Monster Girl 003

Chapter 3 – I’m a Former Saint Plant Monster Girl and This is Honey-Loving Perverted Bear Laubbär — that is the name of bear monster in front of me. A ferocious monster feared by humans with the characteristic blade-like horn growing from its forehead. It’s said that Laubbär’s sharp claws can easily cut down large

Monster Girl 002

Chapter 2 – I will Live as a Plant from now on        On the journey to defeat the demon lord, I was betrayed by my fiancé — the hero, and my junior — saint apprentice, and then killed. But when I came back to my sense, I found myself had been reincarnated as a

Monster Girl 001

Chapter 1 – The Beginning of Everything I guess it’s really true that people will see their whole life flashed in front of their eyes on the verge of death. However, to my surprise, there are memories I don’t recognize mixed in for some reason. Yeah, I remember it now. I was a Japanese high