sword.


Red-haired guy clicked his tongue. Perhaps he never imagined that such attacks could be avoided by a mere F-rank adventurer. This time their attacks has been mixed with a feint but I could still easily dodge it.

I could see they are getting impatient. Though they have joined forces, there were no attacks landed. In the first place, it’s impossible for such a slow attacks to reach me.

The pincer attack still continued for a while and suddenly these two people spring back at the same time. What happened?

My fire is a countless melody

After those words finished, a lot of small fireball came flying toward me.

(Come to think of it, I had completely forgotten about him.)

I hit the empty air in the direction of the incoming fireballs. Every one of the fireballs disappeared because of the wind pressure. On this sight, the blonde guy was stunned and red-haired guy was muttering something while glaring at me.

“What did you do? Magic….. no….. is that skill?”

(No, it was just a normal punch.)

I roughly understand their fighting style. The red-haired and green-haired guys with their respective weapons are working as vanguard. The magician blonde guy is working as rearguard. That’s typical, I have finished analyzing it—–

“It can’t be helped, let’s do it seriously!! That said, we didn’t know anything about the skill from earlier, but we can’t lose to an F-rank!! Are you ready? Zecca! Homura” (Glenn)

“I understand! Glenn!” (Zecca)

“It can’t be helped….. Let’s do it” (Homura)

Oh speaking of which, I didn’t know their names. Let’s see, red-haired guy is Glenn, green-haired guy is Zecca, blonde guy is Homura….. Okay, I remember their names, at least for now.

Now, are we going serious at last? It seems finally I will be able to achieved my purpose. I provoked and challenged them to battle because there was a certain purpose.

It’s that I want to know the extent of my own ability. The A-rank which is the upper class adventurer is necessary opponent. I don’t have any combat skill and my status are in texts…..

I want to know how far I could go. I was stronger than most monsters but I couldn’t say the same with humans. They can use magic and skills that monster can’t. In this way, I can compare my strength with other people and can grasp the difference of our status value.

However, how I should put it? From the battle thus far, everything seems meaningless. I felt the overwhelming difference between us. Be it magic or skills but, there are no effects to the battle itself. But maybe, there will be something different when they are serious this time.

They surrounded me while shouting “Haaaa” to raised their morale.

(Hmm? I’m full of openings right now, when will you attack me?)

“You will regret picking a fight with us!!” (Glenn)

The red-haired guy come at me with his sword. Though his speed is faster than before, I feel it comes approaching me very slowly. I dodge it while monitoring the sword’s tip movement.

The spear is drawing near from behind, but I change its track using my finger tip. Combination of sword and spear attacks had started, but it didn’t even graze me.

“Damn it!! Why didn’t my attack hit!! Even though my Swordsman skill is level 7.” (Glenn)

(Hee… if I’m not wrong, the maximum skill level is 10. That’s quite high level.)

I continued to dodge their attack but suddenly, they stopped and took a distance to join with blonde guy. They are lined in a row.

“Homura are you ready?” (Glenn)

“At any time!!” (Homura)

Oh? It seems they are about to do something. If it’s so, I also have something I want to confirm myself. It’s simple, I will deliberately receive their attack to test my endurance.

“My sword is bestowed with the power of flame.” (Glenn)

The red-haired guy’s sword wrapped in fire. Oh is that guy a magic swordsman? How nice, it’s so cool…..

“Let’s go!!” (Glenn)

The darkness stands before me.” (Homura)

The red-haired castes a magic and intense flash spread in the vicinity. It was so dazzling so I covered my eyes with my hand immediately. I could feel the sign of red-haired guy drawing near.

I received his horizontal-slash attack directly.


Hmm? Just now, I heard a sound such as breaking sound. Setting that aside, this time the green-haired’s spear is approaching.

“Burn! Flame spear!!” (Zecca)

You too? I thought. But apparently, it was just a gimmick from the spear itself. The fire sprouting from a spear’s tip and wrapping me.

“Hear me, the sound of destruction” (Homura)

After blonde guy cast a magic, there was a flame explosion from my surrounding one after another.

“How is that? This is the finishing move of Black Flame,

TRIPLE!!” (Glenn)

“FIRE!!” (Zekka)

“ATTACK!!” (Homura)

The ground was gouged out and scorched while a black smoke rising to the sky…..


— ♦ ♦ ♦ —


I checked my body inside the smoke. Despite receiving such attacks, there was not even a single scratch let alone injuries. Though I didn’t feel the impact of the attack, it still felt hot….

“What!? My sword is broken.” (Glenn)

I heard such words from outside the smoke. I continued checking my clothes it was neither torn or burned. Thinking about it carefully, my clothes are made from the mountain’s monster. In other words, the material itself are S-ranked. I didn’t feel anything from those guys’ attacks.

(Oh well, I have confirmed my abnormal strength let’s bring it to the end.)

While the smoke is still surrounding us, with an ultra-speed movement, I knocked the three of them. Of course, since I’m holding back properly, they are still alive and just fainted.

Baldy confirmed that those guys ere safe from a distance and declared my victory loudly.




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