Maou-sama V1C36

Chapter 36 – The Goddess Religion        I entered the church, and like usual, the was only the old man priest inside. I have never seen anyone other than this old man whenever I came here. I wonder if there are no Goddess Religion believers in this village. I heard it was the biggest religion

Maou-sama V1C35

Chapter 35 – Marriage The problem was solved after I gave a little thought. In the first place, whether I’m popular with the humans or not doesn’t matter to me. The fight was avoided in the end, but it was not because Yato gave me extra bread and eggs for breakfast, okay? Now that I’ve

Maou-sama V1C34

Chapter 34 – Unemployment        I woke up and opened the window. The weather is so nice. I feel like something good is going to happen today. Speaking of which, Nost and the others are going to return to the city this morning. Let’s see them off.        I went downstairs, and found Nost and

Maou-sama V1C33

Chapter 33 – Deficit I usually would be working as waitress around this time. However, I’m having a day off right now. I’ve earned a lot of money from the bandit subjugation, so as a reward for my achievement, maybe I will treat myself to the full today. Yato has been wandering around since a