Maou-sama V3C7

Sponsored by: Melody A.H. Chapter 7 – Employment Now then, I’ve finished my morning preparation. Let’s think about what to do today while having breakfast.        When I went to the dining hall, Ron was already there. He’s still uselessly big as usual. If I look closely, he seems to be quite strong. However, in

Maou-sama V3C6

Chapter 6 – The Pink Aura        When I came back to the inn, the dining room was pretty crowded, probably because it was just the right time for dinner. However, my usual seat was vacant, so I sat down there. Yato came over before long and put a glass of water on the table.

Maou-sama V3C5

Chapter 5 – Weakness For the time being, I have to do something about the place for them to stay tonight. No matter how I look at it, they can’t sleep at the inn, considering their sizes. I’ve heard from Ron that there is a hut for livestock in the north of the village, but

Maou-sama V3C4

Chapter 4 – Common Sense        When I arrived at the village square, I saw two minotaurs, two orcs, and two cockatrices. What’s going on here!? “F-Fell-chan! The village is under attack! Help!!” (Dia)        Dia asked for help from the entrance of the guild. The village is under attack? This is my turn to

Maou-sama V3C3

Chapter 3 – Information Gathering        I invited Via to have lunch together at the inn’s diner. Dia also tagged along as a bonus. While we were waiting for our orders, I explained about the escort job to Via and asked if she could be my guide. “I don’t mind, but the elves will come

Maou-sama V3C2

Chapter 2 – Escort Request “Hello, Priest. It’s unusual for you to come to the adventurer guild.” (Dia) “I’m here to submit a job request.” (Priest) He came to submit a job request? Maybe it’s about the escort job he mentioned before. Speaking of which, I don’t know the market price for this kind of

Maou-sama V3C1

Chapter 1 – The Usual Morning        I woke up feeling refreshed. I feel like I’ve slept pretty well last night. Even goats (baphomets) could do the job, after all. I didn’t have nightmares either. In any case, I should get ready to go out and look for a job.        I looked at my

Maou-sama Vol.2 Intermission

Sponsored by: Melody H.A / Adil Z Vol.2 Intermission – A Love Researcher        Inside a certain room at the magician guild, a young woman was sitting in a chair while reading a book in a solemn atmosphere.        Having finished reading it, the young woman then closed the book very carefully. After that, she

Maou-sama V2C27

Chapter 27 – Dream        On the way back to the inn, I looked towards the village entrance and found that the repairs had almost been completed. That was quick! Moreover, the gate looks more splendid than before…. I mean, is that an arch? Never mind. I don’t want to interfere too much. In any

Maou-sama V2C26

Chapter 26 – Seiza        I left the inn and headed towards the village chief’s house. Then, as I passed the village square, I saw my slimes and the group were in the middle of repairing the village gate. I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while now, but are those yellow moving plants