Sabishii? Hai, Sabishii desu!!


The Other World Con Artist’s Management Techniques

Ooba Yashiro, the notorious con artist who made his name known throughout Japan.

His life burned out on the bad luck, and he was reborn in a huge city where you can’t lie. In the world where the liars are turned into frog by Spirit God who hates lies, Yashiro uses his silver tongue and the skills he cultivated as a con artist to rise up.

The story of a hero who was reborn in a different world, using the modern knowledge and quibble as a weapon, to help a big-breasted beautiful girl rebuilding a destitute restaurant and improving the living environment of the bottom district. <<read more>>




  • I’ll divide each chapter into 2-4 parts because they’re so loooong and you’ll also need some thinking to understand the story.
  • I’ll put space in the beginning of paragraph for narration, and use past tenses from 3rd person’s POV.
  • I’ll write the speaker’s inner thoughts as is.
  • I’ll use “_____” between the line for dialogue.

I hope this will make you understand my translations better.

Other Projects


  • I won’t be translating Sonomono anymore. Here’s the details.
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  • Here is the teaser for my new project. I will start translating it after finished re-editing Sonomono, that’s my plan but we will see later.
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