Chapter 6 – The Malice Takes Shape

“Well then, the battle to determine Morito’s top position will be started. Are the both sides ready?”

“Yes.” (Sarona)

“Yeah.” (Gazuna)

An elf walked between Sarona-san and Gazuna to ask the final confirmation before the battle begins. I heard that person is the village chief. Indeed, he has a dignified aura around him.

“Good. You two will be fighting inside the barrier while other people will be forbid to enter. Neither of you can go out until the winner is decided.” (Village chief)

“Just like you proposed, the loser has to leave the village. I don’t have any intention to take your life, so be at ease.” (Sarona)

“Oh, it’s not like I want to take your life either. That’s right, I just want to crush your spirit, so do give me your best show.” (Gazuna)

“I see….” (Sarona)

The two respectively took out their weapon after saying that much. Sarona-san used her gem-decorated knife and Gazuna used a long sword. The two readied their weapon. Once again, the village chief asked for confirmation from these two before came back to the spectator seats.

“Okay, with this, the condition has been determined. Everyone here shall become the witness.” (Village chief)

Village chief casted a magic. Then, a semi-circular shape of slightly bluish light, a transparent barrier, covered the arena.

*kon kon*

(It’s quite hard, but likely will break if I punch it seriously. I won’t do it, though.)

“Then, begin!!!” (Village chief)

Gazuna moved along with the village chief’s signal to start the duel. He launched a thrust to utilize the difference reach between the long sword and knife.

Sarona-san changed a sharp thrust’s trajectory effortlessly with her knife. Then, to break his balance, Sarona-san launched multiplied feint attack toward Gazuna’s face.

Using the rotation of her body, she unleashed a round-kick that landed in Gazuna’s abdomen, but the person who showed an anguished expression was Sarona-san herself.

“Darn, this impact….. an iron? No, I’m sure under that robe he wore an ordinary clothes. Then, is this because of the robe itself?” (Sarona)

“I expected no less from you! Quite insightful. That’s right, this robe could exhibit the hardness of iron when you put magic power into it. I got this thing from a certain peddler recently. Be it the knife or Taijutsu, it won’t work against me anymore!! Now, what to do Sarona-chaaaan???” (Gazuna)

(That’s quite something he had. No wonder he wants to brag.)

“I see…..” (Sarona)

Sarona-san gave a short response and sheathed her knife while narrowing her eyes.

Then, with an explosive movement, she closed the distance and stepped on Gazuna’s tip toe which wasn’t covered by the robe, with full power.

(That must be hurt.)

Still floating an expression of anguish, Sarona-san grabbed his robe and launched a headbutt.

(That also looks painful.)

However, the attack didn’t end there. Gazuna fell on his back after receiving a legsweep. Then, while straddling on him, Sarona-san beat his face eagerly.

(Forgive me Sarona-san. But right now, I’m afraid of you. I mean, she’s doing it with an expressionless face. For going to that extent….. is this because he called her with “-chan”?)

Yuyuna and Ruruna also seemed to be slightly scared. I have to be careful as well. I thought.
(Oh she is done.)

Slowly, Sarona-san stood and took some distance with a somewhat satisfied face.

“It’s useless. You can try any kind of trick but it will be still meaningless. If you can’t understand that much, you must be an idiot.” (Sarona)

Sarona-san gave a harsh remark.

(I think he won’t answer your question, though. Or rather, I don’t think he can speak right now.)

Or so I thought, but…..

“Kukuku. That’s Sarona the strongest elf for you. There is no mercy at all. How fearsome, truly.” (Gazuna)

Gazuna stood up while throwing a joke. While floating a twisted smile, his face that got beaten little by little back to normal.

(He must be doing something. I wonder what he’s still hiding up his sleeve.)

“The bruise is being healed….. I see, it’s vague but I can feel some magic emitting from the robe….. an automatic recovery magic, is it?” (Sarona)

“That’s right. There’s no meaning no matter how much you attack me. Why don’t you give up already?” (Gazuna)

“What a nonsense. Is that where your confidence come from? Such a thing will only enough to buy some time.” (Sarona)

“Fufufu….. Oh, that’s right, it would be only temporary. But, it doesn’t matter, I will give you a taste of true despair now!!!” (Gazuna)

Gazuna took out a black ball from his robe.

“This object will fulfill my desire! O gospel of the great darkness, come fills my heart.”

The black light came out from the ball and filled my field of vision, but soon disappeared, back into the ball in the blink of an eye.

Though the black light from earlier has disappeared, the black ball on his hand was a proof that it wasn’t just my imagination.

Sarona-san closed and opened her hand to confirm whether there was an abnormality in her body or not.

“What was that? What are you trying to do?” (Sarona)

*- – – – – badump – – – – -*

(I wonder what is that? Just now, I heard something like a heartbeat….. However, the people around me doesn’t show any reaction. Didn’t you hear that? Umm, was it just my imagination? No, I’m sure….. Hmm? Somehow the ground is shaking, isn’t it?)

*dododo dododo dododo*

Something similar to a large crowd footsteps were heard from the distance, headed toward this place at full speed.




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