Maou-sama V2C11

Chapter 11 – Rematch        I woke up. I didn’t know what time it was because there were no windows, but since I felt hungry, I thought it was already morning. For now, let’s get dressed and eat the bento. Yesterday was a tough day…. let’s eat two boxes. This is a bliss. – –

Maou-sama V2C10

Chapter 10 – Sleep Disturbance        Having finished the so-so dinner made by Mittor, I had nothing else to do and ended up lost in thought. The elders most likely will wake up tomorrow, and the treatment of Ur and the other two will be decided at that time. That’s fine, but Ur’s words are

Maou-sama V2C9

Chapter 9 – Chatter “Hey, you, let’s have a little chat!” (Ur)        Ur called out to me from inside the prison. There’s no merit for me, and I’m not particularly interested either. Maybe she is trying to get some information from me by having a conversation? Besides, I have noticed it. From the flow

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Chapter 8 – Interrogation “Mittor, my lunch. It’s already noon.” (Fell) “Look at the situation. It’s not the time to talk about lunch, is it?” (Mittor)        Mittor told me off with a tired expression. No matter what situation is, eating is important. Or are you telling me that elves can live without food? Then

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Chapter 7 – Identity “Wh-Whatever are you talking about!? W-We are the elders of elves!! Th-There’s no way we are humans!!” It’s not very convincing when you are flustered like that. You’d better learn how to act and try it again. Now that I think about it, Dia’s vomiting blood act was pretty good. “From

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Chapter 6 – The Elders I feel like I’ve walked quite a bit after leaving the prison. I wonder how far our destination is. “How far are we going to walk?” (Fell) “Just a little more. There is a place beyond this called the Eternal Garden. The elders are waiting there.” (Mittor)        Just as

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Chapter 5 – Apple Thieves        Several pillars of light poured down from above. I figured it was already morning and got up from my bed. The sunlight is coming through the gaps between the branches and leaves — such a fantastic sight. This would be perfect if there were fairies or spirits around. More

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Chapter 4 – Long-lived Race “This is the innermost part of the Elven Forest.” (Captain) It took quite a while, but we seem to have arrived at our destination. The surroundings are quite dark. Maybe the sun is almost setting? I can’t see the sky because of the overgrown trees, and the light also hardly

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Chapter 3 – Praying Mantis We have arrived at the entrance of Elven Village at last. Geographically, it’s somewhere in the southwest of Sodogora Village. There was nothing but tall trees towering the surrounding area at glance. However, unless we use the predetermined route, it seems the space magic developed between the trees will lead

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Chapter 2 – Proposal I thought we were going ride a carriage or something, but it looks like we will go there on foot. I’m fine with that, but I hope they can do something with the handcuffs. It is hard to walk with both hands aligned in the front. The Elven Forest should be