Chapter 2 – I Leave the Mountain and…. It’s Forest

A “mountain” in the center of the world’s largest continent, which nobody ever set foot on. In fact, no people dares to approach it.

In a certain altitude, the climate will rapidly change, so it’s impossible for humans to climb it to begin with. Not even small footprints will remain in this place, where natural disasters are just like a daily occurrence. Moreover, this mountain is a place where the creatures called “monster” live.

There’s a rank system in the human society to differentiate monsters. From the highest to the lowest rank are; “S • A • B • C • D • E • F”. Here, in this place, you can easily find S-ranked monsters.

Simply speaking of a S-rank monster’s strength, it’s strong enough to annihilate the elite knights order from the major power country. Or somehow, they will be able to repel it in exchange for great causalities. In fact, they are on a level where human can’t do anything about it, just as natural disasters.

However, the highest rank “S”, is only something that people arbitrarily decided. In fact, monsters exceeding S-rank exist in this mountain. That’s exactly why this mountain has become something of a taboo for people.

And right now, a man is coming down from this mountain.


— ♦ ♦ ♦ —


The forest was formed by high trees. So high, that even sunlight couldn’t reach the ground. Because of that, it’s hard to see what lies far ahead.

While thinking about how wide the forest is, I’m walking around while eating nuts and fruit which I found.

“Delishhh….” (Wazu)

Well, speaking of these nuts and fruits whether delicious or not…. I dare to say it’s awesome. Particularly the one with a poisonous-looking color, it’s unbelievably delicious.

Honestly speaking, I can tell that this fruit and nut are really poisonous. I can distinguish them to some extent. Probably…. because these past two years I couldn’t eat anything decent, I got some strange-resistance as the result….

Certainly, when I was living in the mountain, I mainly ate monster meat.

I put anything in my mouth in order to survive…. It was hell in the beginning but I survived…. Throwing up, stomachache, paralyzed, hallucinations, fever, and losing body temperature. I was quite in unstable condition before finally got used to it….

(I’m doing well to survive…. I have worked so hard….)

Compared to what I ate at that time, even this ordinary nut was very delicious. There are plenty but let’s eat it little by little!

*munch. munch. munch. *

Although I have no problem to walk in the forest alone, my heart’s still pounding uncontrollably when thinking about meeting people.

I wonder if it’ll be all right…. I wonder if I can speak properly later…. I wonder if there’s no problem with my appearance?

I made small knife from a sharpened monster bone to cut my hair. I also made clothes from monster fur. I’ve washed it properly in the river so there should be no smells left. Yeah, there is nothing to worry about. The first impression is important, after all.

“A, I, U, E, O…. No good, I’m too excited and couldn’t calm down.”

Let’s see…. I have to properly look at the other party’s eyes…. Watch my tone as not to be rude…. Hmm? How do I start a conversation again? First is greeting…. and then do self-introduction…. then make a small talk…. after that… after that…. I wonder what I should talk about? I don’t know the events of the world because I secluded myself in the mountain for the past two years.

What should I do…. I can see myself stumbled upon conversation in the future.

First of all, let’s collect information by listening the people around. Let’s say I came from the country side…. There is no problem with money, since the money I had brought in when I ran away from the home remains intact. I have a few tens silver coins….

I’m not crying okay…. It’s a reasonable amount of money that ordinary townspeople possessed!

It’s my entire fortune which I saved before I left the Imperial capital!

However, considering my future life, I have no choice but going home because I don’t have anyone to rely on…. at this late of the game huh….

I gained a little power from when I lived in the mountain. When push comes to shove, I can just register as adventurer and live a frugal-life with the coin earned from low-ranked request. Something like collecting herbal, maybe?

Not many, but I also want to make friends. I won’t be able to meet my friend from the imperial city ever again, after all…. To be able sharing a foolish tales with my new friend and so on, such a life is not that bad….

While I lost in thought, an arrow flew from the distance, and hit on the fruit in my hand.

“Oops!!” (Wazu)

I thought that there was no time to avoid it and I was planning to catch it. But I forgot that my hand was holding a fruit, because of that, the arrows was stuck in it.

I can see a group of people’s looking at my direction, from where the flying arrows came. Or rather, it’s impossible for it to come flying by itself.

Once more, my heart is pounding.

After 2 years, the opportunity to speak with people has come….

“O-Okay!! Here I come!!” (Wazu)

I walked toward that place without minding the arrows that came flown at me. Not long, I noticed that there were more than one people over there.

Oh to suddenly meet so many people at once…. I’m at a disadvantage here. I wouldn’t be able to give a response if they all talk to me at once…. should I retreat?

“Release that child !!!”

“Drop your weapon and surrender quietly if you don’t want to be hurt !!!”

The moment I heard their voice, I threw fruits and nuts in my hand and started to run.




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