Maou-sama V1C12

Chapter 12 – Sodogora Village Now that I’ve registered as an adventurer, let’s continue strolling the village! On the left side of adventurer guild, there’s the village chief’s house. I look around, but the rest of buildings are just private houses. I can’t make a sudden house visit, can I? There’s no more place left,

Maou-sama V1C11

Chapter 11 – General Store and Guild        The torture session of Goddess Religion was finally over. Ugh, I will get back at them someday. Let’s continue the stroll for now!        I walked towards the left direction of the church. There was a store with ‘Via General Store’ written on its signboard. Maybe Via

Maou-sama V1C10

Chapter 10 – Inn and Church        The meeting at the village chief’s house ended, and everyone was allowed to return to their houses. “Alright, let’s go to my place immediately! I will introduce you to my wife!” This uncle is very enthusiastic. “Okay, I understand. Well then, Village Chief, I will excuse myself!” (Fell)

Maou-sama V1C9

Chapter 9 – Villagers Finally, I was able to enjoy the soup after waiting for around 20 minutes until it cooled down. Even though it was already cold, the soup was warm…. The taste of vegetables seeped into the soup. No, should it be the other way around? Maybe it’s the taste of soup that

Maou-sama V1C8

Chapter 8 – Village Chief        I entered the village chief’s house. He told me to take a seat and then disappeared into another room. I observed the interior of the house while waiting for him. Although interior is simple, this house is much bigger than the other houses in this village. There’s a big

Maou-sama V1C7

Chapter 7 – Bandits        I was awakened by the sound of birds singing. Noisy birds. I will grill you later!        Then, slowly, I realized that it was the sound of a magic tool that Maou-sama had entrusted to me. Because Maou-sama couldn’t use telepathy, he substituted our way of communication with a magic

Maou-sama V1C6

Chapter 6 – Restraint “Now then, shall we depart? If we follow this road, we will arrive at the human village.” (Maou) Maou-sama looks more energetic than usual. Probably because he’s got a good sleep yesterday. “How long will it take to reach that village?” (Fell) “Hmm, we should arrive when the sun goes down.”

Saikyou no Butouka V2C7

Chapter 7 – I’m not a lost child        Though I ran into a little trouble (demon lord) in the way, I managed to arrive in Erstania when the sun rose. As I walked towards the academy, I saw Noir-san in front of the front gate. “Good morning, Noire-san. What are you doing this early

Maou-sama V1C5

Chapter 5 – Humans “I have decided to give up on going to the World Tree for the time being.” (Maou)        When the breakfast was over, Maou-sama suddenly proclaimed so. “The elves said that there was a human village in the east. I’d like to use that place as base to remake that plan.”

Maou-sama V1C4

Chapter 4 – Elves Let’s do our best again today! First of all, we need to make contact with humans or maybe elves. Although they’re supposed to be in this forest, we have never met anyone since we came here…. are they really in this forest? No, I’m not doubting Maou-sama. This must be part