Monster Girl 027

Sponsored by: MH Anderson Chapter 27 – I Will Become A Bagworm From Today I’m bored…. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve decided to become the lord of the forest. However, nothing special happened during this time. I guess strong enemies just don’t come that often. I’d like to go on a patrol around

Monster Girl 026

Chapter 26 – I Feel Sorry For Those Who Were Offered as Sacrifices, But I Won’t Refuse Because It Makes My Stomach Full        I, for the first time in my lives, received a tribute. From who? Don’t be surprised. It’s from the animals living in this forest.        A few days after defeating the

Maou-sama V3C7

Sponsored by: Melody A.H. Chapter 7 – Employment Now then, I’ve finished my morning preparation. Let’s think about what to do today while having breakfast.        When I went to the dining hall, Ron was already there. He’s still uselessly big as usual. If I look closely, he seems to be quite strong. However, in