Saikyou no Butouka V1C25

Chapter 25 – It’s an accident        Noire got off at the station just before Nemuneshia’s, and headed straight to the wasteland on foot. Then, after walking for about half day, she arrived at her destination — a cuboid building that stood tall in the middle of the wasteland, illuminated by the setting sun.       

Saikyou no Butouka V1C24

Chapter 24 – Is this magic? “It’s here, Master!” (Effa)        We finally arrived at our destination after walking for some time. Before me, a wasteland extended to the other side of horizon. There were no buildings nor animals as far as the eyes could see. Yup. If it’s here, there will be no problem

Saikyou no Butouka V1C23

Chapter 23 – Trying to make a harem        After the feast, the quintuplets immediately wore the souvenirs (ribbon) they received from Effa, and invited me to play together in the garden. The game I played with them was…. “Hey, what is the meaning of this?” “You better to have a good explanation for it!”

Saikyou no Butouka V1C22

Chapter 22 – I’ve never thought about a reverse pattern        Inside the vacant room allocated to me, I found a magic wand. No, calm down. It’s not something unusual…. Thinking about it rationally, every household must at least have one magic wand for everyday use. There are even those who replace it regularly, and

Saikyou no Butouka V1C21

Chapter 21 – Nemuneshia        The second day of the trip — we changed to the train in Pennilopa, and arrived in Nemuneshia at noon. Nemuneshia was more countryside than I had imagined. On the top of dry soil, wooden houses stood in a row. This reminded me of the town in western drama. Oh

Saikyou no Butouka V1C20

Chapter 20 – Airship        The morning of the first day of the three consecutive days off. “Oh, as expected of Master! You came earlier than me!” (Effa)        Effa rushed towards me who was standing in front of the school gate — our meeting place. “I happened to wake up earlier than usual this

Saikyou no Butouka V1C19

Chapter 19 – The world’s strongest wizard        One week has passed since I accepted Effa as my disciple. There was a resistance to be called Master in the beginning, but above all, I wanted to be a wizard not a martial arts instructor.        Giving martial arts training in the magic school, what the

Saikyou no Butouka V1C18

Chapter 18 – Disciple applicant “Okay, everyone, please take a seat! This is first-come-first-served based, so pick whichever seat you like!”        A female teacher came in at the same time my conversation with Noire-san ended. The same teacher who supervised my practical test during the transfer student entrance test and the promotion test —

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Chapter 17 – My new classmates        The advanced class was located at the end of the third floor of the east tower. I was heading there immediately after the homeroom ended. It looks like I’m the only one from the lower class who was promoted to the advanced class in this promotion test. I

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Chapter 16 – The promotion test result        One week has passed since the promotion test. On the morning of that day, my classmates were restlessly waiting for our homeroom teacher to come. “I’m going to stay in this class again, I guess….” (Nina)        Nina-san said those words to me with a voice mixed