Maou-sama V1C30

Chapter 30 – Demonic Eyes “Fell-san, I’ve kept you waiting.” (Nost)        When I was talking with Dia, Nost came with a smiling face. No, I’m not waiting for you. Do we have a promise to meet or some kind? To be honest, I couldn’t care less about it right now. The fact that I

Maou-sama V1C29

Chapter 29 – Smile Let’s be positive! I mean, thanks to this, I was able to gain everyone’s trust in a short period of time. In addition, smile is a sign of friendship. This is a perfect response to Maou-sama’s policy. For him, I will bear with any kind of shame. “Fell-chan, I’ve kept you

Maou-sama V1C28

Chapter 28 – Secret        When we finally arrived at the entrance of Sodogora Village, there was Dia already waiting for us. “Fell-chan, welcome back! Did you get hurt?” (Dia)        Dia seemed genuinely worried about me. My impression of her was getting a little better. “No problem. I’ve caught the bandits back, please take