Plant Monster Girl Extra-01

Extra: Does the Honey-Crazed Boy Dream of Alraune? (Part 1) My name is Armin. I’m 10-years-old, a magician apprentice, and a grandson of the great sage. Traveling with my grandfather is all about training and there’s nothing but hardships. My grandfather, who is well known as the great sage, trains me personally, so I guess

Monster Girl 012

Chapter 12 – I’m Alraune, 0-Year-Old, I Decided to Keep a Shota with Honey from Today Three days have passed since I started keeping the boy. Apparently, feeding him my honey is enough to satisfy his hunger. However, unexpectedly, honey is not the only menu on our dining table. Of course, I didn’t feed him

Monster Girl 011

Chapter 11 – First Human This is troubling…. What should I do with this child? From his appearance, I’d say he is about ten years old. He seems to be unconscious because of the Zornbiene’s poison. Still, I’ve never expected a Shota would be brought here. Back to the topic, what should I do with

Monster Girl 010

Chapter 10 – Circle Crusher A.K.A Man-Eater The Zornbienes brought a flower monster. Next to me, the new princess is surrounded by female knights. Her name is Man-Eater. Her face is a flower with vicious-looking teeth, while her body is a tree trunk with many roots growing from its base like a jellyfish. Her body

Monster Girl 009

Sponsored by: C. Louis Chapter 9 – Can Anyone Teach Me How to Beg for Rain?        Suddenly, summer had come. It’s so hot!! What’s with the weather!?        Looking up at the cloudless sky, I stretched out my hands high. I wonder if it will rain. I need water….        Since the day I

Monster Girl 008

Chapter 8 – Alraune and Forest Girls’ Academy I’m Arlaune, a plant monster girl. Instead of providing them with my honey, I received food ration and protection from the Zornbienes. Is this the beginning of life surrounded by bees? I feel like an idol who received a tribute from the fans. No, it’s a princess

Monster Girl 007

Sponsored by: M. H. Anderson Chapter 7 – Please be Gentle Because This is My First Time Yeah, impossible. This is too much! When I was a high school girl in my previous life, I was an otaku with a history of not having boyfriend = age. I also never had boyfriend when I was

Monster Girl 006

Chapter 6 – Pollination Crisis Emergency! It’s an emergency comparable to the time when I was betrayed by my companions. I, Alraune, am a female flower and my upper body is a pistil. Over there is a bee monster called Zornbiene with pollen from male flowers on its body. If the pollen on that bee’s

Monster Girl 005

Chapter 5 – I’m a Solanaceous Woman When I was a high school girl in Japan, I could never have imagined that I would become a saint in this fantasy world, and then changed to the plant monster route as an Alraune. Fortunately, the high school girl me — Murasaki Ayame, was quite familiar with

Monster Girl 004

Chapter 4 – Someone, Please Raise Me or Sell Me to a Greenhouse What does it mean to be plant-like?        I couldn’t help but ask myself as I disabled a deer monster with poisonous pollen. Humble? Calm? Graceful? What’s that? Is it tasty? Just leave those kind of things to potted flowers kept by