Maou-sama V1C21

Chapter 21 – Friendship Maou-sama should be working on something in his room right now. Let’s get out of the room quietly so as not to disturb him.        I quietly left the room and went downstairs. “Good morning, Fell.” (Ron) “Good morning. Please prepare the breakfast with extra milk!” (Fell) “Okay, wait a minute.”

Maou-sama V1C20

Chapter 20 – Demon Race        I returned to the inn. “What’s today’s lunch?” (Fell) “Grilled fish. I was able to catch a lot of fish in the nearby river, so Nia used it as main ingredients for lunch menu.” (Ron) You can catch fish in the river? There are also rivers and lakes in

Maou-sama V1C19

Chapter 19 – Taken The weather is bleak today. This reminds me of the demon world. You would die if you stay outside too long. However, because I wanted to see what the outside of dungeon looked like, I had gone outside several times in the past. Well, the outside was cold and dark. There

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Chapter 18 – Sunflower The lunch was egg-based dish. I wonder what egg was used, it was so delicious. I had tried cockratice eggs and basilisk eggs in the demon world a long time ago, and they were quite delicious. Ron once said that he was taking care of the livestock before, perhaps he also

Maou-sama V1C17

Chapter 17 – Job Search        I woke up. I feel like I just had a really bad dream…. Oh well, no use worrying it. I must get ready before Maou-sama wakes up.        I got out of the bed and washed my face. The room was also equipped with magic tool to create water.

Maou-sama V1C16

Chapter 16 – Waitress        I’ve changed into the clothes that Dia passed to Ron before. “You want me to serve the customers while wearing this frilly outfit…? I feel like destroying the whole village right now….” (Fell) I’ve underestimated the waitress job. I haven’t even started, but I want to quit already…. This just

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Chapter 15 – Job Request There’s a request at last. My time has finally came. Fuhahaha! “I want to hear the details.” (Fell) “Okay, but let’s meet the client first!” (Dia) I wonder who is the client. *I hope I can get on a large ship. If I’m on board, even an iceberg won’t be

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Chapter 14 – Business “I became an adventurer, but what do you mean by there are no requests in this guild?” (Fell) “Ca-Calm down, Fell-chan! I-I can see some kind of energy gathering in your fist!” (Dia) She is right. I need to calm down. I’ve heard that you should count the prime numbers in

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Chapter 13 – The Adventurer Guild I overslept! It looks like I was really tired yesterday. I want to sleep a little more, but that’s not going to happen. If Maou-sama tells me to return to the demon world because I was slacking off, I won’t be able to recover from the shock. I have

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Chapter 12 – Sodogora Village Now that I’ve registered as an adventurer, let’s continue strolling the village!        On the left side of adventurer guild, there was the village chief’s house. I looked around, but the rest of buildings were just private houses. I can’t make a sudden house visit, can I? There’s no more