Isekai Sagishi C6P2

       Yashiro and Ginette left the Hidamari-tei and walked down the road, towards the south. The vast fields stretched before them. There seems to be some people who’s devoting themselves to field work from early in the morning!? T-That scared me…….. The farmer who’s working in a nearby field is a crocodile guy. Hmm, wait

Isekai Sagishi C6P1

Making donation — for such an incomprehensible reason, Ginette is preparing the ingredients eagerly. Getting up when the morning sky was still dark, the first thing she does is preparing breakfast for those who are waiting for free meal at the church…. I’m lost for words. The early bird gets the worms? She suffers a

Isekai Sagishi C5P3

Sabishii desu!!        The season changed, it’s time to say good bye to some anime series…. Well, anyway, I have a question — is panties a singular or a plural? I’m being serious here, so I hope you will also answer me seriously. I mean, the Ms-word program treats is as a plural but I

Isekai Sagishi C5P2

Sabishii desu!!        Just when I finally felt the mood for translating novel, some of light novels I’ve been following were released at the same time, so I took another break. In addition, I also found some interesting web novels and mangas. Well, anyway, I have nothing I want to read right now, and I

Isekai Sagishi C5P1

Sabishii desu!!        Happy New Year, guys….. Okay, I know it’s already March, but this is my first post in 2019 so just let me say it. Anyways, it took more than a month to finish this translation(part). Sigh…. my head is getting dulled, it seems. I could spend hours mulling over a simple paragraph

Isekai Sagishi C4P3

       It was a dilapidated restaurant with the images of a knife and a fork engraved on its signboard. There was a delicious smell coming from the inside yet again. “I came back here, but…. Now, what?” (Yashiro) My anger has completely gone because of the shock from the wanted poster. Even if I want

Isekai Sagishi C4P2

There was a wanted poster in the middle of the bulletin board with Yashiro’s portrait drawn on it. A felon selling stolen goods. Please inform the guild if you find him. For those who caught him dead or alive, would receive 100,000 Rb prize money. Features: About 170 cm tall, black hair, black eyes that

Isekai Sagishi C4P1

The girl from Hidamari-tei approached Yashiro with a smiling face. However, that smile amplified the terror inside his heart, instead. I’ll turn into a frog the moment “Judgement of the Spirit” comes out from her mouth. Deprived of my human rights, forced to join those guys in that dim wetland…. No, I don’t want it.

Isekai Sagishi C3P3

Sabishii desu!! 25 days left in 2018. This is not a productive year for translation. Well anyway, I dropped Isekai Kaeri Ossan series to start my first LN translation project (Yey!). This is novel called VRMMO Gakuen. If you started getting bored with novels with Isekai theme, this is the thing for you. If you’re

Isekai Sagishi C3P2

“P-Please give me a little more time!”        Such voices reached Yashiro’s ears when he had just set his foot on the main road of the 42nd Ward. The road that was big enough for two carriages to pass each other, with restaurants and bars lined up on both sides.        In the middle of