Chapter 5 – Everyday Life in the Village

Two weeks have passed since I came to the elven village. For me who was longing to meet people, those past two weeks were so fun. Everything was so fresh and new, because it was the first time I visited an elven village.

Every single house was built on the top of trees, but there was no ladder or stairs. I wondered how could they enter the house at first, but it seemed they were using wind magic to float themselves in. Elves have a high aptitude for wind magic, after all.

Come to think of it, Sarona-san was also using that kind of magic to attack the dirty-man’s group.

I can’t use any magic because I don’t have magic power. Therefore, Yuyuna carried me on his back when I was about to enter his house. It was quite embarrassing. By the way, Yuyuna and Ruruna provided me a place to stay in their house.

I was also surprised by the foods. Elves didn’t seem to eat meat that much, but they consumed various herbs and plants that were abundant in the forest. They ate fruits or make a jam from it. They also made dried fruits to be stored as preserved foods.

Elf race was full of handsome men and beautiful women. Though Siena still has an appearance of a child, there is no doubt she will also become a beauty in the future.

Nevertheless, the most beautiful elf is still Sarona-san.

I heard that Sarona-san is the strongest elf among the elites of this village. She’s on the top position of a group in charge of protecting the village called “Morito”. Sarona-san is cool as expected.

After spending some time together, the twin elves noticed my feeling toward Sarona-san. Well, it goes without saying because I’m always looking at her. They had been grinning all the way on my back.

That being said, I felt grateful to those two because they told me many things about Sarona-san.

Or rather, they were worried about Sarona-san. She was too serious with her job and didn’t seem interested in love. This is a big problem, indeed.

But Sarona-san who’s serious also nice…..

The two were speechless for some reason when I asked whether I was good enough to be her partner. Though it seems they’re supporting me.

With the help of these two, I was always trying to find a chance to be alone together with Sarona-san

We spent our time together collecting herbs and edible wild plants in the forest, sharing stories about ourselves, and so on. That was such a happy time in my life. I felt so happy when she was worrying about me…..

But this happy time came to the end abruptly. The malice that I felt when I just arrived to the village, was taking a shape and slowly approached us.

The night of that day, when I and Sarona-san returned, we found Yuyuna and Ruruna were sprawling on bed. Of course they were not doing anything illicit. They seemed to be drunk after drinking some liquor. They were brooding on something about Saron-san, but when I asked, they never gave me a response.

Didn’t you say you will help me? I didn’t understand the circumstances so I couldn’t do anything about it.

The next morning, I woke up but nobody was in the house. I went out to check the outside and saw everybody was gathered in a circle at the center of village. I, who couldn’t use magic, clung desperately to tree and tried to come down by myself. That was so unsightly. I hope nobody saw it.

I approached the circle and saw two people, man and woman, on the ring. The woman is Sarona-san and the man is someone I don’t know. It seems Sarona-san is about to fight the man. I don’t know the situation so I’m looking for Yuyuna and Ruruna. I found them right behind Sarona-san.

“Hey, can you tell me what’s going on?” (Wazu)

“Hmm? Oh you woke up. Well it’s just as you can see” (Yuyuna)

“That Gazuna guy, he was aiming for Morito top position and challenged Sarona to a duel with a condition the loser has to leave the village” (Ruruna)

“Huh? Leave the village? She accepted it!?” (Wazu)

It was hard for me to believe

“Oh, it’s looks like you are quite worried. Well it’s has been decided since yesterday night, and the preparation also has been completed. That Gazuna bastard, Sarona is just like a relative to us. Oh well, just rest assured because Sarona won’t lose to a guy like him” (Yuyuna)

“Yeah, Gazuna has a bad personality. I also don’t like him. No matter how much he want that position, without respect and camaraderie to others, he is not qualified.” (Ruruna)

I took a look at the man called Gazuna while the two explaining. He has a handsome face, though I didn’t want to admit it, but as expected of an elf.

He lifted the edge of his mouth, smiled an ugly smile as if he was laughing to what about to happen.

Sarona-san wore a clothes that emphasized mobility. The lines of her thighs was splendid. On the other side, Gazuna covered his body with a black robe down from the neck. I couldn’t help but thinking he was hiding something below his robe.

I look at the surrounding people.

“It’s hopeless. This fellow is no good.”


They were whispering while holding their laughter.




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