Monster Girl 017

Chapter 17 – Urgent Recruitment, How Plants Growing on the Ground Catch Flying Bird I’m Alraune, a plant monster girl. I made a special honey ball to stop Daddy Bear from licking me. However, it was snatched by a white bird I know. What does this mean!? Was that white bird aiming for my honey

Monster Girl 016

Chapter 16 – I’ve Been Defiled, But Please Take Me as a Bride        One day, I was being licked by a bear in the forest. The bear seemed to really like the honey I produced and started licking me even further. Damn it…. Why? Why do I have to go through something like this!?

Monster Girl 015

Chapter 15 – Have You Ever Imagined What Happens After a Weed is Pulled Out of the Ground A revolving lantern. This is the second time I saw it…. no, it’s different. It’s true that I saw a revolving lantern for the second time, but the memories showed there were not mine, it’s the flower

Monster Girl 014

Chapter 14 – Humiliation Smells Like a Bear’s Tongue        The invasion of Daddy Bear, the lord of the forest. There was no way I could deal with a 10-meters class giant bear by myself. Thus I decided to call for reinforcement immediately. Distress signal: HELP MEEE!        I raised my vine high into the

Monster Girl 013

Sponsored by: Melody H.A. Chapter 13 – The Lord of the Forest’s Invasion It’s been a week since the boy left me. He was a decent conversation partner that I was able to make for the first time since I became an Alraune. He was also a boy with a strong Perolist spirit who kept